Our Young Swan was badly injured today.

As you may recall, the rescue cygnet was deposited at Niles Pond about ten months ago. Local residents Lyn Fonzo and Skip Hadden had been watching out for him and feeding him regularly, when he became frozen in the ice last fall. Lyn and Dan Harris rescued the Young Swan, and Lyn cared for him all winter long, feeding him and providing fresh bedding and water daily in a custom-made swan sanctuary.

Several weeks ago the Young Swan was released back to Niles Pond. Lyn has not yet seen him fly, not because of injury, but we think he simply does not know that he is a swan. Many species of birds imprint on the first thing they see upon hatching and when this little guy was found he was without parents.

The Young Swan has not been adapting well, and has been seen wandering around the Pond, by foot, and sitting quietly in the yards of neighboring homes.

Mr. Swan gave the Young Swan a tremendous thrashing today, as witnessed by several people, pounding his head against the ground and causing him to bleed. We can’t hold this behavior against Mr. Swan, he is just doing what swans do naturally, and that is to defend their territory, especially from other males.

Lyn volunteered to take the Swan back to her swan sanctuary while a new home is identified. Very unfortunately, it was determined that the Young Swan be placed in the OCEAN. The Young Swan has never swam in, or for that matter even seen, the ocean, and he cannot fly well. The excuse was that Mass Wildlife rules state that if an animal is not visibly injured it has to be returned to the wild. However, our understanding is that Mass Wildlife guidelines do not pertain to non-native species and to pets. The Swan’s caretakers were begging to keep the swan safe and not dump him on the beach, repeating that the swan would be cared for, yet, despite their pleas, he was taken to Niles Beach and released there. 

He is currently swimming around and around in circles off of Niles Beach, in the harbor. We hope at some point tomorrow he will come to shore, where he can be recaptured and placed in a safe environment.

Please write and let us know if you know of a swan rehabilitator or potential long term swan caretaker.Alone in the harbor with no ability to escape danger or to defend himself.

We hope he stays close to shore and out of the path of boats.

Over 1,000 Cape Ann License Plates Now on the Road

Cape Ann Community

If you are spotting “Love Cape Ann” license plates more often these days, there is a very good reason – over 1,000 special Cape Ann license plates are now on the road.

Cape Ann License Plate

In just a little over a year since they were first issued, these beautiful  plates featuring four iconic Cape Ann images and a colorful artist’s palette have become a familiar sight here on Cape Ann. They are also becoming great ambassadors for our region as their proud owners travel throughout America.

And now, the Cape Ann Community Foundation (CACF) and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to offer a new service that will make it even easier to get your own Cape Ann license plate.

“We will help people complete the online application, either by phone or in person at the Chamber office, and new plates will be mailed right to their home,” explained Barb…

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Gloucester Stage Presents World Premiere of Madame Defarge

Robert Walsh, Artistic Director Jeff Zinn, Managing Director




Gloucester Stage Company opens its 39th season of professional theater on May 11 with the world premiere of Madame Defarge, Wendy Kesselman’s new musical inspired by Charles Dicken’s classic A Tale of Two Cities. The world premiere musical runs from May 11 through June 2 at Gloucester Stage Company, 267 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA. A passionate re-imagining of Dickens’ infamous Madame Defarge illuminates this new musical by Wendy Kesselman. Set against the turmoil of the French Revolution, two men similar in face but separate in fate weave a story of sacrifice and salvation all driven by Madame Thérèse Defarge battling oppression with longings for love, freedom, justice, and revenge. Directed by Ellie Heyman in her Gloucester Stage debut, the cast features GSC veterans Jennifer Ellis as Madame Therese Defarge, the woman whose revenge sparked a revolution; Benjamin Evett as her husband Ernest Defarge; and Broadway veteran Rockport’s Wendy Waring as Miss Pross; along with GSC newcomers Broadway’s John Hillner as Monsieur Le Marquis; Boston Conservatory’s Sabrina Koss as Lucie; Jason Michael Evans as Sydney Carton; Rob Karma Robinson as Doctor Manette; Matthew Amira as Charles Darnay; Marissa Simeqi as Little Lucie; and John Shuman as Mr. Lorry. Massachusetts based playwright Kesselman wrote the book, music and lyrics for this untold story of Madame Defarge, New York’s Christopher Berg provides the musical arrangements, Mindy Cimini, is the music director and Asher Denburg is the associate musical director for this world premiere production.

