Portrait of Danny | The GHS Fishermen Athletics Department is fantastic! Boys varsity soccer 4PM tonight ⚽

Shout out and thanks to Danny who is such a positive boost for the sports teams whether on the New Balance Field at Newell Stadium or inside the GHS fieldhouse!

He’s always hustling. One of the new protocol tasks for the 2020 Covid-19 season is sanitizing the soccer balls.

Players mention how the New Balance Newell Stadium is the best field in the league.

The next game is today, Wednesday November 18, 2020: Boys varsity soccer 4PM vs Swampscott ⚽ and JV 6pm. The final game for boys soccer 2020 is on Friday.

GHS Fishermen Athletics Video Archive

Did you miss a game? Bryan Lafata, Dir. GHS Fishermen Athletics, writes that prior games are being added to the GHS Fishermen Athletics website “Video Archive”: https://gloucesterhighschoolma.rschoolteams.com/page/5417

BRACKET | MIAA Boys Soccer North Division 3 tournament 2019 ⚽⚽ game 1 Tuesday vs. Lynnfield at New Balance Newell Stadium!

New Balance field at Newell stadium _20191103_©c ryan.jpg

Find the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Assoc (MIAA) boys soccer

tournament bracket here

The links on the bracket from that site will have the addresses for the venues, etc.

GHS Fishermen Athletics reminder: Boys Soccer hosts Lynnfield Tues 11/5 6pm at Newell in 1st Round of MIAA Tournament.

BRACKET 2019 MIAA Boys Soccer North Div 3.jpg


GHS boys soccer next home game at New Balance Field at Newell Stadium is…

GHS varsity boys soccer_20191002_©c ryan.jpg
GHS Boys Varsity Soccer 10.2.19 vs. Lynn


OCTOBER 7, 6:30PM HOME vs. Salem

The team is half way through its 2019 season. Pump up the volume! For Joey and other spectators: mark your calendars with 4 more chances to see season home games.

Gloucester Daily Times sports writer, Nick Curcuru, describes the boys varsity soccer team as one not to miss: “Gloucester is not only good, it is one of the most exciting teams in the conference as it can light up the scoreboard and put up goals in bunches against any defense.” excerpt from The Contenders article. His report on the Malden game, Resilient Fishermen, is a great read about that exciting game.

upcoming games (see full schedule here )

GAME 10. MONDAY OCTOBER 7, 6:30PM (JV postponed), HOME vs. Salem

Game 11. Tuesday October 8, 3:45 (JV 4:00) AWAY vs. Lynn

12. Friday October 11, 4:00PM (JV 4:00PM) HOME vs. Marblehead

13. Tuesday October 15, 4:00PM (JV 4:00PM) AWAY vs. Peabody

14. Friday October 18, 4:00PM (JV postponed) AWAY vs. Salem

15. Monday October 21, 6:30PM (JV 4:30PM) HOME vs. Swampscott

16. Wednesday October 23, 6:30PM (JV 4:30PM) HOME vs. Danvers

17. Friday October 25, 4:00PM (JV 4:00PM) AWAY vs. Beverly

18. Monday October 28, 7:30PM (JV 6:00PM) AWAY vs. Malden


ECYSA, MTOC, and Fishermen Youth soccer in the news

MTOC GDT_20190703_©c ryan.jpg
Gloucester Daily Times sports section July 3, 2019 here

and read more from Massachusetts Youth Soccer tournament summary here:  https://spark.adobe.com/page/L3pta2ujd6KK9/  

Cape Ann’s Head Coach, Kyle Hurd (GHS 2011): “Composure, bringing a sense of urgency and being able to play with controlled aggression were key for us. Being able to keep your head and your wits about you to open up space, and not just to sprint forward, was key. There’s a lot of preparation, some yelling and some headaches. We struggled in the middle of the season, but after that we turned it around immediately and hit the ground running.”


and from Essex County Youth Soccer Assoc (ECYSA):

Dear Players, Families and Friends of ECYSA,  

We began the season in April with 502 teams across five age groups and four divisions.  We battled a tough weather season but we managed to get most of the games played and as a result of all of the work of each of our 32 organizations and hundreds of coaches and volunteers we provided an excellent soccer experience to over 8000 players.  

This last weekend we closed out our 2019 Spring season with the MA Tournament of Champions(MTOC).    ECYSA had 14 divisional champions and 5 wild cards representing our league at MTOC.  Eleven of those teams advanced out of pool play and into the semi-finals.  Five teams advanced to the final and one team won a State Championship.  (G10 B MTOC 2 – Cape Ann United Longshoremen) ECYSA also had a team recognized with the Sportsmanship Award (G8 G MTOC 2 – Woburn Warriors).  It was a great weekend and ECYSA was represented well.  

