Mama PiPl stretching her wings before flight

Just a very brief update about the PiPl, more tomorrow–but to let you know, today was heaven on earth for the Plovers. All three were spotted feeding without interruption in the tide pools and in the nesting area. Mama and Papa are still spending some time at the parking lot nest, but not twelve hour shifts as has been the case. I think it will take a few calm days to get them back to the beach full time. And our awesome Officer Teagan was on the job today handing out tickets!

Helpful tip for watching and photographing the Piping Plovers: PiPl are not like Snowy Owls, which unlike our Hedwig, did not mind crowds. PiPl flush much more easily. While we are trying to help the PiPl return full time to the beach especially, if you come to GHB to see the PiPl, please stay a good distance back. The roped off area is much narrower than the past two years. Deeper is better, but because we have lost so much beach to erosion, the nesting area is as wide as possible, but not quite wide enough for the comfort and safety of the PiPl. Approach singularly, quietly, and slowly, stay a few moments and then retreat. Additionally, too much attention to the PiPl draws the crows and gulls as well.

Rockport native/Globe columnist Sean Murphy joins impressive panel at Rockport Library, May 6, on “Journalism and fake news”

Rockport Public Library©c ryan _20170811_152259.jpg

LITERARY CAPE ANN shares a press release for the impressive May 6 panel discussion they’re presenting at Rockport Public Library

Journalism in the age of fake news and truth telling

ROCKPORT, MASS— Even the experts can’t always tell fake news when they see it. Technology, politics and shifts in reader habits all play a role in a worrying trend that many say is only going to get worse. The antidote to fake news? Information.

All are invited, free of charge, to take part in what promises to be a fascinating and illuminating discussion. Find out more about fake news, how to spot it and what it means for our democracy long-term. Come prepared with questions and concerns.

Journalism in the age of fake news and truth telling — a panel discussion featuring some of the Boston area’s leading journalists and scholars — is at the Rockport Public Library on Sunday, May 6, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Refreshments and a book signing (“The Return of the Moguls: How Jeff Bezos and John Henry are Remaking Newspapers in the Twenty-First Century” by Dan Kennedy) follow the discussion.

The panel of experts includes:

Dan Kennedy: WGBH commentator, Northeastern University journalism professor, reporter and author

Sean Murphy: Boston Globe editor, columnist and journalist

Jane Enos: Gatehouse Media editor and reporter

Caroline Enos: Gloucester High School Gillnetter editor and activist

Kyle Moody: Fitchburg State University communications professor and fake news expert

hosted by Literary Cape Ann – Together we celebrate and support our abundant literary arts Rae Padilla Francoeur  •  Diana Brown McCloy  •  Mary Riotte      

Literary Cape Ann provides the community of Cape Ann with information and events that support and reinforce the value and importance of the literary arts.

BankGloucester 2018 annual $20,000 give away: your VOTE will determine the winners!

BankGloucester 2018 annual giveaway_20180501 ©C Ryan Gloucester MA_110726

“If you could post this to Good Morning Gloucester that would be greatly appreciated!”

BankGloucester  will be giving away $20,000 through it’s “Banking for the Community” Program. This is the 11th year the bank has run this program through which they have donated a total of $170,000 to community organizations on Cape Ann. 

The Bank will donate a total of $20,000 to 19 organizations. Recipients will be determined by the highest number of votes cast. We are asking the community to vote for the recipients. 

Voting takes place from May 1 to May 31, 2018

Good Harbor Rainbow

Sunday’s weather was all over the place rain then sun, awesome clouds and light for photography . Then as I approached the footbridge I saw a rainbow just barley forming, snapped a quick photo before it disappeared,, that’s why I always have my camera on me.


Hello Friends of Backyard Growers,

Backyard Growers is on BankGloucester’s voting ballot for the first time for a chance to win up to $5,000!

Please help us rake in the votes!

Voting is from 5/1-5/31. You just need to vote once. And please share this opportunity with your networks!


Many thanks,


Have Some Electronics You’d Like to Recycle?

Responsible recycling for a good cause!  Saturday, May 5th from 8:00 am – Noon.

Time for some spring cleaning.  If you have any electronics cluttering your basement, garage, closets, or living room that you’d like to recycle responsibly, Harborlight Montessori up in Beverly is hosting a large electronics drive to help send their Middle School’s Destination Imagination team off to the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee in May!

Congratulations to them for advancing to the finals and good luck raising funds while getting ready to compete at the University of Tennessee!

Read about the Middle School Destination Imagination team here

Harborlight is located at 243 Essex Street in Beverly….just about one mile off of Route 128 and Exit 18.


Learn ACROYOGA in Gloucester this Weekend!

Cape Ann Wellness


  We are excited to bring out old friend Brian Lam to Gloucester for TWO fun trainings this Sunday, May 6. You can do either training, or really treat yourself and do both! You can come alone or bring friends, there will be plenty of great people to work with.

$45 each, $75 for both


Using time-tested acrobatic training techniques, students will learn skills that enhance their personal inversion practice, before learning how to incorporate acrobatics in partner work. Students will learn how to combine basic flying positions with inversions to create dynamic flying flows. Brian will demonstrate techniques for bases, flyers and spotters that will keep the flying safe, supported, and fun. This workshop will begin with acrobatic training techniques, building into progressions and foundations for Partner Acrobatics. We will then move into creative expression and refinement with Acrobatic flying transitions. No previous AcroYoga experience is…

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