Things To Do- The Rhumbline Striper Tournament

A fun annual event is being held once again tomorrow-

The Rhumb Line Striper Tournament

It’s Saturday August 2, 2008 6:00AM-3:00PM

The entrance fees are $10 for 16y/o and under and $20 for 17y/o and older. The fee includes a free T-shirt & cook-out.

Registration locations are at The Rhumb Line and The Sandy Bay Yacht Club with weigh-in and an awards banquet at The Rhumb Line.

There will be cash prizes and other giveaways

For $10 or $20 thats a great take!

For more info call 978-283-9732

City Hall Tower Restoration Update 7/30/08

If you look at the top you can see the workers way up there. I’d be scared shitless.

The copper looks really nice all spiffed up.  It’ll be beautiful once the screens come down -a newly restored sense of hope.

B & N Fishing Gear

In the rear of Gloucester Auto Body on Maplewood Ave is B and N Fishing Gear owned by Corrado Buccieri.  This commercial fishing supply store is located across from the Car wash on Maplewood Ave, nowhere near the waterfront but many fishermen do business here.

B & N Fishing Gear, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Rope and Wire At B & N Fishing Gear

Against the wall there are coils of rope and wire used on fishing boats.

There are all different sizes and types.   Some rope is braided some is not, some is hard lay (which means its stiff and more durable) some is soft lay (which is easier to handle but will not last as long with a lot of friction).

When people order the rope or wire they order lengths and at the end of the spool there more often than not is a left over piece that is too short to be of any use.

B & N Fishing Gear

Corrado carries all types of swivels, and snap blocks, gloves, shovels, fish picks, basically anything you need as far as commercial fishing gear, he can get.  Other places to get these type of things are Three Lanterns, and Rose’s Marine.

If you are in need, swing by and see either Matty out back or Corrado himself.

B & N Fishing Gear, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Jason and Kevin With Rocky and Tina

Rats. No seriously- Rats.

This is what the kids have for pets nowadays? What, were they all out of spiders or snakes at the creepy pet store? Jason and Kevin were nice enough to do a couple of short interviews with me yesterday as I was on my way to our Block Party meeting.

In the middle of the second interview one of the rats pooped on his shoulder. I’m not kidding. I have pictures (but those are for later). I’m thinking the first time the rat pooped on my shoulder he’d be in an onion sack with a brick and heading straight overboard. I’m not big on rats though.

More pics and video later.

Wooden Boat Project- It Can Be Done!

A couple of weeks ago I highlighted a boat project that some folks were taking on and I’m thinking that I may have motivated them just a little bit in this post

Well since then I am very happy to report the couple has really made incredible progress on their Thompson Brothers Runabout.

Here are two updates in the short time since we highlighted this project with some nice shots of the restoration project.

Congratulations, the boat is coming out spectacularly.   It’s nice to see.

I highly recommend everyone to check out the pictures, before and after.  The job Greg and his wife are doing show that these projects can be done if you are handy enough.  Of course this is a 14 foot boat and not a monstrosity like The Huge White Boat or The Lazy Daizy but nonetheless it’s going to be a boat to behold once completed.

Lee Bolton’s War Games Headquarters

Last night our group of crazies got together for more Block party planning. Within the inner sanctum of the Cape Ann Business Incubator Lee Bolton runs his operation. It looked like a scene right out of the eighties movie War Games with Matthew Broderick and Alley Sheedy.

Lee is helping us with the huge slide show and video presentation for the Block Party but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we find out that this guy is really plotting to take over the world from his command center deep in the bowels of the Cape Ann Business Incubator.