Sarah Chayes at City Hall | Cape Ann Forum featured speaker

On the agenda just before the headliner, Gloucester High School senior, Caroline Enos, was recognized by Cape Ann Forum!



Featured speaker Sarah Chayes underway on money and corruption. Cape Ann Forum is filming tonight’s event for Cape Ann TV. Chayes lived in Gloucester at the time of Perfect Storm.


Gourmet Gala at Acura of Peabody benefit for North Shore cancer walk

2018 Gourmet Gala North Shore Medical Center benefit for North Shore Cancer Walk held at Acura of Peabody. Great food, worthy cause, quite a crowd. Live auction featured Gloucester’s Beauport Hotel Getaway. Auctioneer was Kiss 108FM Billy Costa.

DAVIO'S May 4 2018 Gourmet Gala fundraiser for North Shore Medical Center North Shore Cancer Walk at Acura of Peabody ©c ryan

(scenes from the Gala – click to enlarge, and again for full size)

Gloucester in the news: Leon Doucette wins global art contest

Leon Doucette’s work was recognized in the American Portrait Society‘s 20th annual International Portrait Competition. A group show for the finalists was held  April 2018.

Beautiful news! Gloucester Daily Times, May 4, 2018 “Local Artist Wins Global Contest: Portrait of Girlfriend Takes Drawing Category”

Leon Doucette Gloucester Daily Times May 4 2018 (2)

20th anniversary International Portrait Competition
2018 Finalists The Art of the Portrait Conference
April 19-22, 2018 – Washington, DC area
It has been a record setting year for the Portrait Society of America. February 1st marked the beginning of our 20th year sharing a passion for the portrait, as of today we have almost 1,000 people registered for the annual conference, and at midnight on February 22, we surpassed our previous number of entries by over 400 – with 2,733 entries submitted to the International Portrait Competition.  Portraiture is alive and well! Thank you to all the artists that submitted work and were part of such a historic time in our organization. Congratulations to the 24 selected finalists

photos (click to enlarge): (1)2016 private commission stemming from 18 Up and Under 30 exhibition at the Hive (2)Nov 2015 portrait of Leon (3) 2015 artist page

Beautiful Fish: Basking Shark


This is a sluggish, inoffensive fish, helpless of attack so far as its minute teeth are concerned. It spends much time sunning itself at the surface of the water, often lying with its back awash and dorsal fin high out of water, or on its side, or even on its back sunning its belly; sometimes it loafs along with the snout out of water, the mouth open, gathering its provender of plankton.

The basking shark rivals, though it does not equal, the whale shark of tropical seas in size.  We read, for example, of one of 35 to 38 feet harpooned by Capt. N. E. Atwood off Provincetown, Mass., about 1863, that towed the fishing smack all night, and broke loose finally.  From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) online courtesy of MBL/WHOI

The basking shark is the second largest fish, with reported specimens larger than the 33 foot schooner GREEN DRAGON.