Below I have listed all of the 2019 ECYSA Champions and wildcard winners. Congratulations to all! 

On behalf of the entire ECYSA Board, thanks for a great season.  Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the fields in the fall. 

Dean Sidell

ECYSA President 



2019 Essex County Youth Soccer Champions

North Reading Scorpions – G6 B MTOC 1 (MTOC semi-finalist)
Rockport Loose Cannons – G6 B MTOC 2 (MTOC semi-finalist) 

Revere Eagles – G6 B County 1

Lawrence Rebels – G6 B County 2

Revere Nacional – G8 B MTOC 1 (MTOC Finalist) 
Lynn Tornados – G8 B MTOC 2 (MTOC Semi-Finalist) 

Woburn Aztecs – G8 B County 1

Triton Arsenal – G8 B County 2

North Andover Knighthawks – G10 B MTOC1 (MTOC semi-finalist) 
North Andover Redstorm – G10 B MTOC 2 -Wildcard (MTOC Finalist) 
Cape Ann United Longshoremen -G10 B MTOC 2 (MTOC State Champion) 

Marblehead Flotilla – G10 B County 1

Woburn Sporting CP – G12 B – MTOC 1 – Wildcard
North Andover United FC – G12 B MTOC 1 (MTOC Finalist) 

Cape Ann United Lumpers – G12 B County 1

Lynnfield Breakers – G6 G MTOC 1
Saugus Liberty – G6 G MTOC 2 (MTOC Finalist) 

Ipswich Pride – G6 G County 1

Hamilton Wenham Surge – G6 G County 2

Andover Defenders – G8 G MTOC 1 (MTOC Finalist) 
Woburn Warriors – G8 G MTOC 1  – Wildcard (MTOC semi-finalist and Sportsmanship winner) 
Marblehead Thunder G8 G MTOC 2

Danvers Sky Blue – G8 G County 1

Cape Ann Unite Fathoms – G8 G County 2

North Andover Strikers – G10 G MTOC 1
North Andover Banshees FC – G10 G MTOC 2
Peabody Lady Tanners – G10 G MTOC 2 – Wildcard
Pentuckett Lady Sachems – G12 G MTOC 1
Haverhill Lady Hillies – G12 MTOC 1 – Wildcard

FYS Tridents did it! On to the MA Tournament of Champions!

Gloucester Fishermen Youth Soccer team, the Tridents,  won the championship in the Essex County Youth Soccer Association’s Championship Tournament in MTOC 1. They are the top boys’ division for grades 5 and 6. “Next up for the Tridents: representing Essex County in the statewide Tournament of Champions this Saturday.”

They are the champions! june 17 2018

Gloucester O’Maley middle school sports fields are beautiful spot to watch home games! Fall 2017 JV and JV2 soccer schedules and original site map for the school

So the 64 geese move out of the way, the bathrooms will be opened, and Gloucester’s O’Maley middle school sports fields are a beautiful backdrop for spectators. Come see the games!

JV 2 home games

Tuesday September 19, 4PM, vs Malden
Monday October 2, 4PM, vs Danvers
Thursday October 5, 4PM, vs Beverly
Friday October 13, 4:30PM vs Medford
Monday October 16, 4:00PM vs Everett
Tuesday October 24, 4:00PM vs Somerville
Friday October 27, 4PM vs Marblehead
Wednesday November 1, 4PM vs Peabody
Thursday November 2, 4PM vs Revere

All the fields are in steady use. Gloucester Public School GHS practices and games for many sports utilize the fields year round, boys and girls. Flag Football (not GPS-GHS run) use the fields on the weekends. Community members walk and run to stay in shape. I wish it was used for recess and gym.  Thank you to volunteers and donors who added amenities and care with the city for super green spaces city wide. Some of the good eggs that helped O’Maley are mentioned on the contributors sign of the Sandy Tucker Memorial Building, “Home of the Riverdale Rockets.”



The landscape design was  well done when the school was built. Dramatic skies and expansive natural amphitheater are memorable bleachers.



Early vision proposal for Mill River area that became O’Maley is pretty accurate to the built out site  (30 acre+ middle school site was estimated to cost $4,500,000 in 1971 which roughly equates to 28 million in 2017.) I’ll write more about the history of the O’Maley design and properties.

Before O'Maley - early proposal Mill River site for new middle school

GHS JV2 vs Malden O'Maley Sept 13 2017
JV2 warming up


Before the game begins, geese are midfield, non-plussed at the action on the edge.



The geese moved away by game time.

20170913_161037 (1)

Generations watched and cheered family players.

grandparents and twins watching their big step brother 20170913_172807
Go Ethan!


