Things To Do- “Give a Man Enough Rope…” Knot Tying with Gardi Winchester II


From The Essex Shipbuilding Museum Website-

Join Gloucester native Gardner H. Winchester II for these entertaining, hands-on lectures and learn knot tying skills that are invaluable to all mariners.  This four part series is geared toward boaters aged 16+.  Each session is 2 hours long, starting at 7:00 PM, on the first Tuesday of June, July, August, and September of 2010.  Materials will be provided.  Workshop offerings consist of:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010: Knot Tying for Mariners: Participants will gain a basic understanding of line handling and knot tying.  Topics include proper line coiling and storage, the difference between a knot, a hitch, and a bend, the usage benefits and drawbacks of cordage of different compositions commonly in use today, helpful techniques for docking and anchoring, and the proper use of and how to tie the 7 knots most useful in the marine environment:  The Bowline family, the Trucker’s knot, the Tautline hitch, the Sheet bend, the Reef knot, Figure 8 stopper knot, and the Cleat hitch.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010:  Traditional Cordage and Line Handling: This lecture focuses on the historical usage of cordage and knots.  Participants will learn traditional techniques of canvas work and sailmaking, including roping and worked eyes, traditional splicing techniques such as working an Eye splice in natural fiber line using a Fid, traditional ropemaking and the construction of cordage, and the setup of dead-eyes and lanyards and the knots and seizing used in a traditional ships’ standing rigging.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010:  Advanced Knots and Splicing:This lecture will be a continuation of the Knot Tying for Mariners program.  The participants will learn the uses of and how to tie a Fisherman’s knot, Clove hitch, Carrack bend, Anchor hitch and Constrictor knot.  Other topics include: the uses of the different “hands” of cordage, how to make an Eye splice in three stranded nylon line, how to use a Fid and a Marlinspike, termination techniques for synthetic fiber lines, the handling differences between stranded and braided cordage, and block-and-tackle advantage subjects.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010:  Artistic Knot Tying:This workshop is geared toward those who are interested in the marlinspike sailor’s art of decorative knot tying.  Participants will learn the origins and traditional usages of several knots that are considered decorative today: the Wall sennit, the Crown sennit, the French hitch, Mathew Walker knot, Turks Head knot, Double Wall and Crown.  Participants will learn how to tie these knots and will make a “bell lanyard” key-fob to bring home.

Member Admission is $10 per individual session or $30 for all four sessions.
(Non-members pay $15 per session or $45 for all four)
To register for one or all sessions click here

Gardner H. Winchester II was born in Gloucester in 1958.  He was raised around boats in Annisquam and Gloucester.  His first boat was an original 16 foot Amesbury Skiff which he ran out of Annisquam.  He joined Sea Scout Ship 256 in Riverdale in 1969 and moved up to Sea Explorer Ship 56 in 1973.  In 1974 he crewed aboard the schooner Truant under Capt. Paul T. Harling on a summer cruise to Canadian waters.  He served two years as a guide at the Gloucester Fisherman’s Museum.  In 1978 he crewed with Capt. John Clarke on the Friendship sloop Irene out of Vineyard Haven.  He has served as racing crew aboard several traditional boats including Fore n Aft, a 1927 gaff-rigged Atkinson 28-footer, and Magic, a 41-foot Concordia off-shore racing sloop.  He has studied extensively the history of Cape Ann and its great fishing schooners as well as the traditional sailing ships the world over.  His first sailboat was a 22-foot Columbia, Olde Blue, which he bought in 1985 and sold in 1991 to buy his current boat, the beautiful 28-foot wooden L.F. Herreshoff designed, Jesse Boyce.  Both boats cruised extensively throughout New England.  He is a regular contributor to the message boards at Sailnet where his traditional anecdotes and suggestions have helped boaters around the world.

Cordage courtesy of Boston BoatWorks

Gloucester Atlhletes Garner Honors

Hi Joey-
Just another quiet GMG fan, but wanted to break my silence to share this-

It’s a pretty cool honor for any Division I athlete, so I was obviously happy for my brother when I heard- but was pretty blown away when I read the full article. It really speaks to the type of community, and quality of the programs we have here in Gloucester, that Nate and Liam got this honor at the same time.

