Meteorologists predict flooding from Nor’easter Riley could be the worst in Boston’s history. The storm is strengthening and the waves were much bigger this afternoon as the tide was going out. Be safe friends.The Good Harbor Beach Footbridge is intact at 4pm, despite mid-day flooding.

City Hall and the Paint Factory March Nor’easter RileyFV Capt. Joe leaving the Marine Railways and heading for the State Fish Pier at daybreak.

Just another day for a pair of male and female Common Eiders

Beautiful Fish: Unicornfish -By Al Bezanson


With Gloucester awash from a wicked storm nobody knows what may swim into town.  If you come upon a creature like this please notify NOAA, for the unicornfish is quite rare.   According  to Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) only two specimens have been found, both caught on the western edge of Georges in 1930 by the schooner OLD GLORY.

Alicia Unleashed- Mr. Beardo

Episode 75

With special “silent” guest Mrs. Beard’O! Recorded 3/1/18 with Alicia and BSide.


*Full disclosure, there was typing at the begining…. we’re sorry. It’s always a thing with Mr. Beard’O! Also stick to the end-ish for a special giveway!

We talk about Talia’s Last Play at Waring!
B discusses SEE, CLICK, FIX site!
The Gorton’s sign got a makeover!
B signed up for a MS walk in Newburyport.

**If you are here for the Beard skip to 14:14 mark.
Mr. Beard’O talks about being on the USA Network for Football Fanatic, talking about how social media got him all the connections for him to participate in this show!

We ask Mr. Beard’O why he decided to create a beard product, what is next in the product line (we even give him ideas for upcoming events and holidays) can we say Free Marketing?! How he was inspired for different scents and the process.
You can find bottles in Just Kuts in Waltham
Radiance Aveda In Salem.
*If you are a local business or know of a business that could benefit from having Beard’O Oil in their store, please contact Mr. Beard’O.

Shout out to Sam (1:01.30) and her man!

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Coastal flooding roads closed & New Balance Field at Newell Stadium

Receding now- 3 hours after high tide





Life of Riley – Nor’easter storm #GloucesterMA

March 2, 2018. Riley so far (photos and 2min video low tide 8:30–11:15AM,the first high tide)


Fishing boat returns to port March 2 2018 ahead of high tide

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New Bling at the Library

GMG Jimmy and I recently attended a program held at the Rose Baker Senior Center presented by Beth Welin, Directory of the Manchester Historical Museum.  This program focused on the Grand Hotels of Gloucester in the Gilded Age and included many hotels familiar to Gloucester residents: Oceanside, Fairview, Hawthorne, Moorland and Thorwald.  Ms. Welin reported that many of these grand hotels suffered major fires. Several of those fires were suspected arson.

This piqued my interest and, armed with some name and dates,  we went directly from the program to Sawyer Free Library to do some research.  Technically, I did the research.  I think GMG Jimmy enjoyed some coffee.  I digress.

As I approached the Gloucester local history collection,  I was delighted to see some new equipment available for researchers interested in reading microfilm.  Archivist Katelynn Vance was pleased to show off the new digital scanner from which you can manipulate, save to flash drive or email the images!!  WOOT WOOT  She also took some time to show me some of the other microfilm available for research besides a full run of the Gloucester Daily Times including the Boston Globe and the New York Times.  I was in research heaven.  I had such a good time, GMG Jimmy had to drag me away, but I’ll be going back sooner than later.

This is one of the images as I saw it on the new scanner from the December 11 1958.  I sent myself a jpeg file of this image to my email. BOOM!

This is the picture file….MAGIC!

ViewScan_0000 (2)

Welcome to the Sawyer Free Library, STimaging ST ViewScan 4! I love you.