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Cape Ann Wellness

Did you know that Crossfit Cape Ann offers a discount for all current students? If you are home for the summer or a local student, come check us out!


The primary goal at CFCA is to help our members increase their capability, durability (both mental and physical) and most importantly longevity through consistent quality movement in a fun and supportive environment. We have evolved over the years into what we’d consider more of a “lifestyle” crossfit gym. We focus on exercises that we feel have the best carryover to the demands of our member’s lives outside of the gym and less on competition or Crossfit as “sport”.

For more about joining – check out our webpage! 

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Sending heartfelt condolences to Lyn Fonzo, and to all of the Young Swan’s and friends and caretakers. The little Swan’s leg injury became deeply infected, all the way into the bone.

If you see Lyn Fonzo, please thank her for all that she has done over the past year in caring for our Young Swan and in trying to rehabilitate him to Niles Pond. Please thank and support Dr. Cahill, too, who generously donated his services.


May is a magical month to see migrating species throughout Massachusetts. Over the weekend on an early morning Piping Plover check up I was delighted and surprised to encounter a small flock of Dowitchers and Black-bellied Plovers hungrily feeding at the shoreline. Two Semipalmated Plovers joined the scene, too, and for a brief moment our Papa Plover was feeding with the migrating flock.

Unlike Piping Plovers, which nest in our region, we will never see nesting Black-bellied Plovers, Dowitchers, and Semipalmated Plovers on our shores. They are migrating to their northern breeding grounds in the Arctic.


A sewer pipe in Essex broke over the weekend, spewing raw sewage into the Essex River Salt Marsh. I am so very sorry for our local clam diggers–just as the season was getting underway–devastating. The clam flats will be monitored, at a minimum, over the next 21 days before any determination about reopening will be made.

Essex River Clammers

About the Great Marsh

“In Massachusetts, the North Shore’s Great Marsh is the largest continuous stretch of Salt Marsh in New England, extending from Cape Ann to New Hampshire. The Great Marsh includes over 20,000 acres of marsh, barrier beach, tidal river, estuary, mudflat, and upland islands extending across the Massachusetts North Shore from Gloucester to Salisbury. In recognition of these extraordinary resources, a portion of this area was designated by the state in 1979 as the Parker River/Essex Bay Area of Critical Environmental Concern. The Great Marsh is an internationally recognized Important Bird Area (IBA) as it contributes to the preservation of many breeding and migratory birds. This unique complex of natural systems add ecological, economic, recreational, and cultural value to our daily lives both on the coast and inland where land is connected by river and stream networks.” Read more about the Great Marsh Coalition here.

Beautiful Fish: Sargassum Fish


Sargassum Fish, Mousefish

Color— Creamy white, the fins as well as the head and body mottled with pale and dark brown. The fleshy tags are yellowish.

General range— Tropical and subtropical, living at the surface among floating seaweed; sometimes drifting far northward with the Gulf Stream.

Occurrence in the Gulf of Maine— A specimen about 4¾ inches (12 cm.) long, that was picked up in a purse seine near the surface over the west central part of Georges Bank, by the Schooner OLD GLORY on September 15, 1930, and a second of 2¼ inches, taken off the southeast slope of Georges Bank, by the sword fisherman LEONORA C, on June 15, 1937, are the only records of this fish in the Gulf of Maine; the most northerly records, in fact, for it for continental waters in this side of the Atlantic. But it has been picked up from time to time near Woods Hole. Living, as they usually do, among floating gulf weed (Sargassum), it is not astonishing that sargassum fish should drift in over the offshore banks, occasionally.

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) online courtesy of MBL/WHOI

                  Photo – Hauling the seine, Schooner Old Glory

It was the Gloucester Schooner Old Glory that seined up the first reported tiny sargassum fish specimen. (Howard Liberman photo, 1942, aboard Old Glory, courtesy of the Library of Congress Online Catalog)

Al Bezanson

Doubling up at 102 Rogers Street: Classic Cooks and Orange Leaf

Downtown Gloucester – Classic Cooks and Orange Leaf 102 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA

