Alicia Unleashed: Netflix and No Chill

Episode 98!


Hello! How ya doin’ listeners? Miss us? It’s Day 647 of Quarantine and we figured we would touch base. We address how we are handling living in a new world of Covid19, how it is affecting our work situations.

Alicia talks about the disheartening tasks she has had to face at her new job, BSide talks about getting a brand new job 1 week before the world shuts down on top of going public with her mom’s health conditions.

Shout out to the Health Care workers, Grocery Workers, Medical Employees, Sanitation Workers, First Responders, etc. exposing themselves to unknown circumstances in order to keep things going.


Eric Lilienthal

Erin Valaskatgis

Amy Prichard and Missy Sponagle (Etsy @PerfectPearWear)

Abby Quinn-Olson

Vincenza Groppo- VIP Fitness (FB @vipftinessnow)

TreeTop Yoga (FB @treetopyoga)

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Peter Tucci (Instagram @tucciattack)

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Wandering Soul (FB @wanderingsoulbeer)

Jojo (Instagram @iamjojo)

Planet Fitness

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2 thoughts on “Alicia Unleashed: Netflix and No Chill

  1. Hey, Alicia!
    I have to say how lucky we are to have Bridget!
    I am almost 70 with a history of pneumonia and breathing issues and don’t know what I would do if required to go to work.
    Thank you for your referral. Bridget is awesome. I am one of those elderly terrified to leave my house to come I will be right there, Bridget supporting you in your mom’s fund raiser as best I can.


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