I am so very sorry to write that Little Pip and Mama went missing overnight.

When super PiPl volunteer monitor Heather Hall left last night at 9:30 the beach was quiet and peaceful. The Plover Family had a good evening, despite the fact that a Burmese Mountain dog was off leash on the beach and the owners weren’t too happy about being asked to leave.

When I arrived at 4:50am, the beach was eerily quiet. Except for the gulls and crows, there were only the singular calls from Papa Plover. Back and forth he went, from feeding in the tide pools to running into the nesting area and piping for Mama and Pip.

A most heartfelt thank you to all our wonderful PiPl monitors, who are just the kindest people you will ever want to meet. Sunburns, neglected families, missing appointments, late for work–thank you for guarding our little PiPl family from sunrise to sunset. These dedicated volunteers fully understand what it means for a species to be threatened and on the brink of extinction. We all fell in love with our PiPls, it’s hard not to. If you see a volunteer, please stop and thank them for their good work. Please know too, that without their tireless dedication, we would not have known for sure how the other three chicks perished.

By understanding that the chick’s deaths are human-caused, whether it be garbage-attracting gulls and crows or dogs on the beach, we will be much, much better equipped next year to better help nesting shorebirds. It is my understanding that there was a bonfire and party at the rock last night, which I can imagine how terrified that must have made our PiPl family. We can only learn from these past incidents and are determined to make positive steps for the future. For example, imagine if Mama and Papa had been allowed to nest when and where originally intended. The chick would have been a full week older, with just that much more critical development to better adapt to situations such as warm weather night time beach partygoers.

Thank you and a huge shout out to Joe Lucido, Phil, Mike, Tommy, Kenny, Newt, Cindy, and the entire DPW crew. We know you were rooting for the PiPl family and your kind assistance made a difference at every turn.

Thank you to Gloucester’s conservation agent Ken Whittaker and to Essex Greenbelt’s Dave Rimmer. These two have been working together and behind the scenes since the PiPl first arrived on April 3rd, consulting with wildlife agencies, installing roping, installing the wire exclosure, coordinating the crazy monitor scheduling, and much more.

Big Hug and thank you to all our PiPl monitors and friends of the Piping Plovers who I know are just heartbroken tonight.



Thank you to this crew of beautiful and talented women who have worked so hard to host the nine days of prayers to Saint Peter. Their grace and welcoming ways make the novena a wonderful event for all to attend. The Ladies give the appearance that hosting is easy, but then again, we all know that it is not

Left to right: Nancy Millefoglie, Joanne Aiello, Faye Quinlan, Grace Cusumano, Jean Linquata, Caryn Ryder, Anne Sanfillippo, and Nina Groppo


This is Lucy’s friend, Spot (really).

Image (2)

See Spot rest. “Rest Spot! Rest.”


Image (3).jpg

See Spot’s left ear. “Spot! Are you one dog or two?”


Image (6).jpg

Spot was born with an image of himself on his left ear!! That’s plain weird, Spot, weird.

© Marty Luster 2018

Alicia Unleashed- Fiesta Cast


The FIESTA CAST with Samo and Sam Frontiero (Barrett)

Epicsode 82: BUONA FIESTA FRIENDS! It’s that time of year again! It’s our 3rd annual Fiesta Cast!

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We sat down with LEGENDARY SAMO! The oldest Greasy Pole Champion and the ripe age of 42!

We could have sat and talked with him all night! He told us stories of walking the greasy pole at the age of 10, his first walk at the age of 15. Gave us some history lessons on the Greasy Pole, and some behind-the-photo stories! See if you can catch all the names dropped in this episode!

Whether you’re hearing these stories for the first time, I would like to take a trip back through Memory Lane! We promise this is been the best Fiesta Cast yet!

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2018 Annual Rockport Garden Tour

2018 Annual Rockport Garden Tour

Artists in the Gardens!

Rockport in Bloom will now again be captured on canvas! Similar to our 2017 garden tour, our 2018 tour will see the addition of artists in the gardens!

You will see the garden through the artist’s eyes. Watch as they transform a garden into a lasting image showing what the homeowner and “Mother Nature” have created.

