Life Boat On The Prince Albert II

Here is one of the life boat’s from the Prince Albert II which was in town this weekend.  I’d like to see how it gets lowered into the water.  I wonder if it slides right down those rails and splashes down or if it is lowered in a controlled fashion.

Liferaft On The Prince Edward II, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Guest Post- Deej Viau

Hi Joey,

It was good to finally meet you at the Block party. Bob and I are back from
camping in the woods of Maine. We are having a sale on the hand carved
Lobster Adirondak chairs. They are normally $465 each plus tax and $850 for
a pair. We are selling them for the SALE price of $425 each plus tax and
$800 for pair. Bob’s other work is the Alchemy logo, the Blue and white
tile illustrations at the Azorean, the giant clock on Main Street for
Horvitz and Frisch CPA firm, the copper roses on the ROSE BAKER center,
Captain Carlo’s website and menus. It is great to see good community and
family news highlighting the positive parts of Gloucester and what it has to
offer. You found a real niche here with your site.

Deej Viau
StudioVO: Commercial and Fine Art Studio of Gloucester

Note to self- make some godamn time to get over to Studio VO for a pic of those lobster Adirondak chairs!

International Dory Races Eliminations Results From Jimmy T

Here’s the Junior Dory Crew Kyle Edmonds and Joe Ciolino (Joe Ciolino is the son of our very own contributor and sticker magnet maker- Frank Ciolino) that will be representing Gloucester vs the Canadians in Lunenburg for the Canadian portion of the International Dory Races. I didn’t realize that they raced in Gloucester and in Lunenburg every year. I thought they alternated Gloucester one year and Lunenburg the next but in fact they race in each port every year.

International Dory Races Eliminations 8/23/08, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

As always, the American elimination races to determine who will
represent us in Canada produced some controversy, some excitement and
some great races.
The first race of the day, in the Junior Division, featured Joe Harmon
and Ben Favazza, Randy Parisi and L.J. Robertson, and Joe Ciolino and
Kyle Edmonds. The older, stronger crews got out to an early lead. Harmon
and Favazza lost their course and forced Parisi and Robertson off their
course. Ciolino and Edmonds were undaunted and held their course like
experienced veterans. By the time Harmon/Favazza and Parisi/Robertson
were halfway to the turning flags they were completely out of the race
course, they collided and did not resume rowing. Ciolino and Edmonds
took advantage of the other crews misfortune and went on to win the race
and the right to represent their country in Nova Scotia.

The Women crew of experienced champion Katherine Richmond and strong
new-comer Samantha Rose rowed unopposed and showed fine form and had a
very competitive time.

The Masters Division had the largest turn out and had to have 2 heats.
In the first heat, reigning champions Joe Sanfilippo and Mark Duval were
pushed by the powerful tandems of Dave Quinn and Jim Tarantino and
legendary rowers Jack Sultan and Mike Cody. But as always a perfect
course and turn put Duval and Sanfilippo ahead for keeps and into the
final on Monday night. In the 2nd Masters heat, John Scola and Mike
Harmon used a power stroke to defeat the quicker stroke of veteran Ed
Parnell and Charlie Mullen. In the final Monday night, Harmon and Scola
decided to attach Duval and Sanfillippo with a fast stroke to compensate
for a recurring sinus affection suffered by Scola. It was a mistake. The
long smooth stroke of the Masters Champs gave them a decisive victory

Next came the Mixed Doubles Division. Katherine Richmond took advantage
of her new partners inexperience by hooking up with the Mighty Jimmy T.
as her dorymate. Samantha Rose teamed up with Mike Harmon who had just
completed his Masters race. There was no quarter given, despite it was
the first time in the boat together for Rose and Harmon, who had just
exhausted himself winning his elimination. Richmond and Tarantino won
handily. Rumor is Tarantino had a chip on his shoulder after being
soundly defeated by the Canadian Mixed Doubles duo of Trevor Swim and
Nicole Jones. “I’m out for revenge!” Tarantino said after the race. “I
haven’t had a good night’s sleep since Trevor and Nicole beat me!” he
growled, with a crazy Manson-like stare!

The Open class was the heated battle of the day. Incumbent champions
Erik Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington had a war with Jerry Ciaramataro
and his young strong new partner Mike Lovasco. Geoff Thomas and Billy
Edmonds had some technical difficulties and quickly fell behind in the
heat. All the way out and back the Committee boat reported mixed lead
changes between Harrington/Dombrowski and Ciaramataro/Lovasco. With just
a quarter mile to go the experienced champs started to pull away and
eventually got the win by just about a boat length. However, due to
buisiness obligations, Harrington and Dombrowski are unable to make the
trip to Canada so the U.S. will most likely be represented by
Ciaramataro and Lovasco in the Open Class.

It appears most of the American entourage will be leaving on the
Wedensday ferry out of Bar Harbor. Anyone interested in making the trip
please contact me for further information.

James A. Tarantino, President
International Dory Race Committee

Double Clawed Lobster Landed at Captain Joe’s

Here’s another freak lobster landed at the dock yesterday. Notice how it has a claw growing out of it’s claw. we haven’t had a freaky lobster like this in a while so I figured that I’d share this pic with you guys.

For the mutated lobster and crab slide show click this text