Moulton, Markey, Warren Announce $6 Million Federal Grant for Gloucester Harbor and the Annisquam

Today, Congressman Seth Moulton, and United States Senators Ed Markey, and Elizabeth Warren, announced that the Army Corps’ 2018 Work Plan includes a $6 million federal grant for the Gloucester Harbor/Annisquam River dredging project. Moulton, Markey, and Warren have been advocating for this funding for over three years.  

“Dredging the Annisquam River is a public safety priority,” said Moulton. “By making the channel more navigable, we will ensure that boaters can safely travel up and down the river. Dredging the river will also have a positive impact on commercial and recreational activities critical to Gloucester’s economic development efforts. I am grateful to our local and state leaders, who helped move this forward, and pleased to see that the Army Corps has listened to us and funded this project.””

“If we do not maintain Massachusetts’s rivers, channels, and harbors, we hitch an anchor to our economy,” said Markey. “I am proud that this federal funding will help improve the commerce, recreation, and safety of Gloucester, the harbor, and the Annisquam River. I thank Representative Moulton and Senator Warren for their partnership on this crucial project.”

“This new federal funding is wonderful news for Gloucester, the North Shore, and the Commonwealth,” said Senator Warren. “This dredging project will not only make the Annisquam River safer and more navigable, but will also help support the local economy.  I was glad to partner with Senator Markey and Congressman Moulton secure this critical funding and I applaud the Army Corps for including it in their Work Plan.”

“Dredging the Annisquam River is critical for our economy, public safety, our quality of life, and the preservation of this incomparable natural resource,” said State Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr Steadily increasing accretion continues to reduce the navigability of the channel, and that demands remediation as soon as possible. Getting it done requires collaboration, focus, and persistence. Our partnerships at the state, federal and local levels has driven our progress to finally get approval for this project.”

“I would like to start out by saying thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen. It has been a combined effort from so many federal, state and local partners, departments and elected officials,” said TJ Ciarametaro Jr., Gloucester Harbormaster. “This truly is very exciting news, for not only the City of Gloucester but for the tens of thousands of boaters and professional mariners that navigate the Annisquam river every year. Over the last couple of years, the Annisquam River has become almost impassable during certain tides making it especially challenging for first responders to safely navigate in rescue situations, so from a safety point this is huge for us. We as a whole are looking forward to the dredging commencement and look forward to working with all the partners involved to ensure successful completion of this long awaited project”.


Gloucester’s Animal Control Officers Teagan and Jamie were on the scene at the crack of dawn at 4:30 this morning fixing the posts around the PiPl nesting area and writing tickets. Last night Jamie was on the beach as well. Thank you Jamie, Teagan, and Chief McCarthy for the stepped up patrolling.

The posts needed to be pulled out of the sand because last night we had yet another super high tide, all the way up to the bluff for most of the length of the beach.

I read a comment yesterday that stated falsely that the animal control officers make $80,000.00 a year and sit around and drink coffee all day. I have it on good authority that their combined incomes do not total $80,000.00 a year. Stating misinformation and disparaging the hard working people in our community is creating a false narrative and is hurtful to everyone involved, to the people, the dog owners, and to the shorebirds.

Teagan and Jamie writing tickets at dawn this morning.

We don’t have as much an enforcement problem as we do an issue with entitlement and ignorance. Ignorance in the sense that scofflaws may be from out of town and may be unable to read, and entitlement in that some people know the rules and know the dangers that dogs pose to the shorebirds, yet choose to do as they please.

Upon entering Good Harbor Beach this morning, the scofflaws with their dog walked by these three signs.

Walking a dog on a beach is a purely recreational activity. For teeny tiny nesting shorebird chicks, protecting that same beach habitat is a matter of life and death.

If you see a dog at anytime or anywhere on Good Harbor Beach, please call this number: 978-281-9900.

As of late, it appears as though many more people now have the need of a service dog. Having a service dog requires that it be on leash at all times, not jumping on people, and not running through the dunes. Service dogs cannot go in the dunes, or anywhere on the beach that is restricted to humans.

Would the people with service dogs consider taking their dog to any other of Cape Ann’s stunning beaches, rather than to Good Harbor Beach during shorebird nesting season I wonder? 

 Folks getting ticketed and escorted off the beach.

