Just Hit Up Top Dog In Rockport

Based on GMG contributor Paul Morrison’s glowing reviews I took the family to Top Dog on Bearskin Neck in Rockport.

He was spot on. This place is a gem and must go-to spot for casual faire while in Rockport. Very reasonable prices. Great food, excellent set- up, spotless bathrooms. A top notch establishment the Top Dog is.

Eight thumbs up from the Ciaramitaro family.

Thanks Paul for the recommendation. We probably never would have tried it had it not been for you!

Pics coming

Hop Skip and Go Naked Recipe

Make sure you ask for a Hop Skip and Go Naked next time you go to Lat 43.  If you want to make them at home they are very simple and everyone that tried them couldn’t believe how much booze was in them because they really taste just like lemonade.

We ran out of Mason jars to serve them in as the people were lined up 4 deep to get them at the GFAA Celebrate Gloucester event Thursday night.

here’s the simple recipe-

empty 1 12 oz can of frozen lemonade concentrate into a pitcher

fill the empty can with beauport Vodka and add to pitcher

fill the empty can twice with light beer and add to pitcher

add ice

mix well

serve in mason jars with a lemon garnish

get hammered!

caution XXX they are really devastating because you can’t taste the booze so watch your alchohol consumption and don’t drive after a couple of these. XXX

We Ran Out Of Mason Jars To Serve Up My Hop Skip and Go Nakeds, originally uploaded by captjoe06.