Alvin Ouellet Painter of Cape Ann

I visited Joey Down at the Dock today and I found Alvin Ouellet Painting a Beautiful Harbor Scene.

Alvin is from Brockton, Ma and is renting a Studio at The Cripple Cove Studios right next to Joey’s Dock.

Here is Alvin’s Email For more Info on his Artwork:


Alvin Working on the Sky
the Composition before him

Alvin Ouellet

Fine Arts Painter and Printmaker

Cripple Cove Studios East Gloucester


Quite An Honor- Thanks Sally Goldenbaum

Sally Goldenbaum a national bestselling author was kind enough to write in a little blurb in the acknowledgements about Good Morning Gloucester.  She writes inside the front cover of her new book “Moon Spinners “Joey Ciaramitaro and his Good Morning Gloucester blog, a daily feed which provides grist for my writing mill and keeps me in touch with life on Cape Ann.”

Pretty cool!  and she even spelled my last name right!

As an aside.  I know that you’re not supposed to start a sentence with and, but that’s the way it came out when I was thinking it and I feel like when I write I’m having a conversation with you, my reader.  So all the spelling and grammar nazis can all go to hell.  Thanks a bunch Sally!




I spoke to the great people at the Bookstore of Gloucester at 61 Main Street in Gloucester and they are ordering copies as i type this to have in stock if you are interested in buying it.

I4C2 Pictures From Donna Ardizzoni

Donna and the One Hour At A Time Gang Will Be At I4C2 Next Saturday Cleaning The Site Even More


Donna Writes-

Hi All:  Have you driven by I4-C2 lot, it looks amazing, the fence is down and already looks amazing.  Next clean up.

WHEN:                  Saturday Mat 22, 2010

TIME:                    8:00 am

WHERE:                I4-C2 to help with the clean up of the lot.  Hope as many people can come and help out.

Thanks all


Georges By Night- The Total Package

Last night was the total package- fantastic food,fantastic music but most importantly fantastic company.  Thanks Dean for inviting us to a great evening.  It was a pleasure meeting Steve Asaro and wife Chris- what great Gloucester people- unpretentious, fun people who have 5 kids at home and still get out and enjoy themselves.  We had a blast.

Look for the next George’s By Night special evening and reserve your space right away.  It was a packed house.  I suspect because the first one was so successful and featuring music by Chelsea Berry can’t hurt!.  I’m sure Dean will let me know when the next one is so y’all can get a reservation.









Friendship Carriage Tour In Rockport With Ruth and Curley

Ruth and Curley can be found in either Rockport or Salem and can cater to someone’s wishes for a carriage ride before and after weddings or for special events.  Imagine this- you take your girlfriend or wife out for a nice dinner and then have Ruth pick you up after dinner for a nice carriage ride where you pop the question or just rekindle a little romance.

Check out Friendship Carriage Tours Website Here

Click Here For The HD Version

I first met Ruth when she became the sole female contestant in the Passports Rogue Burger Challenge where she put in a very respectable showing even beating many men twice her size.  Unbeknown to me Ruth had just gotten out of a yoga class and wandered into Passports off the street all disheveled so when it came time to handing out nicknames for the Rogue Burger Challenge the nickname “Homeless Ruth” was born.

Here is some video from that day-

Here the burgers were presented-

The First Summer Photography Show at the Rockport Art Association

Greetings Joey!

I would appreciate it if you’d consider posting this info on your blog. My contribution to the show is attached below. You can see more submissions to the show at this link:

As always, Many thanks!!

Tom Philbrook

Motif No. 1 Theme at Rockport Art Association’s First Summer Photography Show

May 14, 2010 – June 15, 2010

Rockport Art Association, 12 Main Street, Rockport, MA.

The First Summer Photography Show at the Rockport Art Association will join in the town’s Motif No. 1 Day celebration by exhibiting photographs that are all related to Rockport’s famous fishing shack.

The public is invited to attend a reception on Motif No.1 Day, Saturday, May 22, from Noon to 2 pm.