If you are an artist and would like to participate next year, please contact:
Dan Delouise at 978-282-1540 or delouisestudios@gmail.com

All are welcome to FREE exhibit and reception will be held:
from 4:30 – 8:00pm on Saturday, June 30,
Location: at the Rockport Community House 58 Broadway
immediately following the last day of the garden tour.

The Rockport Garden Club invite you to a self-guided tour of 9 private gardens clustered in 3 Rockport neighborhoods. Each garden celebrates the diverse geography of Rockport, from sweeping ocean vistas, to enchanting gardens with water features, to unique granite sculptures and  arches evoking the legacy of the granite industry
in Rockport. additional information, tickets for the tour or questions, please email: rockportgardentour@gmail.com

Artists in the Gardens Rockport in Bloom 2018:

  •  Dan DeLouise (DeLouise Studio & Gallery, 53 Main St, Rockport)
  • Holly Anderson Pope
  • Rosemary Sullivan
  • Gary Yonker
  • Janice E. Castellano
  • Sharon M Bahosh
  • Kathleen Miller (Art Nook Gallery, 58 Bearskin Neck, Rockport)
  • Cynthia J Dunaway
  • Kathy Roberts
  • Lynn E Wrona
  • Heidi A Caswell Zander (Tidal Edge Gallery, 3 School St, Rockport)
  • Robert S Diebboll
  • Judith C Abbe (Gallery @ 548 Washington St, Gloucester)
  • Melody A Phaneuf (Gallery @ 3 Centennial Ave, Gloucester)
  • Susan Drennan
  • Eileen T. Mueller


One Hour at a Time Gang Clean up

Good day kids:

Happy nice weather. 

 When:                  Saturday, June 30, 2018

Where:                 St. Peters Square

Time:                    08:00 – 09:00

 We can go up Main and Rogers as well.

 Thank you all

 Buona Fiesta


Inge Berge Tonight with Fly Amero 7-10pm @ The Rhumb Line 6.27.2018


Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, June 27th – 7pm
My Musical Guest: INGE BERGE!

photo by Sheila Roberts Orlando


Inge Berge is a rare breed of artist. I knew it instantly when
first we met. His lyrics are honest and fearless. His rhythm
hand on the guitar is hypnotic. Pure quality. However it was
that he chose this place on the planet to settle, well, I’m just
glad it happened. Starts at 7. ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……features Morgan Forsythe! Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
7/4 – Closed for Holiday

7/11 – Charlee Bianchini

7/18 – Bill Gleason (w/Ken Steiner on upright)

Visit: http://www.therhumbline.com/
Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂


DRIFT CAFE on Main St. in Downtown Gloucester had put in AMAZING open-view windows that span the entire wall. It’s officially the best seat in town to see all that is Fiesta! They will have the LIVE FEED for the Seine Boat Races and the Greasy Pole!!


Please help support the PRIDE OF GLOUCESTER documentary we are doing. Go to

http://prideofgloucester.com/ for info and chance to be a part of our film!


1973 Greasy Pole Walker Fiesta photo challenge

“4th of July greased pole walk over water Glouceter, MA 1973” by Spencer Grant

Can anyone identify the Greasy pole walker, boat leaper, and little boy in the cool inflatable (50 something years old now)? Are you in this photograph on the platform or watching from the water?

4th of july greased pole walk over water glouceter ma by 1973 by Spencer Grant
1973 ©Spencer Grant

click on thumbnails to enlarge



A beautiful sunset at the Lobster Pool!


Photos of food not enough? Check out our video of stunning Rockport and the sunsets we get every night at the lobster pool! With the hot weather and holiday approaching there is no better place in the world to enjoy outdoor dining and amazing sunsets! Video credit to Jameson Malgeri, who took the time to shoot and edit this together!

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Reiki Training: Beginning Teaching/First Degree Shoden

Cape Ann Wellness

First Degree/Shoden (Beginning Teaching)2 Day Training **Plus Additional requirements for ‘Certificate of Completion.’

When: Saturdays, July 14th and July 21

Where: Peabody MA.

No pre-requisite necessary. Come with an open-mind and an open-heart!

The focus of this training is ‘Self-Reiki for Self-Care’ – Self-reikioffers a quick and easy way to relax, improve comfort and increase calm. Self-reiki also can help those wanting to make positive lifestyle changes and or enhance their meditation practice.

Contact Us for Details and to Register – 978-283-4258 or Email: info@dreamtimewellness.com

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