I guess some people could argue that it’s a coincidence they’re both from the same hometown, but I think the (Gloucester, Mass.) after each of their names really says it all.


Mayor’s Fitness Challenge – Week 3 Results

From Stephen Winslow-


Wow.. Into the back stretch, Pauls Moving remains in the lead with B. Walkey and Danika on Two Legs closing.. Guy really made great strides.. more than doubling his steps..


Nick Name Age May 11-17 Total
Pauls Moving A 69,432 231,933
B. Walkey C 100,082 230,561
Danika on Two Legs A 82,695 229,521
Charlene Ain’t Delaying A 80,951 169,848
Lomba Zumba A 75,520 161,946
Brenda Barefoot A 59,860 145,707
D. Does Steps C TBD 91,550
Guy Great Strides A 44,165 67,867
Flyz Girly A TBD 27,988

Bring Your Thinnings I4C2 Planting Day Sat May 22

Saturday is bring your thinnings To I4C2 and have them planted and help clean the joint up day.

Anyone that bitched about the way it looked at that site for years, now is your chance to do something about it.

Crazy Cairns Part II

I had the lab over to the house for a going away party for my best chemist going off to grad school. Teach them some chemistry and they run off …
Picked up a bag of bugs at the dock and they looked so nice I went to get my iPhone since I forgot my real camera. I didn’t notice that someone had slipped a kielbasa into the mix.

You really need to keep an eye on these people. So after they left at sunset I had to go for a walk as maybe I had a few too many cupcakes and got seven cairns going in the failing light. The nice tall round one was still up from two weeks ago. No wind in the forecast so these seven might hang out. Or Halibut2 might add some more.

If I did not get rid of these cupcakes I would have eaten the last four so I went to the harbormaster meeting in Rockport (every Thursday night at 7PM) and tried to bribe Rosemary and Scott into moving me up on the mooring list. Not much luck on that one but they likely succumbed to the creamy frosting right after I left.

Scott did give me ID stickers for my kayaks. I follow the Coast Guard on Twitter and it seems like half their time is spent trying to find out where the empty kayak came from. It may have just blown off a dock but they have to treat it as a lost kayaker. But if every kayak had a name and cell phone number inside the hull on an easily recognizable sticker the problem would vanish.

Neta Goren Art Show 05/22/2010

You are invited

to an art show at the residence of Neta Goren and Shahar Bram

8 Summit Avenue, Rockport, MA | (978) 309 8187 |

Saturday, May 22nd 2010


Come and enjoy a glass of wine with us!

Neta Goren

Congratulations Scott Pytlik

Scott Pytlik who has been the web editor for the Gloucester Daily Times and was responsible for the roll out of the newly revamped GDT website is moving on to a video game PR with a company called Access Communications PR.  On Scott’s website- he writes-

What’s even more impressive is that has once again won CNHI’s Web site of the Year award for newspapers under 12,000 circulation. The paper also took this honor last year, which was the first year the award was offered. Between our spot news coverage of the Eastern Ave. House Explosion in January of 2009 and the addition of our new Taste of the Times food videos, I guess we had more to offer year-over-year then any of the other 100 newspapers in our company that entered the contest. Because one of the many hats I wear is titled web editor, some people have been quick to congratulate me directly as if it’s solely my award. But really, winning Web site of the Year was only possible because we have one of the most dedicated and hardworking newsroom teams in all of CNHI.

Congrats Scott On Your New Job and thanks for all the help in implementing the blog section into the GDT Website!

From Scott’s website he also writes- In this May 2009 photo, Gloucester Daily Times editor Ray Lamont, right, kisses the 2008 Newspaper of the Year award while I kiss the Web site of the Year award. I’ll be kissing another silver cup soon when this year’s award comes.

Phantom Gourmet To Be Filming Tonight!

At The Farm Bar and Grille

From 4-8

Went last night for some adult beverages, laughs and 35 cent wings with my boys the Rabbit and Nick The Greek – video and pics to come.

as always click the pics for the larger versions