Our little family is settling in, most importantly, finding lots of tiny insects in the wrack area. Cars weren’t the only threat in nesting at the parking lot, there simply did not seem to be sufficient food in the gravel and hard pack. Today, the chicks spent the early morning snuggling often under Mama and Papa; the temperature was chilly and the wind had picked up. Once the sun was shining brightly, they made their way to the water’s edge, learning how to forage on teeny mollusks and sea creatures.

The seagulls were ferocious this afternoon, so much so that our fearless pint-sized PiPl Papa bit a comparatively ogre-sized Great Black-backed in the butt, and made him squwack! The gulls were attracted to a Dunkin munchkin box that had blown into the roped off area. And although I arrived at sunrise, a dog owner and its pet had made fresh tracks through the nesting area. Between the dogs and the garbage-hungry gulls, human-created threats are far more dangerous than natural predators.

Sleepy eyes after morning snuggles

Looking mighty confident for only two-days old!

We definitely need more Piping Plover volunteer monitors, especially during the mid part of the day. If you would like to be a PiPl monitor, please email Ken Whittaker at Thank you ❤


Sugar Hill, NH Adventures

Spent some time up North this weekend and  if you find yourself up in the White Mountains, NH area in the next couple weeks, it’s worth the trip to head up to Sunset Road in Sugar Hill, NH (Franconia Notch area) and take a walk through the beautiful Lupine field overlooking the White Mountains.   It’s a pretty stroll with quotes to read along the way.   While you are there you should stop in at the Sugar Hill Sampler Barn and browse all the handmade goods and then head down the road to Harman’s Cheese and Country store and grab a block of delicious homemade cheddar cheese (my fav is the horseradish!).   If you are there before 3pm, stop and grab some breakfast/brunch at Polly’s Pancake Parlor for the yummiest pancake fix!!   Enjoy some of my early morning pics in the fields!





Inaugural Bluefin Blowout Family 5K

Nice turnout. Check.

Exercise and Family Fun. Check.

Money raised.  Check.

Increased awareness for Alzheimers. Check.

#endalz.  Trying like hell.

The first ever Bluefin Blowout Family Fun Run and 5K took place at Gloucester’s Stagefort Park yesterday morning.  Runners and walkers rallied by the gazebo before starting out to complete the roundtrip course to Hammond Castle and back to the park. A beautiful course at that.

Adding to the excitement of the day, Becca Pizzi gave the word to kick off the run/walk as the honorary official. Becca Pizzi is a good friend to the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group and has also accomplished the unbelievable feat of running 7 marathons, on 7 continents, in 7 days for the World Marathon Challenge….twice.  Amazing!

If anyone needed a reason to put some pep in their step, the news that the event had already raised close to $60,000 certainly helped! Rockstars!

With yesterday’s successful event in the books, we are all one step closer to enjoying what many people have come to call THE weekend of the summer, the Bluefin Blowout 2018.  This year’s tournament marks year #7 and the goal is to make it the biggest and best yet.  That’s no easy goal considering the success of year’s past, but if anyone can do it it is Lyon-Waugh Auto Group and the tremendous sponsors that add to the tournament’s success each year….not to mention the captains and crews.

With that in mind, mark your calendars NOW for August 2nd-4th and plan on spending some serious time at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort

We hope to raise some big bluefin at weigh-in, raise lots of hands for bidding, raise awareness for #endalz, and raise a huge amount of money for the Alzheimer’s Association …. and maybe raise the roof with DJ Scottie Mac and other live entertainment.  Please join us!




Introducing a New Good Morning Gloucester Video Series: #ChooseGloucester

Choose Gloucester photo wideshot resized

We’ve all heard them. The insults about Gloucester and the people who live here. The lame slights, the outdated stereotypes, the pregnancy pact – seriously we’re still doing that? I remember the soccer game where an 8-year-old boy on our team forgot to take off his watch before playing. The other coach joked about making sure our players took off their guns and knives, too. “This is Gloucester, after all,” he grinned. Another time, a group of parents from the opposing team yelled at us to “Go back to your stinkin’ fish city.”

Of course it seems like it’s always people from other towns that are the most down on Gloucester. The ones who’ve never had a picnic dinner on a blanket at Niles Beach with the kids paddling around on kayaks as the sun sets orange and pink across the Harbor over downtown. Who’ve never walked Main Street at a block party where it takes you an hour to go from Floating Lotus to Toodeloo’s because everyone you know is doing the face painting and giant chess set and “It’s great to see you how are the kids?” Who’ve never gone to a preschool Christmas concert at the Gloucester Fraternity Club where you have to get there 90 minutes early to get a seat because every 3-year-old has four grandparents, three aunts, two cousins and a bunch of neighbors who’ve come to see them mangle “Jingle Bells.”

It seems like it’s always the people who don’t know Gloucester who have the worst impression. I’ve noticed the same thing about the Gloucester public schools, too. As a parent of three kids, I know that our schools, like any school district, can get better. But I also see in our own kids and their friends the little moments of learning and wonder happening in the Gloucester public schools every day. Like the boy at the Math Olympiad ceremony, a Plum Cove Elementary School 5th grader, who did extra math problems all year and worked hard and slowly got better and better and by year’s end ended up scoring in the top 2 percent of all students statewide and there he was, accepting his award at the ceremony last week bashful but smiling as the parents’ applause and cheers rained down. Or our own East Gloucester Elementary School 4th grader, who learned to love music at school this year and at last week’s school-wide concert sang on her own from the stage in front of an auditorium-full of people and it didn’t matter that every note wasn’t perfect because she was brave and fearless and strong and her parents couldn’t have been more proud.

The people who don’t know the Gloucester public schools don’t know about these little moments. How could they? That’s why, over the next four Monday mornings, Good Morning Gloucester will feature a series of videos – one per week – telling the story of a student in the Gloucester public schools in their own words and those of their parents, too. The series was created along with two other Gloucester parents – John Sarrouf and Andrew Luman – in the hopes of sharing stories of why families choose the Gloucester public schools and what they love about their experience.

So stay tuned – the #ChooseGloucester video series debuts here on Good Morning Gloucester next Monday morning, June 18.

(photo of students above – credit to Gloucester Education Foundation).