After hours of research I found the perfect non-cotton summer sock for us ‘tween sizers

Men’s Bamboo Fiber Colored Sports Superior Wicking Athletic Ankle Socks – 4 Pair Value Pack

5.0 out of 5 stars


If you listened to the podcast you heard about my frustration with the way socks are sold and marketed.

Listen here-

Business Idea- Sock Sizes For The In Between Guy (Shoe Size 11-13)  Drives me nuts.

Shoe Size 6 – 12½
Sock Size 10-13

Shoe size 12 – 16
Sock Size 13 – 15

As you can see from the chart above,  shoe sizes 6-12.5 get one size sock and shoe size 12-16 get a different size sock.  So if you wear anywhere from an 11 to a 13 you’re really in no-man’s land.  Order the smaller size and your foot is squished into a sock that’s comfortable for a size 9 or so.  Order the larger sock meant for shoe size 12-16 and they’re falling down and too loose because they’re designed to fit up to a 16 shoe size.

It’s very frustrating.  On top of that options are further limited for non-cotton socks.  Cotton is the absolute worst material to use for socks as it doesn’t wick away any moisture and has zero antimicrobial properties.

After about an hour of research on Amazon I found the perfect non-cotton summer socks for us sock size ‘tweeners.

I ordered them and they were delivered within two days with Amazon Prime.  Size- perfectly comfortable for my size 12 feet.  Wore them the next day under my work boots and they held up perfectly, no sagging.  I ordered another four pack right when I got home.  It’s rare when you find something that works just perfectly for me but when I do I like to lock it down.  Much like the best knife values in the world, the Victorinox which I replaced our Henkles steak knives with because they are so far superior.  When something works perfectly and is a great value you just can’t believe how much better they make your life and you load the boat.

Here’s a link to purchase and read reviews-

Men’s Bamboo Fiber Colored Sports Superior Wicking Athletic Ankle Socks – 4 Pair Value Pack

5.0 out of 5 stars

  • Men’s XL Size: 10-14, 4 Pairs of Socks
  • Content: 85% Rayon from bamboo, 10% Polyester, 5% Elastic
  • Rayon- Natural, Renewable, Biodegradable, Anti-microbial / Natural Deodorizer
  • Rayon from Bamboo is superior at wicking away moisture helping regulate body temperature. This makes them great athletic socks

Kay Ellis Memorial Scholarship Schooner cruise, Dock party, Raffles and Fun Monday August 20, 2018

Kay Ellis Memorial Scholarship
A scholarship fund to benefit local students of the tourism and hospitality industry has been set up in memory of Kay Ellis, who worked diligently for many years on many tourism ideas and issues and helped elevate Gloucester as a tourism destination. She loved the maritime and hospitality business and she put her heart and soul into it, working with the Chamber of Commerce and Discover Gloucester, all the while promoting Schooner Lannon. We hope to share her vision through the scholarships.
There will be two types of ticket sold:
$60 for an hour and a half boat ride plus the party – choose the boat that you would like to be on.
boat ride 6-7:30pm, check-in 5-5:30pm … party afterwards
$40 for just the party which starts at 7:30pm

Please visit our website for making a donation only, if you can’t make the event. Any questions, please call the Schooner Lannon office 978-281-6634.


Cedar Rock Gardens has a gorgeous collection of deep rose pink, seashell pink, cotton candy pink, and ivory white peonies blooming right now. The mix of colors makes for a lovely bouquet and will last twenty ten times longer than anything in the stores. Go today and pick your own bouquet of fabulousness!

Cedar Rock Gardens owner Tucker Smith

Cheryl and Kim – just one more reason to love Cedar Rock Gardens is their super friendly and helpful staff!


Cedar Rock Gardens newest family members – one is the leader of the pair of juvenile Peacocks and he jumped easily over the garden wall, the other – he tried several different routes before deciding to brave the jump and follow his brother.

Cedar Rock Gardens has a fantastic array of flowers, veggies, and herbs. The nursery is located at 299 Concord Street in West Gloucester.


Tommy Nolan helps keep both Wingaersheek and Good Harbor Beaches looking sparkling clean. He mans the beach rake, and last year did an incredible job of keeping an eye out for Piping Plover chicks. Tommy also has an interest in birds and enjoys watching the wildlife in his own backyard. He collected seaweed this week from Good Harbor and placed it around the nesting area. Thanks so much to Tommy and to the entire Good Harbor Beach team for looking out for our nesting PiPls 🙂

Traeger’s Father’s Day Special At Foster’s Grill Store!! June 6th – 17th, 2018

Traeger’s Father’s Day Special!! June 6th – 17th, 2018. – $100 off MSRP of Pro Series 34, Pro Series 22, Pro Series 20 and Select Pro. – $50 off MSRP of Bronson 20 and Tailgater 20. – OR – 10% off Traeger pellets, accessories and grills with MSRP less than $1,300.00. (Cannot be combined with the MAP drop $100/$50 off promotion)

Stop by Foster’s Grill Store and buy dad something nice this year! (Or just buy yourself a new grill 😉)

John Rockwell w/Amy Rich Tonight! Wednesdays at The Rhumb Line 7pm June 6, 2018

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, June 6th – 7pm
Your Guest Host: JOHN ROCKWELL!
The one and only John Rockwell sits in as host while I chase
a couple tour dates in Nashville & Indiana.  His musical guest
will be singer (and Headlands bandmate) Amy Rich.
Rumor has it that Orville Giddings will also be stopping by.  Proves
to be a wonderful evening of entertainment.  Wish I could be
there, but, of course… I know YOU can!  Don’t miss it!  I’ll be
right back at it next week with guest, Toni Ann Enes. ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen…
…features Morgan!  Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
6/13 – Toni Ann
6/20 – Allen Estes Hosts
6/27 – Inge Berge
Looking seeing you there 🙂


Gloucester’s DPW Phil Cucuru and Mike Tarantino arrived at Good Harbor Beach this morning ready to work with a truckload of pressure treated marine wood. Work will continue for the next two weeks. Looks like the footbridge will be operational by Fiesta weekend! 

Oh Buoy! It’s a Weber Grill!

Our friend Joey probably already knows this, but did you know that Weber grills derived from a buoy cut in half? On my drive from New York to Gloucester recently I was catching up on my podcast list.  One of my favorites, Highlights from Moncrieff, features a segment called “Stuff That Changed The World”.  I was delighted to hear about how the barbecue changed the world.  The episode included the turning point that occurred in the 1950s in Chicago (now considered home of the Weber grill) when George Stephen Sr tinkered around and cut a buoy in half to create the first charcoal grill as we know it today. There is a very interesting article here if you are as obsessed as a certain friend of ours with Weber grills and their history.

From the Smithsonian Magazine website, a picture of the first marketed Barbecue Kettle. I think you can see how it developed from the halved buoy.

Original Weber Grill

I find is fascinating that this device that “changed the world” originated with a classic iconic image of this area: the buoy.  And here’s one in use today—maybe you can guess where I found it.  I think you can see this grill has stayed true to its roots; my kind of grill.



Restorative & Reiki Workshop this Friday

Cape Ann Wellness

Join Marleen Wood, Master Reiki Healer and Kathryn Schroeder, Restorative Yoga Instructor, for an evening of deep relaxation and transformation.  You will be guided through supported restorative poses using blocks, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows while receiving the balancing and healing attunement of reiki by candlelight. Set your highest intentions for balance, clarity and well-being. All levels and no experience necessary. Enjoy an evening of complete bliss in a sacred space OF LIGHT.



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