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Free Tickets To Cape Ann Community Cinema – Share this post on Facebook for a chance to win two free tickets to Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

Uhmmmmmm FIESTA!!!!!

Saint Peter’s Fiesta 2018 Schedule Here

Happy Birthday to Craig Kimberley

Boston Cannons 

Feather and Wedge Brunch

Nichole’s Family Stayed At Beauport

Blues Buffet Mile Marker Brunch

Music At The Beach Series In Rockport Mondays


Thanks Patty Amaral for the fresh eggs and Susan Lipsett for the donuts.

New office for

Zach Sears GM From Lat 43 Saved A Baby Seagull

Plover Updates

Manchester and Dogs On the Beach

Kim will be at Rockport Art Association Speaking To The  Rockport Garden Club Open To the Public July 9th


Snapshots of Our Solar Energy System Web dashboard, Electric Bill And we Continue To Rack Up National Grid $$$ CREDITS With Our Solar Panels!!!!!


As many of you know if you follow this blog I’m obsessed with all the energy saving programs where the government basically finances you to go green at the expense of other people who don’t realize they are already paying for these green initiatives through the line item on everyone’s National Grid Bill- the “Energy Efficiency Charge”.  Everyone pays into this pool to make Massachusetts more environmentally friendly with clean energy but only the people that take advantage of the programs benefit.

After talking to about ten people who all were beaming about how much money they were making after installing Solar with Tim Sanborn of Cazeault Solar I decided to take the plunge.  Since then I have not paid a dime for Electric bill and my entire house runs on electric.  We also collect Solar Renewable Energy Credit Checks four times a year.  So our ten year loan is $356/ month.  We havent paid a dime in electricity in our all electric house which I figure would cost $350 per month to run our household, and we get Solar Renewable Energy credit checks every quarter.  After ten years (and we’re already into our second year) the loan is gone, we no longer collect SREC checks and we will ride off into the sunset never having to pay for electric for our house for the rest of our lives.

The screenshots from our control panel tell me the environmental benefits of us installing solar panels have saved the environment 29,493 lbs of CO2 emissions and have the impact of us planting 742 trees.  I understand if you’re one of those people that don’t give a shit about the environment if it isn’t a sound business decision, but these panels are literally making us money.  if your house has the right angle to the sun and you don’t put them on you’re nuts.

Dun! No Brainer City.

If You Like Money.  If You Like Sticking It to The Man.  If you like doing good for the environment and getting paid to do so, then Call Tim Sanborn up and have him come look at your house.  It costs nothing for him to come.  he will put together at no cost to you a packet explaining how many solar panels they could install and how much it will cost you and how much you will estimate to save/make and in every instance of people I spoke with, the initial estimates he provided on how much you would save were exceeded, including ours.


Our Latest Bill-







Our Good Harbor Beach Piping Plover Little Pip made the two-week-old milestone on Saturday!!!

To survive two whole weeks is an important date for a Piping Plover chick. Pip’s chance of fledging has improved exponentially.

Every day he grows a little stronger, a bit taller and rounder, and noticeably faster. Less sleepy-eyed when waking up from snuggling under Mom or Dad, out he zooms from the warm wing of the parents like a jet-propelled rocket. And now he does this fascinating thing with his wings. Just as did Little Chick last year, at top speed, he zings and zangs with wings aflutter and aflap, seeming airborne for a few seconds. He won’t be able to sustain flight for another several weeks, but won’t it be marvelous when he does!

Piping Plover chicks and parents communicate with a wide range of piping calls. We are more likely to hear Mama and Papa’s shrill, urgent notes warning of pending danger. But more often, both chicks and parents communicate in soft, barely audible gentle notes. At about twelve days old, our Little Pip appeared to understand, and respond more quickly, to the piping calls of the parent’s commands. He now flattens level with the sand when Mama and Papa pipe danger notes, or when a predatory bird flies overhead.  

Dip-diving in the tide pools for breakfast!

This insect was so large, from a distance I at first thought Pip was eating seaweed. He swallowed the bug in one gulp!

Pip continues to snuggle under wing, but will do so less and less frequently as he develops and is better able to thermoregulate. I recall our Little Chick last summer attempting to snuggle under Papa Plover even at thirty-days-old, which by the way, looked terribly silly, but sweet, to see a chick nearly as large as the parent try to snuggle under its wing.

