Locals Insider Tip- Request Outdoor Reservations NOW!

With the Downtown Gloucester Block Party approved by the city council, we will have outdoor dining and drinking on Main Street the night of August 16th. There will be live music and dancing and we are working on a spectacular slide show.

If I were you I’d call The Frankin, Passports, La Trattoria, Dogbar, Jalepenos, Valentino’s or The Elliott and request outdoor reservations for that night. If they tell you they are not accepting reservations for outdoors that night then politely say thanks anyway and call the next place on the list. I think it’s going to be spectacular and a lot of fun and hopefully the blueprint for having this type of event become a regular part of the Downtown scene.

Here are the telephone numbers-

The Franklin-978.283.7888


La Trattoria- 978.281.0790

Dogbar- 978.281.6565

Valentino’s- 978.283.6186

Elliott’s at The Blackburn 978.282.1919

Get dialing

Downtown Gloucester Block Party
Downtown Gloucester Block Party

Pavillion Beach In Front of Proposed Marriott Site

Here is the Pavillion Beach, totally underutilized compared to Good Harbor and Wingersheek Beach. The white building to the left in the photo is the site for the proposed Marriott Hotel.

Stevie Mending The Net Aboard The Lady Jane

Here is Stevie mending the net after “making damage”.  “Making damage” is a term used when the net goes over some hard bottom on the oceans floor and it tears the net.

Lady Jane, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

I wonder when the last of these old timers are gone if we will lose those terms.  Ringo, Stevie and Russell are all over 60 years old.

Filling Herring Totes

This is how they sometimes fill the herring totes at Cape Sea Foods on the State Fish Pier. They line them up in a long row and use a rotator on the forks of the fork truck to tip the 1500lb vats of herring on it’s side.

The herring then spills out of the vat and as each tote gets filled the fork truck operator continues in reverse filling the next empty ones in the row until they are all filled.

Then they stack empty totes on top of the ones they just filled with herring until they get four totes high all they way down the line. Once they have all the totes filled and stacked four high they slide the forks of the fork truck under the stacks and lift them onto pallets where they will hold 12 totes per pallet (3 stacks of 4) and shrink wrap them so they won’t slide off during transportation.

Filling Herring Totes, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Candy Marshall’s MillRiver Beadworks at The Sidewalk Bazaar

Check out some more of Candy Marshall’s work. Her prices are what I consider cheap for the unique beautiful pieces she’s made.

Palazola’s Customizes Any Shirt Or Sweatshirt

I was talking to Jack Palazola from Palazola’s Sporting Goods on Main Street in beautiful Downtown Gloucester and he told me how they can totally customize any shirt you would like with the use of a three part system they have developed. If you look in the photo below you will see three aqua arrows pointing at one t-shirt.

They have separate imprints for “Gloucester” on the top, then any sport logo in the middle and then “Fishermen” down below. They also have the imprints in maroon and white.

So say you wanted a Gloucester football t-shirt in a size medium on a grey colored shirt. They don’t have to stock them in every size, shape and configuration. They can make you exactly what you want just by switching out the color and size of the shirt and exactly the names and sports logo you want in the middle.


Chickity Check It- Shooting My Universe

Well it happened again last night.

Once again I am totally humbled by the photography skills of yet another Gloucester photographer. This time it was by a guy named Steve who runs Shooting My Universe. Steve has what I consider a must visit site with a fantastic layout for displaying photographs due to the large amount of screen space alotted to displaying pictures.

He does great work, go check it out and rediscover what a hack I am at all of this, LOL!

I don’t consider myself a real photographer, more of an observer who trys to get his point across with pictures. There are many times when I’ll put an out of focus picture up because it is part of a story I’m trying to relate to you, my reader. I’m not so vain to think I have anywhere near the photography skills of the guys that have taken classes or have been at it for years. I just click away and occasionally get lucky.

The blogging world is funny, when you start out you really would like to get your stuff out to as many people as possible so you send comments to other blogs with links back to your site and hopefully some of the other site’s readers will cross pollinate and come visit what you have going on. The blog owner who gets the comments has the option of approving them so they get posted or determining that they are too spammy and not approve them so they never see the light of day. My feeling is that if a site is worthy, and I think it will benefit the people that come check in here daily then I have no problem passing the link through and actually promoting the person’s work.

Anyway, go checkout Steve’s site, it’s great.

Greg Checks In With A Thompson Brothers Runabout Restoration Update

Greg checked in with part 4 of his Thompson Brothers Runabout boat project which we have been following.