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GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Harlem Shake Video Featuring Bikini Speedo Dodgeballers Filmed Last Night!!

Odds this guy gets laid within 30 minutes of shooting this video have to be what, like 1000%?

GMG: A Powerhouse of Positivity for Gloucester

Video Interview- So You Want To Be a Lobsterman Ben Grenon From NC Describes His Experience

OMG- Outstanding Cartoon Based Off Our Exit Interview With Lobsterman Wannabe Ben Grenon From North Carolina

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Blue Lobster Landed In Gloucester By The Lobster Boat The Connemara Bay and Headed To The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

Video- Blue Lobster Landed In Gloucester By Lobster Boat The Connemara Bay

Move Over Marlin Perkins There’s A New King Of Wild Animal Programming!!!

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We Were Nominated for CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger In The Everything Else Category!

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Day 2 The Bean and Her Sleeping Bee

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Lazy Daizy Rehab Progress Report 5/15/08

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Huge Undertaking

City Hall Tower Blue Tarps

City Hall Tower

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Experimental Plastic Hauling Plates

Traditional Metal Hauling Plates

Poor Peter Cottontail

4:50AM 3/26/08 While most of the City Sleeps

City Hall Falling Apart

Tribute to Rosa Rugosa

Blog Post about a Blog Post That References this Blog

Marine Industrial Success

Maritime Heritage Center Facing The Harbor

Maritime Heritage Center Construction Update 3/17/08

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Trevor Corson digs the blog.

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Day 2

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Seagull Poop


Blue Lobster


Heidi Dallin shares the following –

On Wednesday, June 13th, Lindsay Crouse and Jennie Israel, stars of the Gloucester Stage Company’s current production “Dancing with Lughnasa” were guests of the Margery Eagan and Jared Bowen BPR show, recorded at the WGBH Boston Public Library studio. “We had a great time on BPR on Wednesday! The interview is in the 1pm-2pm hour of the show. Lindsay’s husband Rick took some terrific behind the scenes photos. The link to the broadcast is below.”




Here is the link to the show:

FYS Tridents did it! On to the MA Tournament of Champions!

Gloucester Fishermen Youth Soccer team, the Tridents,  won the championship in the Essex County Youth Soccer Association’s Championship Tournament in MTOC 1. They are the top boys’ division for grades 5 and 6. “Next up for the Tridents: representing Essex County in the statewide Tournament of Champions this Saturday.”

They are the champions! june 17 2018


Despite the extremely inflammatory posts you may have been reading elsewhere, the Piping Plover volunteer monitors and local wildlife experts are not in any way, shape, or form promoting the permanent ban of dogs from Good Harbor Beach.

Currently, dogs are not allowed on the beach from May 1st to September 30th. The PiPl volunteer monitor core group, Dave Rimmer from Greenbelt, Ken Whittaker, who is Gloucester’s conservation agent, and Mass Wildlife’s John Regosin all agree that dogs should not be allowed on Good Harbor Beach beginning April 1st, but that it would be safe for Piping Plover fledglings and other migrating shorebirds for dogs to return after September 15th.

This new suggested time frame will allow birds to nest with far less interruption, shorebirds will nest earlier in the season (which will help with the chicks survival rate), and the chicks will be stronger by the time Good Harbor fills with summer crowds. This is a very logical and simple solution. Disallowing dogs on Massachusetts coastal beaches where shorebirds are nesting, beginning April 1st, is quite common. Allowing them to return after September 15, and in many cases after September 30th, is also very common. For Piping Plovers and other nesting shorebirds, protecting their habitat and sharing the shore is a matter of life and death.

To be very, very clear, we Piping Plover volunteers do not wish to permanently and forever ban dogs off Good Harbor Beach, or any Gloucester beaches.

Please email or call Mayor Sefatia’s office and your City Councilors and let them know your thoughts about Piping Plovers, dogs, and all the wildlife that finds a home at Good Harbor Beach. We hope you agree that making this simple change in the ordinance from April 1st to September 15th is the best solution for all our wild and domestic creatures. This modification to the dog ordinance will also show the federal agents that the Gloucester community recognizes our responsibility and takes very seriously our commitment to protecting endangered and threatened species.

Thank you.

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken:, 978-281-9700

Councillors At Large

Paul Lundberg, President:, 978-282-8871

Melissa Cox:, 978-631-9015

Jamie O’Hara:, 978-979-7533

Jen Holmgren:, 978-335-4748

Ward 1 Councilor Scott Memhard:, 978-283-1955

Ward II Councillor Ken Hecht:, 617,755-9400

Ward III Councillor and Vice-president Steven LeBlanc:, 978-283-3360

Ward IV Valerie Gilman:, 978-621-4682

Ward V Councillor Sean Nolan:, 978-375-8381

If you would like to be a Piping Plover volunteer monitor, please contact Ken Whittaker at

  *   *   *

Our Nine-day-old Piping Plover Little Pip and Mama

Good Harbor Beach storm damage erosion unearths massive glacial outcropping

The 2018 winter storms exposed an expansive and blindingly obvious glacial outcropping by the footbridge side of Good Harbor Beach near the piping plover enclosure. In 2017 the feature was something more than a rock and I don’t mean scale. After two severe thunderstorms on July 8, 2017, one chick remained and the family acted strange. One of the parent plovers perched atop that rock for my entire shift, seemingly in mourning. The rock was a sheltering spot and helpful monitor landmark which it still is this year. This summer the rock revealed itself like a tip of an iceberg, and made Good Harbor Beach resemble a bit of Wingaersheek.

