Hooters Wings= Not So Good

Just sayin.

Live Blog Post From Hooters In Naples, Fla

The Rabbit has overdosed on food for three straight days and let’s just say that between his farts and burps I really can’t distinguish between which is which. They smell like a mixture between dog poop and salami that’s been left out on the Florida pavement.

So he’s been complaining about how his stomach is all messed up. Rewind to 25 minutes ago when the Rabbit despite his stomach problems orders ip 20 hot wings and a dozen oysters.

Really Rabbit? Ya think that’s all that neccesary?

So I’m currently watching him struggle through the wings and oysters, all the while complaigning about his stomach.

He can’t help himself. In a tailspin and lacking the abilityvto pull back on the stick he won’t be happy til it’s all gone

Silly Rabbit!

Beach Soccer at Good Harbor Beach June 19-20

Rosemarie writes in-

Hi all,
Just wanted you all to know that this summer June 19th and 20th there will be the first ever beach soccer tournament on Good Harbor Beach.  Starting it up is two of our own Gloucester boys that have been playing soccer since they were just wee ones!! If interested in starting up a team please check out http://www.nebeachsoccer.com
It is going to be the event of the summer!!! So don’t miss out on the fun!

Staying Coastal: Jan Walker Photography

Jan Walker has an exhibit in the gallery at the Unitarian Church, Rockport until May 31. A reception for the show this Thursday, May 6 from 5-7:30PM

I was walking by on Sunday in T-Shirt and sandals and Sunday service was milling about. They said I was dressed just fine so I stepped in to check it out.

I especially liked this:
Three board sailers in an obvious race in matched gear. The sails, the booms, the bottoms of the boards are identical. Why then is the racer who seems to be winning, actually winning? The bend of his knees seems to drive the port rail deeper? But these three could be heading for a mark that the left most skipper is really in the lead.

But the crazy thought that popped into my brain when I saw this because the resolution of the sails are so liquid, could I see the baby Jesus, or Mary, or Mother Theresa in these sails? Check them out. They are the most high tech material known to man and when wet they make for some translucent weirdness. Better than a piece of cheese sandwich or a cinnamon bun and not matched at all! Me, I can see Yoda and a bunch of other stuff rated PG or up.

The Unitarian church is that steeple that is tucked to the right of the big church in Rockport, 4 Cleaves Street, only about 30 yards up the hill from Toad Hall Bookstore.

Hodgkins Cove Spring #1Submitted To The GMG Flickr Group By Thomas Philbrook

Hodgkins Cove Spring #1, originally uploaded by Thomas Philbrook.

Thomas writes-
Located in Gloucester’s Bay View neighborhood is a little inlet called Hodgkin’s Cove. One of the little gems on our side of the bridge. Here’s a recent springtime view.

“To Paint Is To Love Again” Henry Miller

From Deb Clarke;

I dedicate this Video to my

Sunday Morning Painting Class.

                                                                                 Deb Clarke

I never knew Henry Miller painted.  How did this escape me?



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I Guess That Means We Gotta Hug

So last night we closed down this bar in central Ybor City after consuming a couple of pitchers of margaritas.

There was a guy with a guitar singing along side us and he says toward the end of the night- “Make sure you take care of your waitresses and bartenders”

Just as he said that our very nice young buxom waitress rolls up to our table to presumably ask if we want a refill or whatnot but before she could say anything the Rabbit (the chubby guy in the foreground of the picture) says to her- “The guy says we’re supposed to take care of you so I guess this means we gotta hug.”

Nice Rabbit! 🙂

For the record she didn’t bite.

I Guess That Means We Gotta Hug, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Slap Ya Mama Seafood Boil Seasoning At Clearwater Bait and Tackle

On the way back from Clearwater beach I had the Rabbit stop at Clearwater Bait and Tackle to get some pictures of the Live Blue Crabs in the tanks for the blog.

Little did I know we were going to run across this gem of an item.  Talk about blog material gold!

Get you some “Slap Ya Mama” seafood boil seasoning ASAP Ya hear?

Slap Ya Mama Seafood Boil Seasoning At Clearwater Bait and Tackle, originally uploaded by captjoe06.