*   *   *

Two weeks ago Saturday, our lone surviving chick hatched in the parking lot at Good Harbor Beach. Despite being driven off the beach by dogs running through the nesting area (sadly finding the lot to be the least dangerous place to nest), Mama and Papa PiPl successfully hatched four chicks from four eggs. This would not have been possible without a whole lot of help from Gloucester’s DPW, Essex County Greenbelt’s Dave Rimmer, Gloucester’s conservation agent Ken Whittaker, and a core group of super dedicated volunteers.

After spending the first day in the parking lot, the family of six–Mama, Papa, and four one-day-old chicks made the epic journey across the width of the parking lot, through the landscape of tall dune grass, tumbling down the steep slope of the dune, and into the roped off nesting area. Had Papa and Mama pre-planned this route? I think yes.

Life for a Piping Plover chick, especially at Gloucester’s most well-loved and highly trafficked of beaches, is impossibly tough. The first chick to perish was eaten by a gull, the second was taken out by a dog off leash in the nesting area, and the third, by a crow. In one way or another, the trail as to why these tender little shorebirds perished leads to the heavy footprint left by people.

Morning meet and greet of the Crow Breakfast Club, held every day on Nautilus Road following a warm sunny beach day.

Same for the Seagull Breakfast Club

Gloucester does not have a seagull and crow problem, but we do have a littering, as well as a lack of trash barrels problem. If the crows and gulls were not finding the mounds of trash littering the beach, and piled at the entryways to the beach, each and every single morning, they would simply find somewhere else to forage. Bright and early, every morning the DPW crews arrive to clean the beach, but what happens before they arrive? For the first three hours of daylight, the crows and gulls devour a smorgasbord of tantalizing treats, feasting on loose garbage strewn the entire length of the beach, in the parking lot, and at all the entrances to the beach. Forget placing the garbage in bags if the bags are not contained in barrels; the birds, rats, and coyotes knowingly rip right through them. The plastic cups, bottles, to-go containers, and accoutrements blow freely through the dunes and marsh and eventually, all is carried into the ocean.

The trash problem holds true throughout the city. If folks stopped feeding the crows and gulls, and we solve the garbage problem, we will rid ourselves of ninety percent of the issues surrounding gulls, crows, coyotes, and rats. Carry in, carry out works to a degree, but barrels are sorely needed at locations such as the entrance to the footbridge. Additionally, residents would ideally place their garbage, in barrels, the morning of trash collection (as opposed the the night before), dumpsters always kept tightly covered, and littering laws strictly enforced.

A friend from North Carolina shared that the beaches in her community are pristine. How do you do it I asked? Two simple solutions. Number one is barrels and number two is enforcing littering laws. Every few weeks, police patrol the beaches and hand out fines for littering. After a few weeks or so, people become lax about littering, and out come the police handing out another round of fines. Would this be a money-maker for the City of Gloucester I wonder?

Plastic glistening in the morning sun – Good Harbor Beach, before the DPW arrives.

Dogs off leash at Good Harbor Beach continue to frustrate us all. Despite stepped up enforcement, local residents and out-of-towners continue to flaunt the rules and the No Dogs signs. Every single day, we monitors see dog owners with their dogs, and dog tracks, at Good Harbor Beach.

Dune fencing, which is slated to be replaced after the Piping Plovers leave, is going to help to keep the dogs (and people) out of the dunes. I hope well placed signs that speak to the fragility of the dunes will also accompany the new fencing. If you can imagine, people allow their dogs to run freely through the dunes and also use the dunes as their personal bathroom. Sometimes the scofflaws don’t even bother to climb the dunes, but run right through the nesting area and stand in broad daylight at the base of the dunes, in full view of all, to relieve themselves.

Note the beach grass growing at the base of the dunes where the roping has been in place since mid-April. I hope this area continues to be roped off, even after the PiPls depart. Growing sturdy patches of dune grass will help tremendously with the ever increasing problem of beach erosion.

Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is coming into bloom at the Good Harbor Beach dunes. The many species of wildflowers found growing in the dunes provides myriad species of wildlife with both food and shelter.


