CJ Morgante- Day 2 Aboard The Lady J

Here’s CJ, once again hopping right in to offload the crates of lobsters.

He hasn’t once been afraid to get his hands dirty or dive right into something.  As a matter of fact he was so gung ho the first day he showed up he was helping to grade lobsters and after about an hour I saw his hands were all cut up.  I got him a pair of gloves immediately  but I have a hunch he wouldn’t have said a word about it and just toughed it out.

Great guy.

GoodMorningGloucester Tree Project

GoodMorningGloucester Tree Project
GoodMorningGloucester Tree Project

I’ve been batting around this idea for a couple of weeks now.

There is a strip of grass to the right of the East Gloucester Richdale Store. The area is just begging for a strip of flowering trees to be planted there. I honestly believe that with a few trees planted on this small lot it would give the entire neighborhood there a newly revitalized feel. I never really noticed the strip of grass, it always seemed like all pavement but with the addition of some flowering cherrys on chanticlear pear trees it could be spectacular.

Here’s the idea- the GMG Bumper stickers remain completely free but if you would like to donate $1 or a couple dollars for one I will keep a running total in the right hand column of any donations toward the purchase of the trees for the strip of grass.

If anyone would like to donate toward that cause just bring whatever dough you feel would be appropriate for your budget.

Imagine for just a few measly bucks you could be part of something that would be there for the rest of your life, passing by and actually benefiting from the beauty created by your small donation.

Oh, and don’t feel funny if you take a sticker and not donate. Not a problem at all.

I’ll start the fund out with $20 of my money just to put my money where my mouth is. Hell I’ll get far more than $20 worth of enjoyment watching the trees grow year after year knowing I might have been part of making it happen. So look in the right hand column for the running total.

GMG Tree Project Site
GMG Tree Project Site

CJ Morgante- Day Two Aboard The Lady J

If you’ve been following along you know that CJ Morgante, Major League Soccer Referee asked for the real Lobsterman experience. Frank set him up on three different boats to go lobstering in three days. That’s pretty cool if you ask me for a boy from Pennsylvania with no ties to Gloucester to just roll up here and hop aboard the boats and get to it.

Day Two- Aboard The Lady J with Captain Dave Jewell and mate Goulart.

CJ Morgante- Day Two Aboard The Lady J, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Don’t forget to watch The New England Revolution match with DC United on Wednesday night.   CJ will be on the field.

Guest Post-unedited from Shawn Cromwell

now i am moving to az. where the men are men and the sheep are baaaaaaaaaad !!!! i’ll miss alot of things here.the early morning sunrises as my boat goes across the water on my way out to sea and fish are jumping around me always put a smile on my face, or hearing the lobsters spalashing in the trap just as it comes out of the water, it makes a sort of clicking sound all lobstermen love hearing. alot of the (full time ) guys cry and moan abought prices for this and that (but) day after day they risk their lives to go out and earn a living to bring in a product that most of the people that eat them have no idea just what risks lobstermen go through. i’ve heard people in supermarkets complain abought the cost of lobsters in the winter and think to myself, just yesterday my boat was iced up and almost flipped over when a wave hit me sideways. i could have died for that lobster you’ll butter up in your nice warm home and your complaining ? get real !!! but on those special early
mornings on the way out to sea i love being a lobsterman, their is a freedom and since of pride that i do a job most people just deam abought. something i never thought about is when someone would ask what i do i would say (i am a lobsterman ). and i was proud ! so guy’s i am off to raise bulls in az. for rodeos and to relax and though i wont miss alot of stuff abought lobstering i will miss those special mornings and being able to say (i’m a lobsterman ) shawn cromwell f/v/ pamela & patricia