Katherine Richmond and Samantha Rose -International Dory Races Eliminations 8/23/08

Samantha Rose and Katherine Richmond wait for their race at Niles Beach.

More women should get involved in Dory racing. It’s not just for men, you get a great workout, $50 a year pays all your expenses to get started. Katherine and Samantha will be going to Lunenberg to compete against the Canadians and receive $500 and accommodations for the time they are there representing Gloucester vs the Canadians

Prince Albert II at Cruiseport 8/24/08

She is a pretty boat for a cruise ship. It looked to be relatively upscale and well maintained. It was only in town for a little bit but Linn Parisi had everything under control with several very interesting itineraries planned for the passengers once they hit the shore. It seemed much more organized with the proper number of buses for the passengers waiting for our guests to whisk them to their destinations.

Prince Edward II at Cruiseport 8/24/08, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Thanks Paul for correcting me on the name.  I have the best readers I swear!

Matt Ring Aboard The Stanley Thomas

All baited up and ready to go lobstering. See the bait in the tote? That’s what you call dragger bait and is mostly comprised of mud hake, small whiting and herring.

City Hall Tower Restoration Update 8/23/08

Maggie Rosa has extended an invitation for me to go up to the top of the Tower to take some photographs.  Now I just gotta carve out some time.  How cool is that gonna be?  Sweet!