Paul “Big Cat” Movalli With Rod That Landed The Thresher Shark

This is the rod that Paul Movalli landed the huge thresher shark with a couple weeks back.  For the slide show with the shark click this text

Cruiseport Gloucester Construction Update 8/14/08

I really like how the bar is coming out.  You think it will be varnished after or will they leave it natural and oil it?

Breaking Block Party News!

Myron Lepine (The Pa in Ma and Pa Pickling) has just informed me that the first five people that recognize him at the Block Party tonight and mention GoodMorningGloucester will receive a jar of one of his products.

Who said nothing in life is free? Swing by and discretely ask for a GMG Gloucester bumper sticker while you’re at it.

Happy Birthday Trisha Sanford

Today is Trisha Sanborn (owner of Bubbles on Main Street in Downtown Gloucester), 25th birthday.  If you happen to be downtown today or tonight for the Downtown Block Party make sure you stop by her shop to wish her a happy 25th birthday.

CJ Morgante MLS Referee Busts His Lobstering Cherry

CJ Morgante a Major League Soccer Referee from Slippery Rock Pennsylvania has had a dream. His dream was to go commercial lobstering. Last year we met him when he was cruising through town with his wife and stopped by the dock. This year he called and Frank set him up on three different lobster boats for The Lobster Boat Experience of a lifetime.

Frank did good, reall good. He set CJ up to go lobstering with three really great guys- Mark Ring aboard The Stanley Thomas, Dave Jewell aboard The Lady J and Mike Tupper aboard The Freemantle Doctor.

CJ Morgante MLS Referee Busts His Lobstering Cherry, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

We will follow along and see how well CJ holds up.