Truly, the most important action people can take is to volunteer to help watch over the chicks. We have a number of folks posing as helpers but sadly, they are not actually volunteering for shifts. Two monitors on each shift would be ideal, but this year we have fewer volunteers, and don’t even have single person coverage during large chunks of time. Keeping watch over the baby birds will make a difference in whether or not the chicks survive. Anyone can be a volunteer and anyone of us can show you what to do. Finding people to help has been especially difficult on the weekends. Please contact if you would like to lend a hand. Thank you so very much  

Six-day-old Piping Plover Chick

This morning’s dog tracks at Good Harbor Beach – Dog tracks are easy to spot and to differentiate from other canids (fox and coyote). For example, notice the sharp toenail indentation. Coyotes have rounded toe tip prints because they wear their nails down.

Dog tracks Good Harbor Beach

Look what other tracks were spied this week, deer! These too are easy to spot in the sand. The deer’s cloven hoof makes a broken heart shape.White-tailed Deer Tracks Good Harbor Beach

Today’s early morning Good Harbor Beach view of Thacher Island Twin Lights 


Last night the GHB volleyball players group appeared to be larger than usual yet, despite that, there wasn’t an ounce of trash left on the beach. Typically what happens after a large group gathering on the beach is that the gulls descend en masse, eating and dragging all over the beach the food and garbage that is left behind. It becomes particularly difficult for the PiPl parents to keep the chicks safe from the hovering and deadly dangerous gulls and crows. Keeping the beach clean helps tremendously in keeping the gulls away. Thank you!


Phil Cucuru and Mike Tarantino installing the sign board.

Thank you again to the Gloucester DPW, and again to Phil Cucuru and Mike Tarantino. The repaired footbridge looks beautiful and the signage placement is very noticeable. We are grateful to Phil, Mike, Joe Lucido, Tommy Nolan, Kenny Ryan, Newt, Cindy, and the entire DPW and Good Harbor Beach crew for their outstanding effort in helping our PiPl family, since when they first arrived, way back on April 3rd. Their assistance, interest, and kindness is making a difference. Thank you That’s City Councilman Scott Memhard walking the footbridge to check on the PiPl. So sorry to Scott for not getting a better photo.

The Launch

Over at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum on Friday, these great 8th graders launched 2 more boats.  The faces on these kids speaks volumes of how much fun and educational this experience is.  The teachers who were there, I wish I had them in 8th grade.  Thank you to the Essex Shipbuilding Museum for all your experience and to Teacher Dave Brown and Amy Donnelly for your dedication to these students.  It was also so wonderful to see Harold Burnham watch some future boat builders launch their creations.

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Pilot House Sushi is Back

Pilot House sushi is back.  Not only is Pilot House known for having some of the best sushi on this island but their presentation is amazing!  They serve sushi Tuesday through Sunday starting at 5:30 p.m.  Drop in and give it a try you won’t be disappointed!


Avocado Ball: inside tempura with crab and salmon. One of the tastiest things I’ve ever ate.

Shrimp Tempura roll with a great presentation

Stop by for the keno, stay for the sushi

Gloucester Meetinghouse Summer Concert Series


Cape Ann Museum and Historic New England present Thomas Jefferson Coolidge lecture at Coolidge Point by William R Cross

Coolidge_0038©c ryan.JPG
Ocean lawn, 2006

postcards from my collection- Coolidge Marble Palace, Magnolia, MA and Coolidge Italian Gardens, Magnolia, MA

enjoy press release from Cape Ann Museum below:

SAVE THE DATE: June 23 at 10:00 a.m.

Thomas Jefferson Coolidge: A Man Ahead of His Time

An illustrated talk by local historian William R. Cross

 GLOUCESTER, Mass. (June 13, 2018) – The Cape Ann Museum and Historic New England are pleased to present a special lecture about Thomas Jefferson Coolidge, on Saturday, June 23 at 10:00 a.m. at Coolidge Point: The Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Manchester, MA. This program is $15 for CAM/HNE members or $20 nonmembers. Advance purchase of tickets is required. Space is limited. Visit or for more information, or call 978-283-0455 x10.

Thomas Jefferson Coolidge: A Man Ahead of His Time, presented by William R. Cross, spotlights the 19th century industrialist whose vision and generosity shape Manchester and New England to this day.  Discover the history of Coolidge’s “wild promontory,” which he shaped into one of the most beautiful places in Massachusetts. Following the lecture, enjoy a visit to the grounds of Historic New England’s most recent acquisition; light refreshments provided.

