Poll- Do You Have A Tattoo Or Have You Considered Getting One?

I’ve beat myself up for years considering getting a tattoo.  For years what held me back was the lack of something that I really really wanted to put on myself permanently.  Now that years have gone by and I’ve been in the lobster business for so long I’ve been wanting to get a lobster tattoo.

I have the exact design that I want and I know who I would go to -Molly at Witch City Ink but a couple of things have prevented me from doing so.  One, I don’t know exactly where I’d put it.  You see I have skinny forearms, and not only are they skinny but they are somewhat hairy.  Gross, right?  Who would want to look at a tattoo with hair growing out of it?

Anyway the design that I want features a traditional lobster from the overhead perspective.  The one with the claws right out in front of it in a straight line.  then I would like a scroll banner with Madeline written on one above the lobster and Eloise on  a scroll banner below.

Well enough about me.  Do you have a tattoo?  Have you ever had any desire to get one but chickened out?  If you did get one what would it be?

Meet The School Committee Chair At Georges

Dean Salah writes in-
Val Gilman, chair of the Gloucester School Committee, will be hosting a
community coffee group meeting every Tuesday morning from 8:30 to 10
at George’s Coffee Shop on Washington St.,complimentary coffee will be provided.
Our initial group will be Tuesday June 1st and every Tuesday through the end of July.
All are welcome to stop by her table and chat about any and all topics related to Gloucester
Public Schools. This is a great opportunity to meet Val and air any questions you may have
regarding our schools.

Hope to see you all , Dean

Ducks At Foggy Quarry Submitted To The GMG Flickr Group By Thomas Philbrook

Thomas Writes-

There are a number of former granite quarries in the woods outside of our downtown area. They used to be places of backbreaking toil — nowadays they’re beautiful & serene hiking destinations.

Ducks At Foggy Quarry, originally uploaded by Thomas Philbrook.

Alone At Sea Newly Published Gloucester in The Age of The Dorymen

John Morris came by to talk about his new book a 448 page documentation of Gloucester Fishing in the age of sail (1623-1939).

John spent 10 years of his life writing and researching this book.  Look for the video soon with the author.

Cover by Jeff Weaver


Early Morning Sun Peeks Over The Hill As The Yankee Freedom Boards It’s Deep Sea Fishing Charter

The charter boats have been getting beautiful weather to go fishing. 

To get more info on Charter Boat Fishing In Gloucester- http://www.capeannvacations.com/Deep-sea-fishing.cfm





Banana’s Mystery Item REVEALED!

Banana’s Mystery Item REVEALED!

louise brooks in 1924
From, deb Clarke;
1920’s American Dancer/Film Actress/Writer  Louise Brooks may have worn panties very similiar to the panties hanging from Bananas’ tin ceiling while dancing a fan dance in Paris, or in film, or with the Ziegfield Follies.  our feathered panties are from a long closed 1930’s Miami Beach nightclub.  the g-string guess was pretty close, but these babies are many strands away from a ‘g’.  btw: her helmet haircut became the iconic hairdo of the times.  perhaps Betty Page copied Louise’s ‘doo’.  
more info on Louise Here:
bottom of a fan dance costume from a 1930's Miami Beach Nightclub.


CBS Amazing Race Orange and Pink Team Aboard Gloucester’s Lady J Lobster Boat

I included the full sized pic when you click through on the first picture so you can see the faces.

click the pic for the full sized version

For a picture that will fit on your computer screen but won’t be blown up as large click the pic below

click the pic for a med sized photo

Amy’s Coffee and Cones -New Coffee and Ice Cream Joint On Rocky Neck Video

Amy talks about the hours, offerings and a special event this weekend with $1 scoops

The best of luck to Amy!

Grand Opening kicks off on Friday, May 28th with $1.00 scoops of ice cream between 4pm and 7pm.
Saturday, May 29th Kids Face Painters from Art Haven from 12pm to 2pm and A-Train Orchestra performing on the deck from 3pm to 6pm. Come join the fun!!!

It’s Official! The Cape Ann Is Named Formally!

More pics only from GMG.  JHoe McKechnie sends in more pics from the official Naming Ceremony in Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in South Korea-

From the naming ceremony in Samsung Heavy Industries, ship yard in South Korea, just an hour ago. Thursday, 11:30 AM, the 27th of May.

Hey Joey, where you are it is still Wednesday. J

Joe Mckechnie