Stephanie Benenson HARBOR VOICES light show #GloucesterMA | immigration, conversation & acts of generosity manifest as public art

Stephanie Benenson, artist studio, discussing 2017 Harbor Lights 20171122_091510

Stephanie Benenson, artist studio, discussing Harbor Lights, GIF 1122091429
from a studio visit with Stephanie Benenson Nov 2017

You can join in Stephanie Benenson’s fascinating big vision,¬†Harbor Voices, a¬†public art and cultural piece that’s made from light, sound and community participation. Part of the project is a¬† large-scale and temporary LIVE light & sound installation which will happen on ten minute loops from 4-8pm on Friday December 8th, and¬†Saturday December 9th, one of many featured events for the¬†2017¬†Middle Street Walk. Harbor Voices will be held inside the Kyrouz Auditorium in City Hall , 9 Dale Avenue, Gloucester, MA.

Come experience a sweeping ocean of sound, stories and light, drawn by the voices and acts of generosity of neighbors and friends.

Benenson, a Rockport native and North Shore based fine artist, received a prestigious and competitive RISD grant to create Harbor Voices. Benenson collected over 100 stories in eight languages of recent and ancestral immigration to Cape Ann. For the past year she led (and continues to lead) practical and creative storytelling sessions and workshops at area schools like Veteran’s Memorial and Gloucester High School,¬† as well as community organizations and centers such as Sandy Bay Historical Society.¬†Students talked with Benenson about “their ancestors* and families bringing cultural heritage to Cape Ann.” She said that kids mentioned “family members that started businesses here (like Jalapenos, Sclafanis, and other cultural destinations on Cape Ann)…and how meangingful that was to them…and people that they had deep respect and admiration for…” They discussed “family recipes, music, food and how immigration historically has made American art and culture come alive.”¬†¬†Mayor Romeo Theken was the first story collected. Other Cape Ann storytellers outside of the schools and non profit partners include: Jean Testaverde (Portuguese fishing ancestry), Ingrid Swan (Swedith quarrying ancestry), Heather Lovett (descendent of Roger Babson), Sal Zerilli (Awesome Gloucester and Rockport), Jan Bell, Buddy Woods, Susannah Natti (Finnish and descendent of Folly Cove designer), Rich Francis (GHS teacher), and Celestino Basille (GHS teacher).

Depending upon age and preference, stories were written, recorded, or drawn. All were mixed into materials and audio that will choreograph connections directly into the light installation, and an enlarging community. At first, Benenson thought the light might guide any audio. Instead voices continue to guide the light.

Every story and act of generosity is linked to the installation and transformed into light.

Blurring the lines between public art and social sculpture, LIVE happening and virtual action, Harbor Voices emblematically presents stories, shared connections and actions. Participants of all ages are encouraged to interact with the project¬† and its installation– to bathe so to speak in a community of vibrancy and waves of interconnectedness and support.¬† Benenson adds that from 4-6PM during the two days of this installation iteration, “children will be offered a small flashlight to engage with this artwork, allowing them a tangible moment to consider their part in this interconnected network of community and local history by creating their own beam of light.” Also, before the installation opens to the public, one hundred Gloucester High School students –including some who have already added into the piece– will come to City Hall to experience Harbor Voices.

Benenson’s promotion for Harbor Voices launched in September. Leveraging attention for this remarkably ambitious project is an essential component as more involvement means more impact. Straight away it fostered community and brought opportunities. For example, Benenson spoke about the project and shared audio of the stories with Rose Baker seniors, Gloucester Rotary and the Cape Ann Museum’s Red Cottage Society. Someone from Beverly has already underwrittten¬† support for a class at Veteran’s Memorial Elementary School. She spoke about the project with Joey as part of GMG podcast #253

As a third generation Cape Ann artist, Benenson is especially excited to “create art and conversations around our cultural heritage and our contributions to the vibrant mix of people that live on Cape Ann.”

See more pictures and read more about the artist

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Cape Ann Healing Center Winter Workshops Sunday 01/30/2011

Cape Ann Healing Center Winter Workshops


Enlightenment Through Reincarnation
Discussions & Reflective yoga poses
w/Osha Rose
Sunday 1/30 2-4pm


Cape Ann Healing Center Winter Workshops
TreeTop Yoga Studio
85 Eastern Avenue
Gloucester, Mass 01930

Enlightenment Through Reincarnation
Discussions & Reflective yoga poses
w/Osha Rose
Sunday 1/30 2-4pm
$35.00 Drop In

