To Inn Owners or Prospective Inn/Hotel/Motel Investors: Joey’s Business Idea Proposal Number 20769- The Queen Anne Furniture Has Got To Go.

You know how you go to an Inn and they have all that lacy doily shit and Queen Anne Furniture?  No one wants to stay in those must old joints any more.  People today want swanky more modern fresh digs when they vacation.

See this?


If that’s the furniture you’re rocking in your Inn, it’s gotta go.  No one under the age of 76 wants to stay at a place that has the old Queen Anne furniture.

If you’re at a spot in your life where you don’t have the vision or funds to make renovations, I understand.   This is where enterprising young business-minded folk have opportunities.

So any place that has the old lacy doily Queen Anne vibe going on is inevitably getting far less in room rates than a place that could be decked out with a fresh coat of paint and updated furniture.

See this?


Just no.

I literally get skeeved out just looking at this place and I guarantee the upcoming generations aren’t even considering staying at a place like this.

Get all that furniture and have a dumpster fire.

You could redecorate your Inn at HomeGoods and Marshalls.  Those Fabric Covered headboards are short money, some neutral colors, some simple furniture and update the photos on your website once you’re done renovating and you go from getting $100/night to $150-$179/night easy.  It can’t be that hard to process, right?



Nothing crazy.  Not some crazy expense.  Just not Queen Anne furniture with drapes that look like someone vomited on them.

Am I nuts here?


We’re so very sorry to write that two chicks were killed today. Catherine Ryan witnessed a terrible scene with a large dog tearing around in the nesting area at dawn, and a volunteer monitor observed one taken by a gull.All that’s left of our little GHB Pipl Family – Mama (left), Papa (right) and our two remaining chicks. 

Please volunteer to be a PiPl monitor. You will truly be making a difference in whether or not our PiPl chicks survive. And you’ll meet the nicest bunch of people. Anyone of us can show you what to do. The shifts can be as long as you like, but an hour is all we are asking. The weather forecast looks gorgeous this weekend, and it is Father’s Day on Sunday, so we are hoping to have two on at each shift. Contact

Please share this post and help spread the word that we need volunteers. Thank you ❤

Bex- Thanks!

I had a small job at the house I just wasn’t confident about doing myself.  Called Bex.

She came.  She got it done. She left.

I’m happy.  Kate’s happy.

Thanks Bex.


From her website-

Cape Ann Handywoman |
Call me. Contact me. Free Quotes

Rebecca Borden

East Gloucester, MA 01930

cape ann handy woman AT gmail

Cell: 202-329-9549

​I am available after 5pm weekdays and on weekends.
I am interested in the 2-4 hr odd job or small job.

I am not interested in the 2-4 day job.


You could say I’ve been preparing to be a Handywoman for over 20-years. I was raised by a single mother who instilled in me the strong ethic of being an independent woman. When I bought my first fixer-upper in Kittery ME (1996), I had my brother, who worked for a general contractor, show me how to cut and hang sheetrock and tape it with mud (aka Joint Compound). And I was hooked. I borrowed a circa-1980 Makita miter saw and I was off!

Since then, I’ve bought three fixer-uppers, and sold two of them.

You may recognize me because I worked Smith Ace (Rockport) and Hometown Ace (Gloucester) the last few years.
Now I am working on branching out on my own.

​If you follow GoodMorningGloucester (GMG), I was the FOB who secretly built and hand-painted this GMG sign. And Cape Ann Handywoman was featured in the first 10min of this GMG GloucesterCast (10/30/16).

Long Beach cottage-side lane is widened for seawall repairs

Photos show the next stage in the seawall repair on the walkway (what the white spray paint meant). The promenade is two lanes: the ocean lane is a bit higher for now.  Hooray!~more staircases are passable.

cottage walkway widened Long Beach seawall Gloucester MA Rockport MA_20180613_173625 ©c ryan.jpg

