Beautiful Fish: Armored Sea Robin -By Al Bezanson

Its body is entirely clothed with bony plates of considerable size.

Occurrence in the Gulf of Maine—

Trawlers tell us they sometimes take these brilliant crimson fishes on the southwestern part of Georges Bank. And they must be rather common outside the 60-fathom contour, for we saw 89 specimens trawled there and south of Nantucket at depths of 66 to more than 185 fathoms, by the Albatross III in May 1950.

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder (1953) online courtesy of MBL/WHOI


More photos – 4th Annual Welcome Home Cape Ann Veterans Mission at Gloucester MA Elks Lodge #892

4th Gloucester Elk Lodge #892 Welcome Home Initiative March 18 2018 _130158 ©c ryan (9)
Caffe Sicilia celebration cake

Gloucester and Cape Ann’s generous community join together to pull off this awesome, model initiative. Numerous volunteers prepare for and host on site. The welcome home bundles are loaded up with community business gift certificates and support.

4th Gloucester Elk Lodge #892 Welcome Home Initiative March 18 2018 _130158 ©c ryan (8)

The organizers– Adam Curcuru, Vionette Chipperini, Jayne Morse– and Mayor Romeo Theken welcomed attendees. The guest speaker, Lt General Mark O.Schissler (USAF Retired), and Marcia (Deacon) Schissler  retired here. Marcia grew up in Gloucester. Their enthusiam and positivity are a delight–say hi when you see them! The Lt General urged Veterans to stand on their service, reminding them who they are: “You make sacrifices. You willingly give of yourself and give up time to serve in the military…Hold on to it and move forward…the skills and confidences you build up a little bit over time will be great here and going forward. You’ll help make communities stronger–as strong as they can be…As you prepare for other chapters in your life, you will carry these skills and capabilities in to your next chapter… and the next, always. We honor you today and join together to celebrate and give thanks for your service and talent. This event–look around you…We’ll be there for you, take care of you now…”

4th Gloucester Elk Lodge #892 Welcome Home Initiative March 18 2018 _130158 ©c ryan (27)

Final note from Adam Curcuru, Director Cape Ann Veterans Services

“Great day at the Gloucester MA Elks Lodge #892 for the 4th Annual Cape Ann Veterans Welcome Home Initiative. Welcome Home to all our Veterans and thank you to all our Volunteers, local businesses, and community for supporting our Veterans.” 

4th Gloucester Elk Lodge #892 Welcome Home Initiative March 18 2018 _130158 ©c ryan (28)


The Great Gloucester Cleanup is Saturday 21, 2018 at 9 AM- 11 AM.  The One Hour at a Time Gang will be be at St. Peter’s Square.  For more information please go directly to directly to the following link:

Gloucester Clean City Commission

More information will be coming as the date gets closer.

Thank you and hope to see all there.

Gloucester High School spring sports Registration is OPEN

Julie Smith, Gloucester Public Schools Director of Athletics, reminds Gloucester students that SPRING SCHOOL SPORTS REGISTRATION is open.

Public art repurposed GHS floor fishermen logo Gloucester MA high school ©c ryan_20180110_150616.jpg

“Thanks to all of those who have already registered.  This follow-up announcement is especially for parents and guardians of O’Maley student-athletes…  We look forward to seeing you on the tracks, fields and diamonds!  Bring on spring!”

prior notice: March 4, 2018

“Spring school sports season is two weeks away!  All are encouraged and welcome to participate in GHS and O’Maley Middle School Sports.  Please check out the offerings below and follow the instructions to register.  Contact the sport coach listed below for assistance. 

Please be aware that Gloucester is in Year 2 of MIAA-approved Coop Waivers which allow Manchester Essex Regional High School (Track and Field) and Rockport High School (Boys Lacrosse) to compete together with GHS.

We are in the process of pursuing Middle Level Waivers from the MIAA in order for 8th, and in some cases 7th-graders at O’Maley Middle School to participate on GHS sports teams.  Please stay tuned for future announcements upon MIAA approval of the applications. 

Be sure to check out the offerings below and email the sport coach directly with questions.  MIAA Spring season begins Monday, March 19th.  We look forward to seeing you!


Julie Smith, Gloucester Public Schools Director of Athletics



  • GHS Boys Baseball – Open to Grades 9-12.  Pursuing middle-level waiver. 
  • GHS Girls Softball – Open to Grades 9-12.  Pursuing middle-level waiver. 
  • GHS Boys Lacrosse – Open to Grades 9-12 at both GHS and Rockport High Schools.  Pursuing middle-level waiver.
  • GHS Girls Lacrosse – Open to Grades 9-12 at GHS.  Pursuing middle-level waiver.
  • GHS Boys Tennis – Open to Grades 9-12.
  • GHS Girls Tennis – Open to Grades 9-12. 