All GPS GHS sports schedules can be found at the Mascores website, updated here LINK TO THE SCHEDULES AT MASCORES

varsity games are held at GHS



jv 2

JV 2017 fall



Manchester Essex Varsity Soccer Out duels St. Mary’s For Division 1 North Championship

Ranked 7th overall going into the Division 4 North Tournament Manchester-Essex first took on Mystic Valley and fought to a 1-0 win this past Wednesday. The win moved them to Manning Bowl in Lynn where they had to face the number 1 seed in St. Mary’s on a cold (!) Sunday afternoon. This was Manchester Essex first trip to a championship game..ever. Leading for much of the game at 2-1 Manchester Essex saw St Mary’s score to tie the game late in the second half which is where the score stood at the end of regulation time. After two scoreless overtime periods the teams moved on to penalty kicks to decide the win. Manchester Essex took the win with a 5-4 penalty kick score and now moves on to the Division 4 State Finals! It was a great game with constant action at both ends of the field. On to the State Final!

Team Spirit

On this otherwise cold and dreary Saturday morning, a beautiful view came into sight from across the soccer field.

The Peabody Thunder U12 Team is making a wonderful statement by donning pink socks for the month of October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Good job, boys!  I hope that your season is as fantastic as you are!


IMG_9291 Image

Something You’d Never Have Heard One of My Grandmothers Say…

Please allow me to paint a picture for you……

A somewhat crisp, early afternoon on a late summer day….

Children gather all over Evan’s Field in Rockport, families in tow, with a rainbow of colors representing the various teams that make up our little Rockport Youth Soccer League.  Couldn’t be sweater, really.

The boys and I took Marlin, our German Shorthaired Pointer, to Finn’s early morning Kick Start Soccer Program and let him sniff the other dogs and then have a good romp around the field once the youngest players had scattered. We took a stroll down the dirt road and waved to the horses grazing in the field.

With just enough time to get home, regroup, and grab our bikes….we were off for Game #2.  The boys are new to riding their bikes across town.  I’m not going to lie, I slightly panic that Finn is going to swerve, fall off the curb accidentally, and get struck by a car.  I’m trying to be less nervous…and they LOVE riding down South Street, through town, up Broadway, past the train tracks, and to the ball field.  So, we do it.

Thatcher is a hockey player first and foremost, but he’s been loving soccer so far this season too.  He has a fantastic coach and is a totally different player than he was just one year ago.  I was just settling in after getting Finn a snack and watching him wander up the hill to pat a super cute puppy.  I was enjoying a bit of a “my boys are pretty awesome….and things are getting easier as they’re growing up a bit” moment.

And then, Thatcher and another kid collided. Thatcher tripped, totally fine, but was on the ground fumbling with his cleat that had fallen off. The other child was also fine…and kindly took a second to turn around to check on Thatcher.  As I was thinking, “That’s sweet….good job….way to check out the other player” my thoughts were quickly interrupted.

The grandmother of the other player shouted, “Don’t look back to see if he’s ok. Who cares.”  I was flabbergasted.  My first though was, “He’s fine, your kid isn’t that tough.”  My second was, “Shame on you, lady.”

Seriously….shame on her.

I don’t really straddle the fence of Helicopter Parentville.  I’m, as many people can attest, a pretty tough parent.  I expect my boys to be polite, I don’t tolerate too much crappy behavior, and I offer up plenty of constructive criticism.  I love them more than I ever knew humanly possible, but I don’t sugarcoat, and I expect them to be accountable and good kids.

While I wan’t compelled for even a second to run down and check on Thatcher….because A) he was fine and B) it is more my nature to let the coach assess the situation and summon me if necessary… I was still horrified by her “Who Cares” assertion.  I mean, really. Who cares?  Is that really what any of us want to teach our children.  That is exactly the type of response I hope that my boys NEVER have as they continue to grow and live their lives.  I hope that they always care.

As a parent, as a teacher, and as someone who hopes my kids are, above anything else kind, sympathetic, and compassionate to their friends, their classmates, their teammates, and even strangers, I was sad.

What did I do, you may ask.  Not much.  I’ve been regretting my lack of reaction all weekend.  I simply looked over my shoulder, made eye contact with the mother of the child, and said, “Wow.”


Senior Day for Manchester-Essex Boys Varsity Soccer

At Hyland Field in Manchester the Boys Varsity Soccer team took on the Georgetown Royals in their final game of the season. At the half the Hornets were up 1-0 but the Royals fought back in the second half with 2 goals and took the win with a final score of 2-1

Manchester Essex Varsity Soccer Columbus Day

The Hornets played the Lynnfield Pioneers to a 0-0 tie at Hyland Field in Manchester Monday October 14, 2013.  Lots of chances with one incredible shot bouncing off the crossbar, the ground and a few other things but not getting in the net!