Generous Gardners Prepare to Overwinter the Dahlias

Generous Gardners perform the hard work to overwinter more than 1,200 and 300 varieties of Dahlias.

THANK YOU Generous Gardners for all you work Year Round.

Guys and Dolls…and Dahlias! Summer Gardens Stacy Boulevard Gloucester, MA.

Go! Find your path and palette.

photo block: c. ryan (Gloucester Harbor, dahlias, summer gardens – Stacy Boulevard August 19, 2022. The dahlias were blooming strong in October 2021. Generous Gardeners’ devotions encourage repeat viewings no matter the month or season!)



A splendid way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends and family enjoying the bounty and beauty of local harvests! 

Dahlias Rockport Harvest Fest ©Kim Smith 2015Roving Radishes Dahlias

Rockport Harvestfest puppet show ©Kim Smith 2015Puppet show particpants with Nichole’s Finn, second from right

Dora tevan ©Kim Smith 2015Rockport Sea Serpent with costume assistance from puppeteer Dora Tevan

Rockport Harvestfest ©Kim Smith 2015Preparing squid demonstration by Niaz Dorry

Squid quills ©Kim Smith 2015JPGSquid quills

Eric Hutchins Rockport Harvestfest ©Kim Smith 2015Eric Hutchins’s miniature horse

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Dahlias All Natural Granola Available Locally

From Dahlia-

Thanks for the great review! You can find my granola, starting this Friday at The Willow Rest in Gloucester, Utopia Farms in Manchester, and Dom’s Trattoria in Beverly Farms.

You can view the interview with Dahlia at The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market by clicking this text

Dahlias All Natural Granola At Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

Dahlia is a childhood friend of the Mrs.  I caught up with her at The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market yesterday where she was selling her all natural granola for the first time in Gloucester.

As a hard core Diabetic she set out to develop something that she could eat that would be tasty and good for you while messing around in the kitchen with her beautiful daughter.  The result is her line of Dahlias All Natural Granola.  Look for the video with Dahlia at 1PM