We are so very sorry to share that the third chick was killed this morning. The seven-day-old chick was taken and eaten by a very large crow that swooped in unexpectedly, as witnessed by the volunteer monitors.

One week ago today all four Good Harbor Beach Piping Plovers hatched in the parking lot. We celebrated, but also knew that the really hard part was yet to come. Monitoring tiny marshmallow sized fluff balls, made the color of their surroundings, is like looking for sand upon sand. To do this several hours at a time is no small feat, made even more challenging on Gloucester’s busiest of beaches.

I would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to all our super dedicated PiPl monitors. Know that they are doing the very best they can to fend off predators of every kind, ill mannered people, astronomically high tides, diminished beach, people who have been drinking in the hot sun all day, garbage left behind on the beach (which attracts crows and gulls), and every other creepy thing you can think of. The core group is putting in many hours, are sunburnt, and neglecting their families.

A terrible mishap of death or injury to a chick could happen on anyone of our shifts. When you see a PiPl monitor at GHB, stop and feel free to ask questions about the plovers, and please thank them for their dedication. I honestly hope I don’t see one more facebook post/comment blaming the monitors about how we are not doing enough to keep the chicks safe and not reporting enough about the scofflaws. It is just plain cruel. Thank you. 

Our one remaining chick, the one volunteer monitor Heather Hall calls Pip, is the smallest of the hatchlings and the one we think hatched last. This afternoon Mom was keeping watchful eye while Pip was foraging between the foot of the dunes and line of folks at the rope’s edge.

Climbing Mount Washington

Mama Plover and Pip

Early this morning when we still had both chicks.


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Late afternoon sail aboard the pinky Schooner Ardelle.

Good Harbor Beach

Took a late in the afternoon walk to Good Harbor Beach.  Everyone I met or talked to was so respectful of our little plovers.  Since all the negative things about what goes on with dogs at GHB, we have to remember that most of the time things are good.  Most important thank you volunteers for helping keep these cuties safe.

John Nasser Represents! in Queenstown, New Zealand

Representing in Queenstown, New Zealand with “The Remarkable’s” Mountain Range in the background and Queenstown below.

Along with visiting our daughter at college during our recent trip to Australia, my wife and I spent a few days in Queenstown, New Zealand.

It’s the beginning of their winter season in New Zealand, and the views from the Stratosfare restaurant (which is only accessible via the Gondola) were quite remarkable! I Guess that’s where they got the name for this Mountain region…because they really are….Remarkable!

We also took a helicopter tour and landed on top of them!

Amazing to say the least!

1606 Lunch

Sistas in Glosta-town!!!  We decided to treat ourselves to lunch at the Beauport. Loved the experience. The hotel is so nicely done and definitely a pampering experience. Eric was our server and he did an outstanding job.  I enjoyed my cider margarita, even if they did think they needed to hunt down their cider stock!!  The fish and chips were a treat for my upstate New York siblings. As a treat, it was a great choice.  Thank you, Eric!

RMS production of Annie Jr Gets 7 MET Nominations

The Rockport Middle School production of Annie, Jr. received 7 nominations for Massachusetts Educational Theater Awards. Over 70 middle and high schools statewide participate in this program sponsored by the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild and Broadway in Boston, in which 3 adjudicators evaluate each school’s musical, and in each category, they select  just 5 nominees from among all productions in the entire state   

This is the most nominations the RMS program has ever received in the six years it has participated in this program. The nominees are:

Best Lead Actor – Sebastian Lovasco

Best Lead Actress – Amanda Padre

Best Supporting Actor – Colin Kelley

Best Specialty Ensemble – The Orphans – Julia and Sophia Sekercan, Madison Mosley, Nora Rockwell, Anita Magee, Pilar Davis, Piper Englin

Best Sound Design and Execution – Abby Marshall and Ella Lorenz

Best Hair and Make-up Design and Execution – Eve Dizio and Sophie Renda

Best Overall Acting Ensemble – the entire cast

The winners will be announced and awards will be given out in the ceremony at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on June 23.

For a complete list of nominees and for more information on the METG and the MET Awards, go to https://metg.org/met-musical-awards-events/musical-awards-2018.html