Things To Do- CB Fisk Open Shop in Gloucester on June 12


C. B. Fisk, Inc. cordially invites you to our workshop to see and hear Opus 138

A two manual, 28-stop organ for First Presbyterian Church Incheon, South Korea

Saturday June 12, 2010

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

21 Kondelin Road

Gloucester, MA

Rte.128 to Rte. 133, East 1 mile

Right on Magnolia Avenue, 1 mile

Right on Kondelin Road, 1/2 mile

Real Life Scene At The Dock Yesterday

Lobster Boat Pulls Up And Offloads His Catch Yesterday Afternoon

After Weighing Out The Lobsters I Fill Out The Paperwork and Slip For The Lobsters and Hand It To The Captain

The Backman (Mate) Comes Out Of The Pilot House With A Budweiser and Cracks It Open

The Skipper To The Mate: We’re not done working yet.  We still have work to do.

The Mate To The Skipper: Fuck You

Me To The Skipper: I guess being the Captain doesn’t earn you the respect it did back in the day.

The Skipper To Me: I could have stayed at home if I wanted to get that kind of back talk.

Shalin Liu Rockport Performance Center

I caught the Hanneke Cassel performance this past Saturday as the Rockport Performance Center tuned the new hall.

Imagine this nice performance but instead of the muddled acoustics of Passims you have the absolute clarity of a finely tuned musical instrument which is what the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport is today.

Agent 99 over on Cape Anne online said it best:

I’m so in awe of this beautiful new venue. What an incredible treasure to the town. We also had the good fortune to catch Cassel’s performance at 6 and loved every second. She’s got that wonderful blend of raw talent and charisma. We will definitely look for her again. The size of the room just makes it feel all the more intimate. The sound is perfect. A person on stage can whisper with no microphone and someone in the last seat of the mezzanine can hear it perfectly. The design is beyond beautiful. They’ve used slate in an undulating pattern on the walls to create one of the acoustic elements but is visually stunning as well. On stage what looks like an undulating wall of stone actually slides open hiding a glorious grand piano that can glide on and off stage with the touch of a finger. Verklempt!

Shalin Liu: How do you pronounce it? Hanneke asked this question between sets and the answer was that I have been mispronouncing it. The answer is British footwear in a bathroom. That’s right, “Shoe in loo”. Sorry about that but you will now never mispronounce it again but you will never forgot my dumb mnemonic. What really blew me away is how enormous the space is when compared to the lot size they shoe horned this building into. Truly an architectural feat. (Oh wait, shoe horned in, small space, feat, I feel a bad pun attack … )

OK, so this is me being a jackass right before the start of the concert. You can see how the side doors open to get the piano, or chairs. You can also see the weaved shutter which covers the huge window backstage.

Fiddlers on stage window shuttered:

Fiddlers on stage window open:

This window is going to be even more impressive once the scaffolding outside the building is removed.

I can see Andrew’s Point!

Taking a curtain call:

They were so good we bought two CDs and Hanneke autographed them for my daughter. I had to drive my son up to Vermont back to college and fiddle music was a pleasant way to enjoy the drive through the Berkshires.

Some exciting info about our local musicians

Gloucester’s own BANDIT KINGS ON THE RADIO! 92.5

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
10:00pm – 11:00pm
92.5 the river


Bandit Kings First Single “Laredo” will be featured on the Homegrown Series with Irene Collins
Tune in the old skool way or Go to

click photo for 92.5 live radio The River



From Mr Dave Sags who host the Thursday night blues jam @ The Rhumb Line,      

This week, the Big Dupa Polka Club of Crakow is proud to present The Justin Quinn Band in all its glory. Justin, harmonicat xtroidinaire and vocalizer, will be channelling Lil Walter and Sonny Boy all nite long. Flushing him out will also be Jon Ross, gootar avatar, Greg T, on hat, meself, and that maniacal three-armed drummer, Mr. Per Hanson. We’re gonna burn it down! Bring some ribs; they’ll cook all by themselves!      