Here are a few Before (2017) and After (2018) comparisons. The photographs illustrate how much dry sand disappeared and how the beach was basically scrubbed of any scrub.


he’s 6′ to give you idea of scale

He's 6 one _20180616_070253 (2).jpg

Wingaersheek Beach January 2018

Wingaersheek Beach Gloucester MA ©c ryan 20180121_072059.jpg

reposting as I had some trouble uploading photos (prior)

Caregivers Needed – Partner with Mavencare

Cape Ann Wellness


Join a company that cares about you as much as their clients. We have immediate cases available where you can make a difference.

Mavencare Caregivers are the best in their field and view their career as more than just a job. Join our staff of healthcare professionals supporting seniors who wish to age in the comfort of home. You and our clients are supported by clinical managers, care coordinators and social workers as needed.

Click here to apply today:

View original post

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Cape ann weekly Support Group


Good Morning Joey,

One out of seven children are being raised by grandparents and extended family.

The top two reasons are because parents are struggling with drug addiction and/ or

domestic violence.  As you can imagine for most grandparents this is extremely challenging,

emotionally, physically and financially.  With the support of several local organizations,

Cape Ann YMCA, Pathways, Senior Care, Open Door, and many more we were able to initiate

a support group on Monday nights , 6pm-7:15pm for grandparents . It is drop-in,  free, confidential

and  the YMCA provides free childcare.

I have attached our flyer in hopes that you will post on “Good Morning Gloucester” and your regular calendar

and of course anywhere else you think is appropriate.  Thank you so much for your continuing support

for our community.

Best regards,

Daphne Congelosi

Good Harbor Beach storm damage erosion unearths a massive glacial outcropping

The 2018 winter storms exposed an expansive and blindingly obvious glacial outcropping by the footbridge side of Good Harbor Beach near the piping plover enclosure. In 2017 the feature was something more than a rock and I don’t mean scale. After two severe thunderstorms on July 8, 2017, one chick remained and the family acted strange. One of the parent plovers perched atop that rock for my entire shift, seemingly in mourning. The rock was a sheltering spot and helpful monitor landmark which it still is this year. This summer the rock revealed itself like a tip of an iceberg, and made Good Harbor Beach resemble a bit of Wingaersheek.

Here are a few Before (2017) and After (2018) comparisons. The photographs illustrate how much dry sand disappeared and how the beach was basically scrubbed of any scrub.


Special rock piping plover enclosure Good Harbor Beach Good Morning Gloucester_20170709_065929 ©c ryanSpecial rock piping plover enclosure Good Harbor Beach Gloucester Mass_©c ryan_20180617_063939

Good Harbor Beach piping plover enclosure ©c ryan_20170630_074839Good Harbor Beach sand erosion_piping plover enclosure_ Gloucester MA_ 20180616_071107 © c ryan

Good Harbor Beach looking across piping plover enclosure dune ©c ryan_20170627_063852 Good Harbor Beach looking across piping plover enclosure dune and beach erosion_20180613_053827 ©c ryan

Glacial rock unearthed after winter storms Good Harbor Beach Gloucester MA looks like Wingaersheek beach_20180617_064006 © c ryan

lonely little scrub

lonely little scrub_20180618_060541© c ryan.jpg

Gloucester Smiles – with Children


Taken on her 5th birthday, headed to Toodeloos to cash in a gift certificate.


This great smile reminded me that I had taken her photo when she was carrying this young smile.


Father’s also push baby carriages

Deck Drinks

One of my favorite things about summer is the opportunity  to sit on one of the water front decks that we are lucky to have around town, look at the view, and have a drink after an awesome day at the beach or on the water.   Saturday’s deck of choice was the Mile Marker  for some shark bites , bang bang shrimp, and a Corona.


#ChooseGloucester video series: Meet Gloucester High student Lizzie Luster

First in a series of video profiles about why students and their families choose the Gloucester public schools. Read the introductory post about the #ChooseGloucester series here.  

Lizzie Luster was diagnosed with a learning disability in elementary school. Her mom, Ann Marie, says school is not easy for her. But through her own hard work and help from teachers at Gloucester High School, Lizzie is now taking honors and Advanced Placement courses in preparation for college.

“Her teachers pushed her to be better, to go beyond what she thought was possible,” says her mom. “They’ve allowed her to see the type of student she can be.”

Watch Lizzie’s story:


Light Up Main Street Kickoff Party

Councilman Ken Hecht visited the GMG podcast this morning to discuss the Light Up Main Street project, which will deck 76 trees from the Blackburn building to Flanagan Square with 4.3 miles of 23000 LED lights. I can see the sparkle in my mind’s eye already.  It will add a distinct dimension to Main Street and encourage people to linger, stroll, visit, and be neighbors.

To complete the project by the July 14 (Block Party) target date, the project is going to need a great deal of assistance especially from volunteer electricians, bucket truck owners and people willing to “adopt a tree” and hang the lights. To that end, a kickoff party is scheduled for this Wednesday June 20 at 5:30 at 189 Main Street (formerly Wisdom’s Heart). Ken encourages potential volunteers to look for the Dead in the Water banner on the Rogers Street side and use that entrance. If you are among the first ones there, you’ll get a snazzy volunteer T shirt as shown here. The shirts were donated by Sweats of New England and they are awesome! Don’t you want one?

I’m going to head down to Main Street to pick out my tree………see you Wednesday June 20 at 5:30! Spread the word.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Ken Hecht, people smiling, people standing and beard