To follow up on where to purchase straws not made of plastic, Ainsley Smith shared that craft stores carry paper straws, and that Common Crow and REI have metal straws. Megan Wolf has found paper straws multiple times at Marshalls.

Ainsley sent a link to 100 percent biodegradable rainbow straws on Amazon and also a five piece metal rainbow straw set from Kleen Kanteen. She writes, “also check out @CleanGloucester on Saturday’s for#StrawFreeSaturday tips.

Megan shares the following, ” I wasn’t served a single straw on my entire 28 day tour throughout Europe. I have since been very mindful not to use any and am sure to ask my server “no straw, please.” I’ve noticed a lot more establishments have become aware of this issue and are incorporating alternatives.” She included the video. Love this idea-pasta straws are the way to go!

Thank you Ainsley and Megan for your ideas and input!





We invite you to celebrate with us at Watson & the Shark bar
for complimentary Cinco de Mayo inspired snacks.
*Margaritas & Dancing to begin at 8pm*

And we can’t forget Derby Day!!
Drop by early to watch the race and enjoy a mint julep and our delicious dollar oysters.

People watching whales from Cape Ann Motor Inn, Long Beach, Rocks

Cape Ann Marina guests can see whales from their rooms! Back home from work and spotted three whales immediately which means that some of the six right whales have been feeding more than ten hours HERE. It’s thrilling! I even saw one head to Salt Island and back. They check in and circle together. Two are lingering off Long Beach on the Gloucester side. When two and three are gliding along, stepped back one by one nearly together in a line, and moving fast, the legendary sea serpent stories did come to mind.

Nearly as much fun are the clusters of whale watchers at the waters edge like schooner race photos of yore. I added a short video with Long Beach cottages and the stretch of sand in the background to give another relational vantage.

Right whale watching from shores Gloucester MA_20180504_102716 ©c ryan (7)

Long Beach video to show relation to sand and seawall–they’re further out now with tide coming in

early morning post began 6:30am

Right whale watching from shores Gloucester MA©c ryan_20180504_103632.jpg

Bill Lee can find Fenway again

In 1969 Bill “Spaceman” Lee found Fenway Park on Jersey Street. They changed the name of the street and the gerbil traded him to Montreal for Stan Papi and a bag of balls. On the back of Fenway Park someone wrote the question, “WHO THE HELL IS STAN PAPI?” and the Red Sox quickly erased it. There were a few of us that kept writing it back on the wall until Zimmer gave up and ran off to New York.

Fenway Park is on Jersey Street again and no one died.
Oh wait. Something did die. No one could find the Jersey Laundry for awesome cheap fluff and fold because Jersey Street was only 15 feet long. R.I.P. Jersey Laundry Center. Too late for you.

Fun fact: Before GPS it was handy to memorize Street names to get around Boston.
The alphabet is whole again.



Martin writes, “The North Atlantic Right Whales that have been spotted around Gloucester spent the morning feeding just off Long Beach.  And I mean just off; in some cases, within 20 feet of the rocks.

There were at least four of them, which represents 1% of the global population of this extremely endangered species, which has been described as “on the brink of extinction” (  This past year has been a tough one, with no confirmed live births, and more than a dozen deaths due to boat strikes and entanglements.
They seemed to my untrained eye to be adults, much larger than the juvenile who visited Bass Rocks in 2015 (  And unlike that whale, which seemed to be exploring and playing, these whales were feeding systematically.”
All photos copyright Martin DelVecchio
See Marty’s flicker album here for more North Atlantic Right Whale photos:


Last night our Community came together to pick out some beautiful hand-made bowls and share a simple meal of soup and bread with our neighbors as a reminder that, every night across this country, people stand in line for just that, a bowl of soup, bread and something to drink.  At the end of the night, the bowl goes home as a reminder that, somewhere, someone’s bowl is truly empty.   I’m happy to report there wasn’t an Empty Bowl in the house and lots of funds and awareness were raised for this great cause!  Part of last night’s fundraiser was to celebrate The Open Door‘s 40th Anniversary of serving the Cape Ann Community!


What a show! Whales so close you can hear the blows Gloucester, MA

five right whales visible from shore Gloucester MA©c ryan they are so close you can hear the blows_20180504_084448


They’re making a bunch of noise!

2 min video below *apologies for the hand held zoom–trying to share some of this natural wonder

4 whales in this one

Prior post– WHALES 5+ feeding between Salt Island & Long Beach visible from shore now! #GloucesterMA

WHALES 5+ feeding between Salt Island & Long Beach visible from shore now! #GloucesterMA

Update: we spotted five or six right whales at 6:30AM just off the shore between Salt Island and Thacher. They remained feeding in the area for 11+ hours. Two crossed past the Rockport side of Long Beach, and back again. They were surprisingly fast at times! Post was updated during the day with more photos and videos. I hope some photogs with professional lens will be sharing soon.

five right whales visible from shore Gloucester MA May 4 2018©c ryan still from short video.png

30 seconds 4 right whales out of 6 off Gloucester Ma, Long Beach, Twin Lights in backgrounds



1 min video tracking 1 of 6 right whales





How close? This close: here’s another image from an FOB whales out her window!

FOB sent photo in to Good morning gloucester  whales out window IMG_8894.JPG

Is this Atlantic right whale detection app active?

Second post- close up

Third post after work– 3 whales still feeding here 11+ hours later!

10th Annual Gloucester Public Schools Arts Festival

Cape Ann Community

gps-arts-festival-073_17275879908_oThe Gloucester Public Schools Art Festival is back! Join us for a free day-long celebration of art, music, dance and theater. Amazing artwork by Gloucester’s pre-K-12 students will be on display and performances will take place all day. We’ll even have a group painting project with Cape Ann Art Haven taking place in the Cape Ann Museum Courtyard. Don’t miss this fun, family event for all ages. Sponsored by Gloucester Education Foundation
When: Saturday, May 12, 2018 11:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Downtown Gloucester – Sawyer Free Library, City Hall & Cape Ann Museum,

For more info:


Cape Ann Museum:
11 – 1 Community Art Project – Paint with Art Haven (Courtyard)
12 – 12:20 Veterans’ 4th & 5th Grade Chorus “The Gleeful Eagles” (Auditorium)
12:20 – 12:40 O’Maley Chorus Performance (Auditorium)
12:40 – 1 GHS Chorus Performance (Auditorium)
2 – 2:30 GHS Theatre Program Performance: Once…

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Colorful New Art Exhibit at Rose Baker

Cape Ann Community

Juni Van Dyke, Director of the Art Program at the Rose Baker Senior Center, recently unveiled the Artists of the Month exhibit for May and June. Every two months artists from the program are honored with an exhibit of their works in the lobby of the Senior Center. The public is encouraged to stop by the Center between 9am and 4pm any weekday to see the work of these accomplished artists.

May 18 Artists

For May and June, Juni has selected two artists who have been honored before: Helen Burgess and MaryRhinelander McCarl. The artists are shown below: Helen (l) and Mary (r) with Juni in front of the exhibit.

Helen Burgess was honored in an exhibit last February with her daughter Valerie Sadler. It was Valerie who convinced her Mother to attend the Rose Baker art program. Although Helen insisted she had no artistic talent at all, she gave the program a…

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