We have info from the band called  “Scarlet” who will be performing at the Dogbar this Saturday night,      

Well, after losing our home-away-from-home (Elliot’s @ the Blackburn), we think we have found a new home just down the street at t.he Dogbar.  We will be there this Saturday, May 29th.  Unfortunately, our lead singer Theresa has sustained a broken ankle and will not be able to perform.  Filling in for her, will be Megan Downey from the “Megan McKenzie Band” as well as “Mother Ton”.
(We’ve been practicing like crazy! 🙂
If your are looking for some great entertainment this Memorial Weekend, come on down and help support live music.  Plus, you just never know who might stop by to sit in with us….
The Dogbar is located at 65 Main Street, Gloucester, MA











We also have at Cameron’s Lounge
Saturday – 9:30 to close ~  Full Circle
It’s that time again folk’s! The boy’z are ready and rearing to tear up the floor boards at one of our favorite places to play, Cameron’s Lounge! We hope you will all come down to this awesome venue for some of the best Classic Rock you will hear anywhere on the North Shore. Cameron’s offer good food, tasty drinks, great Bartender’s, a nice stage and a good sized dance floor for cuttin’ loose! Full Circle has been busy learning new material and can’t wait to debut these little gems. We look forward to seeing you all there! Wes, Fred, Mike, Greg, Chet, Michael.


Dear Frank; I’m Hurt! Truly Hurt!

An Open Letter to Frank.

Dear, Frank;

The comment you made in reply to Sharons Comment on The Post; 

“Checking the Mooring Submitted To The GMG Flickr Group By Elinor Teele”

Hurts me Deeply!

I know your reply to Sharons innocent comment was directed at me.

Just in case you somehow forgot what you said, I pasted the exchange below.

Sharons Comment below and then your Reply:

“Nice butt!”

By: Sharon on May 23, 2010
at 8:24 pm


  • “Becareful what you say Sharon.You know some of the people around here. Your name could be on his butt in the next post……LOL”

    By: Frank on May 24, 2010
    at 3:45 am

How many times do I have to appologise to the readers of GMG?

How many times do I have to beg Joey to let me post again after I posted a childish photo of  A Photoshoped Joey sitting on a toilet or Sharons name tatooed on someones butt. I don’t know if the hurt YOU caused me will ever go away.

How many times do I have to  promise and promise never to ever post another Childish or Disgusting Photo like the one below?

A Childish and Disgusting Photo I will never post again

Frank I’ve realized whatever I do, I’ll never regain your Trust in me.

You Hurt me!



The 1255 Food Posts In The Past Two Years Post That Turned Into A Diatribe About Categories

It has come to my attention when clicking on the Eats category in the category pull down section in the right hand column of the Blog that GMG has 1255 posts in the “Eats” category.  Now some most of you may not know what that means technically speaking but to further explain, most every time we make a post little boxes get checked off which are categories which I set up so that people can go directly to the certain category they may be interested in.  There is a “Gloucester At Dawn Category” which gets a checkmark every time I post one of the Gloucester At Dawn series and then it gets categorized. There is a “Fishermen Profiles” category, “Gloucester Doors”, “Art”,”Working Boats”, “What Up Homie” and a whole bunch of other categories which break things down for people.

I put in extra steps to add tags on each post so that people can do searches on certain subjects also (another way to make the blog easily researchable).  It is extremely time consuming to add in these extra steps but it also makes GMG an unbelievable resource by being able to document and find certain subjects by using keyword tags, in conjunction with dates of certain events and the categories.

Anyway the point of this whole post rambling diatribe was originally to simply point out that over the past couple of years that we’ve given highlight to over 1254 area dishes at local restaurants and chefs.  That’s pretty astonishing really.

Feel free to check out the category pull down in the lower right hand column of the blog which can be found here for all you folks that only get the feed at the end of the night and don’t actually visit the site.

Just go to GMG and scroll down the right hand column til you see this drop down box titled “Select Category”  click the little arrow and the drop down box will reveal all the different categories you can peruse at your leisure.

It looks like this-

Memory and Joe Talk About Soon To Be Opened Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar Video

Meet Joe and Memory and wish em well!

Get the inside scoop first here at GMG 🙂

Here is Giuseppe’s Site

You can also check out Memory Layne Creative and the beautiful watercolor work she does.