Besides her Tony-nominated new adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank, Wendy Kesselman’s plays include My Sister in This House; The Executioner’s Daughter; The Notebook; The Foggy Foggy Dew; The Last Bridge; I Love You, I Love You Not; Maggie Maagalita; Merry-Go-Round; The Shell Collection; My Sister in This House, A Re-imagined Version (Deaf West Theatre); The Graduation of Grace and Spit. She has written the book, music and lyrics for The Juniper Tree, A Tragic Household Tale; Becca and The Black Monk, A Chamber Musical. A member of the Dramatists guild, among other honors she has received the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, the AT&T Onstage Award, The New England Major Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in the American Theatre, the first annual Playbill award, the Roger L. Stevens Award, the Jane Chambers Playwriting Award, the Lecomte du Noüy Annual Award, Meet the Composer Grants, a Massachusetts Cultural Grant and Guggenheim, McKnight and NEA Fellowships. Her screenplays include Sister My Sister (adapted from My Sister in This House), directed my Nancy Meckler, with Joely Richardson, Julie Walters and Jodhi May; I Love You, I Love You Not (adapted from her play of the same name), directed by Billy Hopkins, with Jeanne Moreau, Claire Danes and Jude Law; and Mad or in Love for Fox 2000. She won a WGA Award for her screen adaptation of John Knowles’ A Separate Peace, directed by Peter Yates. The CD of her chamber musical The Black Monk will be released Fall 2018.

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Alicia Unleashed- Zumba Time



Episode 79-with Erin Valaskatgis (in Alicia talk Valas-KAH-gis). This one is PACKED WITH STUFF and 1:23 minutes’ worth of awesome info! If you love Zumba, Hair, Makeup this is the episode for you!
Both Alicia and B share different (very different) ways in how they know Erin!

Hot Plate:
*Happy Nurses/Teachers Appreciation Week! Shout out to all the Women and Men in our lives that are Nurses and Teachers!
*HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the Women in our lives too! Shout out to John Jerome Music for being at Woodman’s this Sunday (May 13) from 2-5pm on the TOP DECK!
*Shout out to Craig Kimberly and Sean O’laughlin raise funds for the PrideofGloucester.com. Look at the site, it’s incredible, they are doing great work and need our help!

***We have Minute mark call outs/shout outs!
***Warning Minute 24 IT GETS LOOOOOOOOOOOUD, just like Erin’s class!*****

14:15 WE GET IN TO IT! B takes over to discuss how Erin is her Rockstar Zumba Instructor! B explains the Tornado that is Erin’s Monday Night Zumba Class at the Cape Ann YMCA! Erin discusses how she got started in Zumba (shout out to Janine’s Fitness) and when she became a Licensed Instructor. B explains to Erin and Alicia, what it feels like to be an attendee of her class! Erin explains how she develops her routines, songs that inspire her.



48:12 We ask HOW THE HELL Lillian and Sabrina keep their hair so damn perfect even when they work out!!!!!!! Also, Lillian, when are you coming on our Podcast?! We have Wine and Cheese (shout out to Savor).
50 minute mark-We get in to how Alicia knows Erin! *Shout Out Adesso Hair and Day Spa.

Erin discusses how she almost left doing hair until Laura Severino saved her and they started their business ‘The Artists’ -An on-location Event Hair and Makeup styling company! They come to you!

