Sea Glass Chronicles

Just found this release buried in my email from Jackie Ganim-DeFalco.  If you recall I had pictures of some of her unique pieces here on the blog last week.

“Carole Lambert, author of the Sea Glass Chronicles is about to release her newest book, A Passion for Sea Glass – featuring the clever and creative ways in which the most ambitious collectors of sea glass use and display their collections.

Join us in Camden, Maine, on Saturday, August 23th for the DownEast Books launch party featuring author, Carole Lambert, photographer, Amy Wilton and jewelry artist, Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco of Cape Ann Designs who will be there to sign the new book.”

4-6PM | Whitehall Inn
52 High Street Camden, Maine

Tree Girl

Tree Girl was really busting her hump out there.

I wonder if she took note of how gorgeous her surroundings were right then or if she was solely focused on getting done the task at hand.

Tree Girl, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Summer Time Is Lobster Eating Time

A couple of days ago Dennis Silva, owner of the Topside Grill stopped by the dock to pick up his lobsters for the restaurant as he does daily. He gets them daily because he is a freak for freshness and quality and wants the freshest possible lobsters each day.

Anyway a couple of our lobstermen were offloading when Dennis showed up and I mentioned to them how Dennis has a lobster dinner on his menu for $13.99. It made the guys feel good that the guy that was buying the lobsters that they just sold me were going to a guy that was marketing them right.

A major beef with lobstermen is when places charge ridiculous prices for lobsters and make them unaffordable for the average person when in reality they aren’t that much money to put on a menu.

Peter Mondello Making A New Setting Table

Here’s Pete Mondello and Billy working on a new setting table for the Allison Carol.

When Pete hauls his ten pot trawls he will stack the pots along that setting table after they have been re-baited and then he will set the traps off the back of this “setting table”

Good Spot For A Sticker

I requested that if you stopped by for a free Gloucester bumper sticker that you put it on your vehicle and not just take one and stick it in a drawer somewhere.

Damon asked me if any vehicle qualified and I had a sneaking suspicion that he was gonna stop by in his dory.  Of course he didn’t disappoint.

Good Spot For A Sticker, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Damon Represents!

Heidi Wakeman Measures And Cuts Used Sails

Heidi Wakeman measures and cuts used sails to be made into bags for Again and Again in East Gloucester Square.  You can’t get much more of an local innovative business than this make bags out of sails that were destined for the junk heap.

At 8:00AM look for her Gloucester Perspectives interview in which she talks about what she loves about it here.

Block Party Comes to Main Street Saturday-The GDT Story

This from The Gloucester Daily Times-

“Block party comes to Main Street Saturday

By Michael Farrell
Staff Writer

Imagine yourself sitting at your favorite Main Street restaurant Saturday night. The food is delicious. The place is clean. The staff is friendly. The service is prompt. There is a distinct difference, though, from the other times that you have eaten on Main Street.”

For the rest of the article click this text