Another Satisfied Customer

A disgruntled reader writes-

“Why do you have to use words like pimps and hos when your beautiful children’s pix are here…when your really lovely wife is on the site from time to time? I don’t understand. Pix of people on the john with trou down etc, etc, etc, mixed in with the BEST photos ever and your family….can’t you decide to be classy…or not….can gloucester ever decide to be classy or not? Doesn’t mean money, just means not being cheap”

Every so often I feel like I need to respond to emails like the one above from a very well intentioned woman whose name I obviously won’t post out of respect to her.

My response-
I’m sorry you feel that way. It’s not to take literally, they are jokes. Perhaps the type of crude humor that I and others sometimes use is not for you. Well actually it’s quite obvious it’s not for you.

But the blogs tag line from day one has been ” my view of life on the dock”

I swear, I cuss, I fart sometimes around my buddies and laugh about it. I also love my girls, appreciate art as well as rock and roll and certain rap songs.

I like the Rosa Rugosa that grows in the worst of conditions along our coastline and brings wonderful sights and smells despite growing in such terrible conditions.

I’m not sure what else to tell you but if you don’t appreciate it, there are other wonderful blogs that don’t get all salty at times like GMG.

Sorry if you don’t like all the parts of the blog but we won’t be changing our honest style and we also wont be taking ourselves too seriously.

Hope you have a wonderful evening-Joey

Goose Cove Gardens: Rhubarb now, tomatoes soon

Jan Walker told me about this place. How is there a beautiful nursery practically tucked behind the Willow Rest that I didn’t know about? (Take Stanwood or Gee Ave off of Washington before you get to Willow Rest and go up to 24 Gee Avenue.) Probably because I was not in the market for a nursery all these years.

Goose Cove Gardens<< click

Now I am. We picked up a nice rhubarb plant as well as some annuals for Mother's Day.

And although we have tomato sets we are growing from seed we might have to stop by on May 26 “Tomato Release Day” to pick up a few more to fill out the tomato garden.

I have never seen such an assortment of really healthy looking plants. Since it looks as if all are grown right there the sets look to be more than hardy enough to take a Cape Ann summer.

Trifecta: Go to Willow Rest and pick up a Cuban (the sandwich!). Take Gee or Stanwood and go right to Dogtown for a hike built around lunch. Then on the way back go to the other end of Gee Ave and pick up some plants.

Cape Ann Symphony’s Spring Plant Sale


Spring Bonanza of Flowers, Herbs& Tomato Plants For Sale

Cape Ann Symphony’s Spring Plant Sale featuring locally grown and freshly delivered that morning flowers, herbs and tomato plants is set for Saturday, May 15 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Fuller School, Blackburn Circle, Route 128, Gloucester, MA. A wide selection of plants will be available including Mandevilla, begonias. impatiens, hydrangeas, grasses, lobelia, vinca, geraniums, in large or small pots or hanging baskets of many kinds. Several varieties of tomatos, plus parsley, basil, and more herbs will be also be available. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the Cape Ann Symphony.

During the sale hours special guests will share their gardening expertise and give tips on beautifying your garden with free lectures and demonstrations. At 10:00 a.m. John Feener, Gloucester’s Tree Warden, will give a talk about the New Diseases and Insects Invading our Local Trees and Shrubs. At 11:00 Marthe Aimée, artist and color consultant, will give attendees guidance on Color Palettes for Your Garden. Ms. Aimée has taught her course “The Language of Color” at Montserrat College of Art and at North Shore Community College. She has taught color theory training for staff at a variety of businesses including Waters and Brown in Beverly/Salem and Babel Paint in Westwood. According to Ms. Aimee, “I am interested in sharing an understanding of and enthusiasm for color as an aesthetic element in our everyday environment. I can show attendees how to learn to see color principles in planting a garden which will help them make planting selections with more confidence.”

Cape Ann Symphony’s Spring Plant Sale is Saturday, May 15 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Fuller School, Blackburn Circle, Route 128, Gloucester, MA. Fuller School is handicapped accessible. For further information, call the Cape Ann Symphony at 978-281-0543 or visit