CJ Morgante Day Three Aboard The Stanley Thomas

Y’all may not believe this but CJ refereed the New England Revolution/DC United match last night at Foxboro, got done reviewed the game tape and then hopped in his car at 2:00AM to get to Gloucester to go fishing on his Fourth Boat this morning at 5:00AM.

He went out lobstering with Tony Gross this morning at 5:00AM aboard The Sandollar. We’ll have a report on how he is holding up when he gets in tonight. So far he has been an iron man.

Tony took four boxes of bait this morning, showing no mercy at all for CJ’s schedule. As long as Tony has unloaded here I don’t think he has ever taken four boxes of bait (the previous most amount of bait being three boxes).

Elliott’s On Main Wedge

I’m a huge fan of wedge salads with the blue cheese and bacon, Yum.

When I saw this one at Elliott’s on Main I had to try it. It had a different kind of dressing and sure did pop with flavor. I’m gonna have to bring the Mrs by here for a return engagement.

Elliott’s On Main Wedge, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Chickity Check It! -UDine4Less

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Unless you like flushing your money down the toilet or throwing it out the window print out and use the free coupons. Most every restaurant in town in represented including the pizza joints.

YMCA Clean Team Newly Scrubbed and Stained Bench

Check out the natural wood grains that came out after the YMCA Clean Team got done scrubbing and staining the Downtown benches.

Here, a young gentleman enjoys his leisure time Downtown.

Chickity Check It-Gloucester Gig Rowers Blog

Gloucester Gig Rowing
Gloucester Gig Rowing

I was stumbling around the internet as I normally do with my down time here at the dock and came accross this blog with many pictures of Gloucester Gig Rowers.

It seems the blog is in it’s infancy and if they keep at it a while, I’ll probably add it to the blogroll, but there are some interesting pictures to share about just what gig rowing is all about.

Check it out and get involved. I bet you can find out more information at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center where the Gigs are docked.

Here’s the link- Gloucester Gig Rowing

Busty Brancleone’s Right Hand

There are books written about people that make themselves out to be hard core fishermen but really they use fishing as an excuse to bum around the wharf and docks but don’t put the time in.

See this hand?

The man that this hand belongs to is the kind of guy a book about a real fisherman should be written about. A man that could tell countless stories about fishing in real weather in ridiculous conditions.

It’s too bad that armchair fishermen get the glory when the guys that deserve the glory never get mentioned.

Guys like Busty Brancleone. The real deal.

Busty Brancleone’s Right Hand, originally uploaded by captjoe06.