The beautiful Young Swan that was recently taken from his home at Niles Pond and deposited in Gloucester Harbor is so far managing to survive.

As he cannot, or will not, fly we do not know how long he can live without drinking fresh water. Lyn is feeding him romaine lettuce daily and he appears to be eating some seaweed, but that is not enough food.

The Young Swan stays tucked in around the seawall by the old Bell House, swimming in circles of only a several hundred feet radius.

If we could only see him maintain a sustained flight!


Huge shout out and thank you to the Good Harbor Beach volleyball players! They set up their net away from the Piping Plover #3 nesting area, around the corner, closer to the creek. As far as I know, no one asked that they move their nets. Grateful for the consideration 🙂

Thunderstorm on the Horizon

We hope the Piping Plover eggs survive the storm. The parking lot hard pack does not drain that well. After they built their first nest scrape in the parking lot, I checked on it the next day following a rainstorm and the scrape was filled with water. Let’s hope for the best with this second parking lot nest.

Beautiful Fish – By Al Bezanson

Pilotfish, Rudderfish, Shark Pilot

This is the fish that so commonly attends sharks in tropic seas, either picking up a living from the scraps left by the latter, or feeding on the parasites with which their protectors are infested. They often follow sailing vessels, also.  The only records of this species from within the Gulf include one taken in a mackerel net in Provincetown Harbor in October 1858, the fish probably having followed a whale ship that arrived a few days previous.  From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) online courtesy of MBL/WHOI            SERENDIPITY, SOPERS HOLE, TORTOLA, 5/8/1961

I sailed in this 26 foot converted USCG Monomoy Surf Boat for more than 700 miles with three pilotfish.  A double-ender with a tiller and very little freeboard, so we had a clear view of the rudder where our companions kept pace. On a 13½ day passage from Nassau to San Juan we were joined early on by thirteen pilotfish, but within a day ten were lost in an attack by dolphins.  The three survivors stayed with us for twelve days until we lost sight of them in the murky water of San Juan as we sailed in by El Morro.

It was 1961, we had no engine, and for a couple days of light wind the Antilles Current carried us backwards.  We named the fish after comic strip heroes like Smilin’ Jack and at times shooed away tropic birds as they hovered eyeing our fish.  Much of the passage was in the Sargasso Sea and the fish would leave us at times to graze in patches of Sargasso weed, causing us great worry for their safety.  We were prepared to turn back if they did not rejoin us.



Al Bezanson

Glossy Ibis in Clark Pond

There must have been good eats at Clark Pond on Monday.  These Glossy Ibis were enjoying themselves.  Some info on these interesting birds from Wikipedia.

The glossy ibis is a wading bird in the ibis family Threskiornithidae. The scientific name derives from Ancient Greek plegados and Latin, falcis, both meaning “sickle” and referring to the distinctive shape of the bill.


Jazz Dinner at Feather & Wedge – Thursday, May 17, 7 – 9 PM


Feather & Wedge is thrilled to have the Gorrell-Landoni jazz duo join them this Thursday. Enjoy dinner with entertainment from this accomplished jazz duo performing selections from the Great American Songbook as well as some pop, R&B, and original compositions.  Reservations suggested.  978.999.5917

Thursday, May 17

7 – 9 PM

Zach Gorrell Dave Landoni

Feather & Wedge Restaurant & Bar, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01915

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Drift Cafe

I had the pleasure of sharing a toast with Kurt and Richard Hosman at the “soft opening” of their all new Drift Cafe (formerly Cafe, Brew & Spirits) at 3 Main Street on Saturday and can’t wait until they are in full swing in a couple of weeks!   I loved coming here last year because it had a great vibe, and it’s a perfect place to hit after dinner for some music and a drink (and a muffin…they are delicious!) or during the day for a espresso and light fare!   Good luck to Kurt and Rick!


