The full moon of February is most often called the Snow Moon, but some Native American tribes called it the Hunger Moon or the Storm Moon. After this past week’s nor’easter, I think perhaps Storm Moon is most apt. The full moon actually took place over the cusp of February 28th and March 1st, and just as it occurred in the month of January 2018 when we had two full moons, the end of March will bring a Blue Moon.




Beautiful fish: Hook-eared sculpin and Mailed sculpin -By Al Bezanson

Meet the sculpins

The several members of the sculpin and sea raven tribe that are known from the Gulf of Maine are a homogeneous group, characterized by large spiny heads; very wide gill openings; very broad mouths; slender bodies; separate spiny and soft-rayed dorsal fins (united in some rare species); large fanlike pectorals but small caudals; and by ventrals that are reduced to three long rays. All of them, too, have a fashion of spreading the gill covers and of flattening the head when taken in the hand. They likewise produce grunting sounds, and some of them have the power of inflating themselves with air or water when they are molested.

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) courtesy of MBL/WHOI



Job opening at Gloucester Downtown Association

Downtown Assoc

“The Gloucester Downtown Association‘s Sidewalk Bazaar Coordinator has moved to Salem; Danielle Capalbo did a great job for us for the Bazaar and our Christmas promotion.  I am sure we all wish her well in settling into her new home. The Glouceser Downtown Association (GDA) is now looking for a new Bazaar Coordinator which is a paid contract position.  So if you know of anyone who you think might be interested, please have them send a resume to Patty Gates (Premier Imprints)  or myself ( The Weathervane) for consideration.”
Joe Ciolino, Director GDA”

Gearing Up

We were away for the weekend and missed the entire storm.  I was feeling a little out of the loop and have been missing the waterfront so we took a quick drive down to Pigeon Cove Harbor this morning on the way to school/work.

Dreary and drab today….but, always pretty.

Old Time Minstrel Show

I found this program in a downtown Gloucester shop.  It states: “We, the members of the Gloucester Service Chest welcome you to our entertainment, an Old Time Minstrel Show, which is given for the benefit of all our own boys in the Armed Forces.”  It was held on January 20 1944.  I was tickled to see my dad listed (“Patty Ryan” though he was generally known as Paddy) as a performer.  My childhood memories of his many performances are full of End Man/ Host duties at variety shows for various charities, so this was perfect.

He must have been only about 16 at this time and it’s gratifying to see that his End Man experiences had a long history.  Another cousin, Edna Handran, is listed on the ticket committee so it was a bonus. Some of the other names include Virginia Friend, Priscilla Cahoon, Theresa Sylvester, Buzzy McKinnon, Norman Ball and Lester Bragg.  There are others but perhaps some of you recognize these.  Presumably the ladies were members of the Junior Women’s Club at the time.

Performances included songs like My Shining Hour, My Heart Tells Me and Pistol Packin’ Mama; and, of course, Yankee Doodle Dandy. You’re humming right now, aren’t you?