Please call (978) 283-1191 x1 for detail or check out our website at

Thank you

Libby Lynch WEO
Cape Ann Healing Center

Cape Ann Healing Center Free Workshops


Cape Ann Healing Center Free Workshops

Saturday November 20th FREE WINTER WORKSHOP
Cape Ann Healing Center
85 Eastern Ave
Treetop Yoga Studio
1PM-3PM  Intro to Ayurveda simple tips for healthy holidays
Learn from this ancient wisdom easy ways to live in balance with the changing seasons, and discover qualities about your unique nature used to enhance good health.
Abigail Axelrod: Liscenced massage therapist and certified yoga teacher, Abi has been helping people achieve good health and inner peace for nearly two decades. She has been a student of Ayurveda for the past year at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy in NY and intends to return to India for further study.
Please call 282-1191 x 1 to pre-register.  Space is limited, pre-registration required.  Donations Gratefully Accepted.

This Weeks Cape Ann Healing Center Workshops

This Weeks Cape Ann Healing Center Workshops
Hi there,
This weeks event at the Cape Ann Healing Centerr
Sunday July 18th 2:00-3:30 
TreeTop Yoga Studio
Para Research Building
85 Eastern Ave, Gloucester Mass 

A Restorative Yoga Workshop with Osha Rose, RYT

Come replenish your spirit, relax your mind, and feel completely nurtured and cared for in a restorative yoga workshop.  Students will be positioned in simple, comfortable poses supported with blankets, straps, blocks or the wall for relief of stress & tension.  

REGISTRATION:  $20.00 per class

Please call to preregister 978 282-1191 Ext 1 
Check out our website:

Free Workshops Cape Ann Healing Center 06\26\2010

From Libby Lynch;
Hi guys below are  this weekends happenings:

1. Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel : June 26th, 2010

 Dr Erin Acevedo. 1:30-2:30pm

Recall past-life lessons for help today, interpret your dreams, and move closer to God via Soul Travel.  FREE* class based on book by Harold Klemp, spiritual leader of ECKANKAR, Religion of the Light and Sound of God, To pre-register call Erin Acevedo, D.C. 978-546-9828

2.¬† Sat, June 26, 3pm ‚Äď 4pm

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Lecture with AlLandra Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing art from ancient tradition; Jin Shin Jyutsu employs twenty-six energy locks on the body, pathways that feed life into our bodies. Holding these locks in combinations can bring balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The intension of this lecture is to give you simple tools to help yourself ls to help yourself with your health and wellbeing that can be utilized by you at home.
WhereTreetop Yoga Studio (map)
Para Research Building
85 Eastern Ave, Gloucester Mass 
Pre-registration is required, Please call to reserve your space now (978) 282-1191 x1
Check out our website for more details
As always,
Thank you
Libby Lynch
Cape Ann Healing Center
TreeTop Yoga Studio

TreeTop Yoga Studio News

Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche, a Buddist Meditation Master visited the Cape Ann Healing Center this weekend to spread his wisdom and Joy.
Rinpoche has been traveling around the country and made one of his visits to the Treetop yoga studio. He resides in the San Francisco Bay area and is the founder and director of Atiamrita an organization dedicated to promting happiness, inner peace and enlightenment.
We thank him and all who showed up for this incredible opportunity!!!
Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche at the Tree Top Yoga Studio

News From The Cape Ann Healing Center

Get ready for the BEST season on Cape Ann!

TREETOP YOGA STUDIO is offering a ONE MONTH UNLIMITED class special!
May 15 – June 15 for $150


Come to class or Cape Ann Healing Center to purchase.  SEE YOU THERE!!!!


Bright Blessings,

Dr. Nicole K. Andrade
Chiropractic Family Physician, Holistic Healer, Public Health Educator

Founder, The Cape Ann Healing Center
President, Atlantic Family Chiropractic, PC
Principal, Treetop Yoga Studio

The Para Research Building
85 Eastern Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
p. 978.282.1191

A Holistic View of Childhood Vaccines Free Workshop

Cape Ann Healing Center Free Spring Workshops 
Tree Top Yoga Studio, 85 Eastern Avenue
Gloucester, Ma 01930
Holistic View of Childhood Vaccines
Saturday, May 8th 1-2pm, with Dr. Nicole Andrade 

 In this FREE* workshop we will spend one hour reviewing 

*a brief history of vaccines
*the basic immunology behind how they work
*the areas where potential risks can come from 
*how to know what might predispose your child to a reaction
*how to identify a reaction
*how to research vaccine lots for reported reactions
*how to report a reaction
*the laws on vaccination for school admission
…and more

Informational handouts will include websites and other resources for further information.  Time afterwards is reserved for questions

Pre-registration is required, Please call to reserve your space now (978) 282-1191 x1
Check our website for more details