Classic Cooks HQ 27 Eastern Avenue  (800) 872-4044,  and regular booth at Cape Ann Farmers Market

classic cooks joining Orange Leaf _20180528_©c ryan

Making Beef jerky on the Traeger

Meat smoking is all the rage these days, and whether you are an old school wood fire or a Traeger #pellethead like we are,  the process and ceremony of smoking meat is somewhat of an addiction (as we have all witnessed with Joey’s BBQ journey lol!).   So yes, I’ve jumped on the wagon after I bought my husband a Traeger for our anniversary last year and watched from the sidelines while he experimented with briskets, ribs, pork roast, etc.   My first solo experiment was with 5 lbs of bacon…and it was so fabulous that I went out and bought 20 more lbs of pork belly to make a stash!   This week’s experiment was beef jerky.   I wasn’t sure what recipe’s I would like so I tried 2 different ones.   The process was the same just the marinade was different.  The first was a Dr. Pepper/Jalapeno marinade…the second a Terriyaki/Siracha.    At first I thought for sure I was going to love the Terriyaki because it had more ingredients and just seemed more flavorful, but surprisingly everyone liked the Dr. Pepper one.   I think there’s something about the carbonation in the soda that tenderized the meat more.   In any event, it’s an easy process, cut lean meat (I used eye of round but skirt steak or pork tenderloin work well too), marinate 6-24 hrs and depending on the temp your grill smokes at (mine was about 130-140 on smoke) about 4 1/2 hrs on the smoker and done!    Next time I might add some curing salt if I do a big batch so that it will have a longer shelf life.   So go give it a try and enjoy!



Trinity Sunday – D.E.S. Crowning


The Portuguese Community celebrates Trinity Sunday with the 700 year old traditionial crowning ceremony.

_2018_05_27_104527  _2018_05_27_104636

This year’s “Emporator” was Elja Bagaco, her daughter Delia Morrissey represented her in the procession to the church.

_2018_05_27_104595 Stitch

_2018_05_27_104613  Elja Bagaco seen here being crowned by Father “Jim”

The Trinity Sunday mass was given by Father ‘Jim” Achadinha at Our Lady of Good Voyage.




_2018_05_27_104672 Stitch

_2018_05_27_104672 Stitch

After mass the Traditional meal of “Sopas” took place at the D.E.S. Portuguese Club.


_2018_05_27_104659 State Senator Bruce Tarr and Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken enjoyed the traditions along with hundreds of people at the D.E.S. club. (Divino Espirito Santo)





Any Ideas?

I took the boys and some friends down to Pawtucket, Rhode Island to see the PawSox play on Saturday.  One game turned into a doubleheader….with fireworks as the cherry on top.  So, we got home pretty late.  After dropping one friend off in Magnolia we drove past Stagefort Park just past midnight and saw this scene.  I checked online the next day because the boys were pretty curious about what was happening, but didn’t find any information.

Anyone have any ideas?  Kudos to the fire, police, and ambulance responders who were out in the middle of the night taking care of whatever the situation may have been.


New exhibition about the cottages of Long Beach opens this Saturday

House 36 Long Beach

This is one of the paintings in Erin Luman’s upcoming show. It’s called “Thirty Six.”

The Jane Deering Gallery will host a month-long exhibition of the work of Gloucester artist Erin Luman, whose new paintings focus on the cottages of Long Beach in Gloucester. Luman’s previous work explored the power lines, buildings and rooftops of downtown Gloucester (You prolly read about that one on Good Morning Gloucester here), and now she’s turned her view toward the beach to make sure the cottages that have served as the backdrop of generations of family vacations are remembered. The opening reception will be held this Saturday June 2, from 4 to 6 p.m. The Jane Deering Gallery is at 19 Pleasant Street in Gloucester.

Coming Home

Until very recently, Gloucester has not technically been my home. But, in my heart, it’s always held that distinction. We’ve been away and I’m homesick. One of my screensaver slideshows contains some of the Gloucester memories that bring a smile to my face.  I thought I’d share some of those memories.

It’s not entirely a coincidence that each of these includes the water since we are landlocked in our current location.  But, we’ll be home soon! We know the way.

Gloucester 393

I think I created a monster…

Northeast BBQ

These pics and comment from newly converted charcoal guy Chris McCarthy –

Banana split for dessert. Slice of banana bread the middle at cinnamon brown sugar butter and chocolate put it on the grill for 15 minutes and you’re in heaven. There is a new barbecue champion in Gloucester and his name is Chris McCarthy.

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