William R. Cross is a member of the Board of the Cape Ann Museum with a deep knowledge of the 19th century history of Manchester and of Cape Ann.  A longtime public and private equity investor, he now serves as a consultant to various museums, and writes and lectures on art and local history.  He also serves on the Board of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, and has served in the past on many other for-profit and not-for-profit boards, including those of Christ Church (Hamilton, MA), Christians in the Visual Arts (Madison, WI), and the Museum of Biblical Art (aka MOBIA, formerly New York, NY). He received his BA from Yale College magna cum laude, and his MBA from Harvard University.  He resides in Manchester with his wife Ellen; they are the proud parents of two grown sons. 

Coolidge Point: The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is located at 9 Coolidge Point, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944. Several special public programs will be held there this summer. It is one of more than three dozen historic sites owned and operated by Historic New England, the oldest and largest regional heritage organization in the nation. Historic New England saves and shares New England’s past to engage and inform present and future generations. Historic New England engages diverse audiences in developing a deeper understanding and enjoyment of New England home life by being the national leader in collecting, preserving, and using significant buildings, landscapes, archives, stories, and objects from the past to today.

Music on Meetinghouse Green’s Sizzling Summer Concert Series

From the Meetinghouse



An integral part of Gloucester summer is almost here. The Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation’s Summer Concert Series, Music on Meetinghouse Green, featuring 9 free concerts, takes place from July 6 to September 7, 2018. The family-friendly concerts, now an iconic part of Gloucester’s summer music scene, have something for every musical taste, including be-bop, Brazilian ‘forro’ dance music, soul, jazz and rhythm and blues.

 All concerts take place at Gloucester Meetinghouse Green, at the corner of Church and Middle Street in Gloucester. Bring folding chairs or blankets. If it rains the concerts will take place inside the Meetinghouse. Each concert will be catered by a local food vendor, providing fresh and tasty dinners or snacks, often reflecting the origins of the music.

 In the spirit of giving to the community each concert is partnered with a Cape Ann non-profit organization. The public is invited to make a free-will donation (bring cash/check.)

 The Friday 6 pm concert schedule, including partner non-profit and food vendor is:

 July 6: Berklee Be-Bop Guitars

            To benefit Pathways for Children

            Food by Causeway

July 13: Stacia Kraft

            To benefit Backyard Growers

            Food by Crepes Dominique

July 20: The Bar Chords

            To benefit Maritime Gloucester

            Food by Willow Rest

July 27: Os Forrozeiros, Brazilian/Forro

            To benefit Wellspring House

            Food TBA

August 3: Deb Hardy and The Altairs

                 To benefit HAWC

                 Food by Classic Cooks

August 10: Hye Fusion, Middle Eastern Band

                   To benefit The Open Door

August 17: What Time Is It, Mr Fox?

                   To benefit Art Haven

                   Food TBA

August 24: Willie Alexander’s Persistence of Memory Orchestra

                 To benefit The Grace Center

                   Food by Common Crow

September 7: Alvin Foster, Soul/Motown

                        To benefit Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation

                        Food by Classic Cooks


The non-profit Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation was founded to help preserve and increase public use of the 212-year old Meetinghouse of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church. The structure is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Parking is available on Meetinghouse Green, in lots nearby in the Central Gloucester Historic District and at St. Peter’s Square.

Music on Meetinghouse Green’s sponsors include Linzee and Beth Coolidge; J.J. and Jackie Bell; Michael and Mary Bresnan; JoeAnn Hart and Gordon Baird; Harry and Mary Hintlian; Charles Nazarian; Dick and Doris Prouty; Sandra Ronan; Tom and Kristin Zarrella and Cape Ann Savings Bank.


YMCA has two great Road Races coming up:  The Father’s Day 5K & 10K is this Sunday June 17, and the St. Peter’s Fiesta 5K is on Thursday June 28

Rick Doucette submits-

Good morning Joey –
Our YMCA has two great Road Races coming up: The Father’s Day 5K & 10K is this Sunday June 17, and the St. Peter’s Fiesta 5K is on Thursday June 28. Both races are a great time year in and year out! Fun for the whole family, and proceeds support the mission-work of the Cape Ann YMCA. Hoping you’ll be able to post the following link to GMG.

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