**Katelyn Foley are you listening?!

Erin’s Zumba: Cape Ann YMCA Sundays (10am); Mondays (10:30am in Ipswich) (6pm), W & F (12pm)

FB: @theartistshairandmakeup @AdessoSpa @JohnRaymondJerome


Opening Song: This is Me-Keala Settle

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Loren Doucette at the flatrocks gallery

Loren Doucette presents a 4-Day Open Studio Event showcasing over 40 paintings.

Open Reception: Saturday May 12th 6-8pm

4-Day Open Studio Event
May 10, 11, 12 and 13 from 12-5pm

Flatrocks Gallery 77 Langsford Street Gloucester, MA


After a prolific winter at Flatrocks Gallery, Doucette invites the public to view over 40 of her drawings and paintings (complete and in process) created in the last 2 years as well as select pottery pieces by Ruth Worell.


Doucette opens Flatrocks Gallery to the public in a unique way showing a transparent look into the process of drawing and painting. On display are over 40 paintings showing a variety of different sized works, multiple media, and various subject matter; an intimate window into the artist’s view of the world around her.  She says, “I work on multiple paintings at once letting the different ideas feed one another. This is how a series is born during my indoor winter studio practice. This show is like an open sketchbook of ideas strewn across the walls in full color.”

Doucette, usually a landscape painter, explores new ways of working intuitively in her latest work. She says, “I move back and forth drawing and painting from the world of form to departing from it all together; the process excites and surprises me. I am a teacher and a painter, so sharing the process is as important to me as sharing the finished product.”

Loren Doucette has shown in solo and group shows since 2007. She attended the School for the Museum of Fine Arts in 1997 and continued her studies at Montserrat College of Art from 2006-2013 where she received her BFA in Painting and Drawing. Doucette studied abroad in Viterbo, Italy for a month in 2011 where her love of landscape painting was recharged. She currently teaches weekly classes in Drawing and Painting at Ten Pound Studio in Gloucester, MA and is also currently represented by the Tusinski Gallery in Rockport, MA, http://www.tusinskigallery.com.

Doucette’s 4-Day Open Studio Event at Flatrocks Gallery is open to the public May 10, 11, 12 and 13 from 12-5pm each day with an open reception on Saturday evening from 6-8pm. She welcomes private showings by appointment from May 10th to May 18th. Please contact the artist for an appointment at lorenadoucette@gmail.com.

Eastern Coyote talk tonight, Rockport Library 6:30 PM

Eastern Coyote talks Thursday, (that’s tonight), Rockport Library 6:30 PM.

Please join us for an informative presentation and discussion regarding the Eastern Coyote facilitated by Conservation Biologist and Wild Canid Ecologist Christine Schadler, MS, MA.

While wolf recovery was the focus of her early work, Chris’ attention shifted to the eastern coyote when she moved to New England. Using sound livestock management and non-lethal predator control, she prevented predation for two decades at a sheep farm with known coyote problems. Chris has provided talks to livestock growers and the general public for 30 years on living with coyotes.

Chris is now the Representative for Project Coyote in NH and VT and co-founder of the New Hampshire Wildlife Coalition. She divides her time between teaching, giving talks, and working on her book Becoming Wolf: The Eastern Coyote in New England. Between presentations, she can be found at camp in northern New Hampshire researching coyote feeding patterns and responding to the occasional wolf. She is also the Chair of the Webster Conservation Commission.

Chris earned her MS at Antioch University Graduate School. She has taught Conservation Issues, Dendrology, and Wolf Ecology at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), and is now an Adjunct Professor at Rivier University.

Brought to you by the Friends of the Rockport Public Library

First Annual Gloucester Grow Fest!

Cape Ann Community

Have you heard?? Backyard Growers is hosting the first annual Gloucester Grow Fest!

Copy of school flyer front for web

Join us at Burnham’s field on Saturday, June 2nd to celebrate healthy eating, green living, and warm weather! There will be garden tours, art projects, yummy food, games, live music, community yoga, and more! This event is free and has something for people of all ages. See you there!

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