Fifteen-Day-Old Piping Plover Chick and Mama 


International Dory Races

The International Dory Races were held yesterday morning at the Jodrey State Fish Pier with GLOUCESTER winning 3 out of 4 races against Nova Scotia.

Mixed Doubles

USA:       Alex Pizzamenti & John Francis (W)

Canada:  Lisa Tanner & Robert Fox

Women’s Division

USA:       Alexis Novello & Kristen Burnham

Canada:  Gail Atkinson & Kath Moore (W)

Master’s Division

USA:       Mike Harmon & John Scola (W)

Canada:  Willie Wells & Walter Nickerson

Senior’s Division

USA:       Mark & Nick Giacalone (W)

Canada:  Brent & Todd Dempsey 





JAZZ and BERNSTEIN:  Two “Starry Nights” in Annisquam July Series

JAZZ and BERNSTEIN:  Two “Starry Nights” in Annisquam July Series


The Sun, the Moon, but Mostly the Stars,”  a unique program of jazz standards and original compositions created to celebrate the Japanese Star festival, Tanabata, headlines the first of two concerts at the Annisquam Village Church in July.  Slated for 7/7 at 8 pm (July 7th is the date of the Tanabata festival), the Billy Novick Trio incorporates the cosmic atmospherics with celestial jazz: Billy Novick on clarinet and keyboards, Swiss-born Gabriela Martina on vocals, and Dave Clark on Bass.

Projections of the summer sky will serve as background with a lively intermission ‘pageant’; a reception follows, with ‘star bites’ and punch for all.

A Centennial Tribute to Leonard Bernstein” on July 22 at 8 PM shines more starlight on this celebrated American composer in a review of Bernstein’s best-loved works. Pianists Beverly and Andrew Soll back up vocalists Tiffany Baxter, Angel Jajko, and Mark Morgan, covering everything from “West Side Story” to the “Kol Nidre” on this 100th anniversary of Bernstein’s birth.  A reception follows.

Settled as the Third Parish of Cape Ann, the historic Annisquam Village Church offers ideal acoustics in an intimate, New England setting. The church is located at the head of Lobster Cove, 820 Washington Street (corner of Leonard and Washington Streets), in Gloucester 01930.  Handicap accessible.

Performances are at 8 PM.

Admission: $20 at the door or in advance with Brown Paper Tickets

Students $15. at the door

The Sun, the Moon, but Mostly the Stars

Buy advance tickets at:

https://www.brownpapertickets. com/event/3504288

A Centennial Tribute to Leonard Bernstein

Buy advance tickets at:

Darwin’s Basement, a New Dark Comedy by JoeAnn Hart

Dear Friends,

As part of Gloucester Stage Company’s Never Dark series, my play, Darwin’s Basement, a dark comedy about hoarding with environmental undertones, will have a staged reading July 1st, 7:30 pm. Please come!

The reading is directed by the superlative Ron Wyman, founder of ZeroGravity Films, who creates documentaries about politics, world culture, and the arts. The amazing cast includes Marya Lowry, Jessica Webb, Alex Jacobs, Trisha Zembruski, and Michael Kelly. They have all generously donated their time and talent to put on this production, and I look forward to seeing my work come to life through them.

This event is free and open to the public, but if you want to be sure you get a seat you can reserve one here:

Hope to see you there! 


Magnolia Pier report

From Sean Nolan, Ward 5 Councilor:   just want to let everyone know that the Magnolia Pier Report is available for viewing on the city website. It is under the Harbormaster tab. I know everyone has been asking and patiently waiting for this report! You can view this report go to the link below.  Thank you Sean



MAC Fitness Gloucester FIESTA SPECIAL

Cape Ann Wellness

FIESTA is almost here and we’re greasing up the celebration with a ZERO DOLLAR JOIN FEE! Starting this Saturday, June 23rd – Saturday, June 30th – we’re WAIVING GOODBYE to all new classic and choice member’s $99 fee to join. Get in on the savings and join our MAC family – we can’t wait to see you!
* Offer valid for classic and choice memberships only – not available for short-term or summer memberships.


6 Whistle Stop Way
Gloucester, MA 01930


Club Manager: Marcy Plante

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