Long Beach Gloucester Ma Rockport MA seawall repair_20180613_173241 ©c ryan


I Am More Opening Exhibit

I Am More Opening Exhibit

 I Am More is a project that began in Gloucester to help people remember that they are more than their mental suffering. The opening exhibit will be held this weekend at the Paint Factory, hosted by Ocean Alliance, featuring 16 portraits in pastel and colored pencil by Amy Kerr, accompanied by essays written by the portrait subjects about all the ways they are more than their struggles. The exhibit will also feature work by artists Loren Doucette, Susan B. Field, Brenda Malloy, Rebecca Siswick Graham, Donna Ardizzoni, Katherine Richmond, Ramani Rangan, Joan Keefe, Anita Pandolfe Ruchman, Sophie Trumbour, and Gloucester High School students Gianna Cabral and Kyla Snell. The event will feature the original music of portrait subject and composer, Chris Cho. On Friday evening at sunset there will be live acoustic music on the Paint Factory patio provided by Kitt Cox and Susan Wood. Come join us Friday from 7-10 pm for the opening reception, and Saturday and Sunday from 9-5 pm, and see all of the new work that has been done on the inside of the Paint Factory under the leadership of Geoffrey H. Richon Co., Inc.


Toni Ann Enes Joins Fly Amero Tonight @ The Rhumb Line 7-10 pm 6.13.2018

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, June 13th – 7pm
My Musical Guest: TONI ANN!

Gloucester’s favorite girl, Toni Ann Enes joins us this week
with her very eclectic repertoire – including choice originals.
We all know her so well, and we all love her so dearly. ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……features Morgan! Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
6/20 – Allen Estes Hosts6/27 – Inge Berge

7/4 – Closed for Holiday

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

JUNE 17 The Goddesses at Mile Marker One – Father’s Day from 5-8pm


The Goddesses will be out on the deck at Mile Marker One on Father’s Day from 5pm-8pm for three sets of the old-timey rock and roll you’ve come to expect. It’ll be June, it’ll be early, it’ll be shaking, also rattling, and certainly rolling. Join us!


 75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930


A Sunset cruise around the harbor on the Thomas E. Lannon!

A group from Discover Gloucester and the Stage Fort Visitors Center were treated to a cruise around the harbor last night, thanks to Captain Heath Ellis and crew. First time out on the water this year, great wind to ride on and a beautiful fun time. Become a Lannon VIP and get up to date on all they have to offer all summer long!

St Peter’s Fiesta Outdoor Family Art Fun With Alice Gardner and Laura Ventimiglia June 16th

Laura M. Ventimiglia , author of “ Nonna, What is St. Peter’s Fiesta?” and Alice Gardner, author and illustrator of “ St. Peter’s Fiesta ,Gloucester , MA “ will present a program for children on Saturday , June 16th from 10:30 -11:30 at the Sawyer Free Library, Children’s Room.  Sara Favazza, daughter of the founder of the Fiesta ,will teach the traditional Fiesta chants . The children  will be encouraged to talk about how they prepare for the Fiesta and what they like best . They will then have a chance to draw a picture of their favorite part of the Fiesta .

Yearbook Memories

Congratulations to the Gloucester Class of 2018! It’s probably hard to imagine that your 2018 yearbook will be meaningful in 50-60 years but I can attest that it’s possible.

Fairly often, I get to visit the archives at the Cape Ann Museum.  Recently, I was looking for records pertaining to widows and orphans of lost fisherman, but what I found was my Dad’s high school yearbook: Flicker 1944-45.  This yearbook has been available on eBay for some time but I was not willing to pay $65 for something I was pretty sure we threw out when we emptied our parents attic a number of years ago.

Our father was a cheerleader in college as well as in high school.  He’s the guy in the white pants here (you probably figured that out).  Look at the crowd behind them!

This is the Boys Glee Club.  I think these are ROTC uniforms. (Reserved Officers Training Corps).  In the mid 1940s, it would have been very common as World War II raged overseas.

I saw this senior picture and couldn’t help but think there was a time when such a character would find himself stuffed in a locker every single day.  If you read his summary, you’ll see our Dad Paul Ryan’s ambition is “to go around the world in the Merchant Marine with Umbriago at the wheel.”  Umbriago was apparently an imaginary sidekick to Jimmy Durante.  I don’t quite get it either, but I’ll bet it’s clever.

A few days after I got these, GMG Jimmy found another copy of the yearbook in the Dogtown bookstore.  Someone had very handily labeled all the seniors in the book and this verified that “Paddy” appeared several other times in the yearbook as well but I think these pictures are a fair reflection of Gloucester high school in the 1940s.  It’s an interesting study in social history to review old yearbooks.  I hope this year’s graduates find yearbook gems sometime around 2078!!!!