32222581_476167106180043_7254434839389011968_oWith the help of prior owner Will Bard we were driven by the strong sense of place and purpose to create a Café built for those seeking to continue that warm, musical Café vibe.
During the day, we are a coffee house CafĂ© that focuses on espresso-based drinks while proudly serving an array of fresh made, pastries, muffins, scones and croissants along with fresh seasonal salads and sandwiches. At night, we transform into a bar where people feel “at home”, dishing out an array of bar bites and stirring up both classic and contemporary elixirs for every taste and price point. Whether you go booze free or spiked, we welcome you to go ahead and espresso yourself.  Drawing inspiration from the unique character of the neighborhood and the local community, and the creator of CafĂ© Brew and Spirits the NEW Drift CafĂ© Gloucester has been designed to be part of this growing community, satisfying both body and spirit from sun up to lights out.

Please do stop in to see us, check out the new look of the Café and say hello.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at DRIFT. ~Kurt & Rick


Safe Boating Day at the Coast Guard Station

This Saturday, May 19th, from 10am to 2pm will be Safe Boating Day at Station Gloucester.  In addition to all of the excellent and important activities listed below, Thatcher…Cadet Schrafft…will also be on hand with some of his fellow US Navy Sea Cadets to discuss the program with any visitors who may be interested.



Stephanie Buck Passes the Torch at Cape Ann Museum Library

GMG recently received a press release announcing the retirement of librarian/archivist Stephanie Buck after serving in her role there since 2004.  Since she has been of great personal help to me over the years in my research, I was anxious to speak with her about her experiences before she retires.


She seems reluctant to blow her own horn, but her vast knowledge of Cape Ann and the holdings of the Cape Ann Museum Library and Archives has been shared widely with many people such as myself who needed some expertise to sort through the various resources. And since Ms. Buck also volunteers at the City Archives, the card catalog in her mind is packed with a variety of helpful information.

These are some of the resources at Cape Ann Museum available to visitors. I’m sure Ms. Buck and the other volunteers have these cataloged in their brains ready for access at request by interested parties.


She told me she has been on Cape Ann since the 1970s and was grateful to have landed on Cape Ann.  She was an integral part of the research team that finally uncovered evidence of Fitz Henry Lane’s actual middle name: a renowned local artist born as Nathaniel Rogers Lane and sometimes known as Fitz Hugh Lane. Information provided by the Cape Ann Museum (Sarah Gledhill) informed me that Ms. Buck wrote a book about this discovery called Fitz Who? The Artist Latterly Known as Fitz Hugh Lane. She also co-authored other books about Fitz Henry Lane ( Fitz Henry Lane : Family and Friends  as well as Chronology of Mary Mellen, published in Fitz Henry Lane & Mary Blood Mellen : Old Mysteries and New Discoveries.

Tellingly, she did not mention these to me herself, but she did mention she is working on another book and that she likes to do house research. The Museum library and archives will miss her deep knowledge and talents.  I know I will miss seeing her behind her desk when I visit!

Dr. Molly O’Hagan Hardy will be taking over the position following Ms. Buck’s retirement at the end of the month. She is the guest curator for the current exhibit Unfolding History, Cape Ann Before 1900; a fascinating display of old documents relating to the history of Cape Ann from a variety of perspectives. The oldest one I took note of was from the 1620s!!!!! Imagine that! I suggest you take time to view this marvelous exhibit.

We wish Stephanie Buck a long and happy retirement. Best wishes from GMG and a grateful public.


Mindfulness Meditation Workshop SUNDAY 6:30-8PM

Cape Ann Wellness

Enjoy an evening with Annette Dion to discover the power of being in the HERE and NOW through mindfulness meditation. You will learn the basics of meditation, breathing and mindfulness techniques to take with you in your every day life. No experience necessary and all levels welcome!

Mindfulness Meditation is a powerful tool for stress reduction, clarity, balance and focus. Learn simple, easy practical techniques that you can take into your life!

$25 Register at


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