U.S. Dory Elimination Races

U.S. Dory Elimination Races

The International Dory Racing Committee will hold it’s elimination races off Niles Beach next Saturday June 9th at 9 AM.  All racing fans are encouraged to attend!!  Those dues paying members who plan to race must attend sign ups next Friday evening June 8th at St. Peter’s Square at 6 PM or email before 6 PM.  These races are strictly for 2 person teams in the following categories:  Juniors (men under 18), Women, Mixed Doubles, Seniors (Men Open) and Master’s (Men over 50), and will determine who will represent the US against Canada in the upcoming International Races here in Gloucester Harbor on June 23rd.
Please share this with friends and family.  It will be a great day of racing, uniquely Gloucester, and fun for all!


Gloucester’s Department of Public Work’s Phil Cucuru updates us with the following good news:

Chad K and crew are finished installing the 21 pilings. The DPW is waiting for the special marine grade wood needed to build a temporary footbridge. The hope is that it will be here by Friday. As soon as the wood is delivered, Phil and Mike Tarantino will begin rebuilding the bridge. They plan to work nonstop, including weekends, until the bridge is complete and fully operational. Hooray and thanks to Phil and Mike for the update!


More info on Cape Pond Ice

Here are a few photos and plans which will be shared at tomorrow, Thursday May 31st’s 7 pm Community Meeting & Open House at Cape Pond Ice, Fort Wharf, 104 Commercial Street, Gloucester.  They may be of interest to GMG viewers who aren’t able to join us:

Cape Pond Ice Company’s current factory was built in 1944 (74 years ago!) –  300 tons per day Frick Ammonia block ice plant, with 2 40′ x 120′ “Pond Tanks” freezing 3,600 335 lb. ice blocks:



One Hour at a Time Gang Schedule


Hope everyone is well.

When:                  Saturday, June 2, 2018

Where:                 Essex Avenue, start near the Boulevard

Time:                    8:00 9:00

We can clean up Essex Avenue in anticipation of the Strawberry Festival at Mile Marker.


Thank you kids.



Little Buoy Thief

Thatcher’s birthday was last Thursday, but he had a super busy day that day…so when baseball was cancelled on Wednesday we took advantage of a free night and went to the Studio for dinner to celebrate a little early….before celebrating a bit late later in the week.  #weeklongbirthdays

After dinner we stopped by Cape Hedge Beach for the annual and obligatory birthday-photo-on-the-beach that I subject my children to. The horror.

While driving down to the lot we inadvertently found ourselves driving through some movie filming that was taking place in the neighborhood.

They waved us through, walkie-talkied ahead, and kindly tolerated the interruption.  We went down to the beach long enough for the boys to scale the massive wall of rocks, oblige me with a few photos, and steal a lobster buoy.

That’s right.  Finn had spied a lobster buoy pretty far down the beach and took off to grab it.  As you all know, lobster buoys wash up on our beaches often….so I didn’t think much of it when Finn tossed it into the backseat of the car before we left.

We had to wait a bit for crew members to exit the home where the filming was taking place and I scanned the group for a face I might recognize….but had no luck.  Once the group had moved on towards the beach and the coast was clear, someone waved us along again.  I drove up the road slowly and paused to ask what the name of the movie was….but, I never found out.  Instead, as the nice movie crew peep walked up to my window, I started to apologize for interrupting their work and was about to explain why we had driven down the the beach…..birthday boy and all.   But, mid-sentence the movie crew guy interrupted and said, “Yuh…ummm….so did you by chance pick up a lobster buoy while you were down there?”


Turns out the lobster buoy that Finn saw and ran 50 yards to pluck from the beach was actually a movie prop….and was kind of essential to the scenes that were about to be filmed. Bygones.

In thinking back on it….there was a girl in the parking lot with a walkie-talkie watching the boys and I on the beach.  She must have seen Finn take the buoy because she radioed my license plate # to the buy up the road.  I thought she was simply telling him that we were on our way up so they could pause filming for a minute.  Evidently not.  I can’t help but wonder why she didn’t simply tell us that the buoy was theirs…. Finn would have happily put it back….especially if to avoid the embarrassment of having to cough it up and hand it over up the street.

I wish we had thought to snap a photo of Finn with his buoy!  It will be funny to see the buoy make its appearance in the film once it’s released.  Whatever the movie is.


Traditional Memorial Day

Today, May 30, is the original and traditional date for Memorial Day.  An interesting history of the holiday is available on History.com and I encourage you to check it out if you aren’t familiar with how the three day weekend to mark the beginning of summer came about.  Originally it was set aside for marking the graves of fallen Civil War soldiers with flowers and flags.  The meaning and significance of the day has evolved as time has gone by, and sometimes May 30 is forgotten in the shuffle of the parades, picnics and family gatherings.  Today, let’s take a moment to remember.