Love our Solar Install. Thank You Cazeault Solar

Love our Solar Install. Thank You Cazeault Solar

Call Tim Sanborn from Cazeault Solar to find out how you can help the environment and be cash flow positive right off the bat with Solar. Total no-brainer, and Tim’s company makes it look natural on your home.

Call Tim (774) 228-3411 And Tell Him Joey Sent Ya!


We got through a full year with 100% free electricity with all electric heat and stove powering our house.

Here’s a screenshot of my electric bill, we’ve accumulated over $600 in electric company credit. There’s nothing better than that feeling!


Wilson’s Plover Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Earlier this week while checking on the PiPl, a small group of shorebirds caught my eye. They were foraging at the water’s edge. Although the fog was as thick as split pea soup and visibility not great, something seemed off with the birds–they looked like Piping Plovers–but seemed a tiny bit bigger, and the silhouette of their bills was larger and chunkier than that of our PiPl. When they scurried along, coming closer, I could see that their bills were solid black, too, and their legs and feet were a fleshy pink, not the bright PiPl orange.

The three foraged nearly identically to the way Piping Plovers forage, pecking and darting at the water’s edge, enough so that when Papa Plover caught sight, he chased them further down the beach and out of his territory.

Papa Piping Plover, with feathers puffed out to appear larger, chasing the Wilson’s Plover out of his #3 nesting area.

In the above two photos, compare the orange legs and feet of the PiPl, versus the Wilson’s fleshy pink legs and feet. The PiPl bill is black with differing degrees of orange; the Wilson’s bill is pure black and thicker.

The mystery plovers were fairly far down the beach and I only got few good photos, but did take some footage of Papa chasing the odd plovers with the pale pink legs.

Later at home I was able to identify the shorebirds and amazingly, they are Wilson’s Plovers!! I write amazingly because they are a southern species of plover, rarely seen as far north as New Jersey. I mentioned to Greenbelt’s Dave Rimmer about the Wilson’s Plovers. I don’t think he believed me at first, but after taking a walk on the beach, he agreed, yes, they were Wilson’s Plovers!

Wilson’s Plovers live along beaches of the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts. They are named after the ornithologist Alexander Wilson who discovered them on Cape May in 1813. The species is (and was at that time, too) very rare for New Jersey, let alone northern Massachusetts!

Pretty pink legs of the Wilson’s Plover.

Wilson’s Plovers are listed as threatened or endangered in some states. As with Piping Plovers, disturbances to nesting areas and loss of habitat are the primary threats to this plover species.

I only spotted the Wilson’s Plovers early in the day. The fog engulfed the shoreline even more, making additional sightings nearly impossible. The following morning I stopped by GHB to check on the PiPl, and did not find the Wilson’s. Ornithologists call these visitors in places far outside the bird’s range “vagrants,” but I prefer to think of them as guests. Please write and let us know if you see a Wilson’s Plover, and please take a snapshot if possible. Thank you.


Betting On The Celtics

The Homie Cast

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I bet $150 to win $367.50 if the Celtics beat the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

And a reach but $50 to win $1000 on the NBA Championship. $50 for entertainment alone, hell I’ve dropped more than that on a crappy lunch.

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Drift (formerly Cafe Brew & Spirits) Opens this Saturday May 12th, 2018

Come join long-time North Shore residents Kurt Hosman and Richard Hosman for the “Soft Opening” of the all new DRIFT Café Saturday May 12th, 2018 open from 8am to late.
With the help of prior owner Will Bard we were driven by the strong sense of place and purpose to create a Café built for those seeking to continue that warm, musical Café vibe.
During the day, we are a coffee house Café that focuses on espresso-based drinks while proudly serving an array of fresh made, pastries, muffins, scones and croissants along with fresh seasonal salads and sandwiches. At night, we transform into a bar where people feel “at home”, dishing out an array of bar bites and stirring up both classic and contemporary elixirs for every taste and price point. Whether you go booze free or spiked, we welcome you to go ahead and espresso yourself.
Drawing inspiration from the unique character of the neighborhood and the local community, and the creator of Café Brew and Spirits the NEW Drift Café Gloucester has been designed to be part of this growing community, satisfying both body and spirit from sun up to lights out.
Please do stop in to see us, check out the new look of the Café and say hello.
** Opening night entertainment will showcase music by the exceptionally talented Brian King & Joe Cardoza at 8:30 pm.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at DRIFT.

Kurt & Rick

Zoning Board of Appeals Site Visit Sat May 12 9 AMi

I’ve been asked the share that the ZBA will be making a site visit to the former Espressos at 116 East Main St Saturday May 12 at 9 AM. The buyers are proposing construction of 10 multi family units on this property.  The link is here from the city web site.

It is my understanding that the ZBA has questions about the set-backs, height and overall density of the proposed development. The plan is for the construction of   to build 10 units each with 2 BR and 2 car garage on first floor. These units are geared towards seniors and retirees. They will be clustered into 3 buildings and one will be set aside as Affordable Housing and will look identical to the others.  This meeting is open to the public.

Google map of the area:


Current photo of the property:

Morning visit

Had a quick early morning visit with the tulips…such fun colors!  Don’t forget the Generous Gardeners Plant sale this weekend!


Looking for plant donations for this sale. All gardening items, plants, trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetable are welcome. Donations will be accepted Friday, May 18 fro. 3-5pm at Tennis Court.

Contact or call Susan Kelly at 781-346-1363.




Mother’s Day Gift Certificates ~

Cape Ann Wellness

Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC loves Mom’s and in celebration of Mother’s Day, Sunday May 13, we are offering 10% off all Gift Certificate purchases. Purchase two or more and receive 20% off!

Our gift certificates make the perfect gift for any Mom, Grandma, Aunt or Friend! Oh how nice a massage would feel, or the knowledge of having a private wellness consultation, or attending one of our many workshops…there is something for everyone.  Give the gift that keeps on giving!

For those special woman in your life that do not live near to our office we offer phone and Skype consultations as well.

Check out our web site for a list of services: or 978.395.1234

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”



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Beeman PTO Auction

Cape Ann Community

Don’t miss out, our Spring Auction starts today!

Our Spring Auction is officially open and will be running

May 9th – May 16th at 9pm! We have some amazing prizes this year including our special teacher auctions, prime up front parking for the play and Living Blue night, principal for a day, Walt Disney World park hopper tickets, a day of beauty, Boston Aquarium tickets, a movie night bundle, Hammond Castle passes, a ride to school in a Police car and so much more!!!

To participate visit:

All proceeds from this auction will go straight back to the school to support our kids special events, such as assisting with field trips, funding enrichment programs, family fun nights and much, much more! We would like to thank you in advance for viewing our auction and helping us succeed by supporting the Beeman School PTO.

Thank you again for…

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