Please note that coaches will likely need to limit the number of team members, given the facts that there are five tennis courts available to GHS and the program has been over-enrolled in recent years.

  • GHS Boys Track and Field – Open to Grades 9-12 at both GHS and Manchester Essex Regional High Schools.
  • GHS Girls Track and Field – Open to Grades 9-12 at both GHS and Manchester Essex Regional High Schools.
  • O’Maley Middle School Boys Track and Field – Open to Grades 6-8.
  • O’Maley Middle School Girls Track and Field – Open to Grades 6-8.

“Opening Day” is Monday, March 19thth!

Ready to register?  Please follow these steps!

GHS and O’Maley registration is in the same program so be sure to select the correct school and sport!

  1.  Register on  Parents/Guardians and Student-Athletes need to do this together.  Link to Athlete Registration:

  1.  Provide proof of a physical exam within the last 13 months to the sport coach.
  2.  Provide proof of completion of a certified concussion course to the sport coach.  Link to National Federation of High Schools course:

  1.  Pay the Spring 2018 User Fee, as well as any unpaid User Fees from previous seasons to the sport coach.

Instructions are included in the FamilyID registration.  Forms and payment must be submitted to the sport coach.  Contact the coach at the email address below for more information.

GHS Coach Email Addresses:

Boys Baseball, Bryan Lafata:                          

Girls Softball, John John Nicastro:         

Boys Lacrosse, Dylan Girard                           

Girls Lacrosse, Mike Lattof                              

Boys Tennis, Derek Geary                              

Girls Tennis, Cassandra Bradley and Cate Arkins

Boys Track and Field, David Coleman

Girls Track and Field, David Coleman                     same as above

O’Maley Middle School Coach Email Address:

Boys Track and Field, Allie Mitchell               

Girls Track and Field, Allie Mitchell                         same as above

Happy St. Joseph’s Day!

St. Joseph’s Novena is a nine day prayer, a way if praying with perseverance, modeled after the nine day period the apostles prayer before Pentecost. This year the Altar at the Mohan’ s was dedicated to Adoring Mother, Mary, mother of our Lord and all of the children everywhere.

Please grant the prayers of all those who faithfully prayed this novena. Bless the with your Love.

Next stop nationals! Gloucester High School Cheerleading Team New England champions

courtesy photo from winning routine 2018 New England champs

Julie Smith, Director of Athletics, shares great news about the Gloucester High School Cheerleading team:

“Please take a moment to watch the amazing Gloucester High School Cheerleading team and their winning routine, out of a field of 18 teams, at the NEW ENGLAND championships yesterday at Southern New Hampshire State University. According to Coach Erica Mitchell, yesterday’s competition was the “Super Bowl of the New England competitive cheer world.”  The team captured back-to-back State Titles in the Fall and Winter seasons.  The New England Championships are a culmination of the two seasons and only occur at the conclusion of the Winter season.  This is the program’s first New England Championship since 2007.  The team departs for Florida where they will compete in the National Championship this weekend.”

Red Skies

This was taken last summer after a quick thunder storm rolled through. The intense colors that came after were breath taking the marsh at low tide created these pools that absorbed the colors, Corliss Landing, a spot that never disappoints for sunsets.

Chickity Check It! Williams Fine Art Dealers


A fine art gallery on Boston’s North Shore that represents some of the finest artists working today in the US and abroad. While we specialize in Contemporary and Classical Realism, we work with a range of artistic styles, our guiding principles being an eye for beauty, individuality and a dedication to craft.

In addition to our regular gallery exhibitions we also offer art consulting and placement services to both corporate collectors and design professionals.  Wherever you are in your art collecting journey, it is our pleasure to assist you in achieving your aesthetic goals and welcome the chance to discuss your needs. We ship worldwide; please contact us for details.

We are located in downtown Hamilton-Wenham, roughly 10 miles south of Gloucester and just steps from the commuter rail.

300 Main Street
Wenham MA 01984



Mon Closed

Tues, Thu, Fri  11am-3pm

Wednesday 9am-12pm

Appointments are welcome all other days and times

Eli Cedrone as you may recall was selected as Rocky neck Artist in Residency September 2014 and has been featured on our pages many times!

Annual Inspection for the Gloucester Sea Cadets

Congratulations to the David G. Ouellet Division of the US Navy Sea Cadet Corps for an outstanding annual inspection.

As many of you may know, I am beyond proud that my older son, Thatcher, is a first year League Cadet in the Gloucester Division of the US Navy Sea Cadets.  So, I was beyond pleased to be in attendance to observe Regional Director, LCDR Landry as he inspected the division yesterday morning at the Gloucester Coast Guard Station.

He had many complementary things to say about the division and their growth, development, camaraderie, and more. He also noted that they have grown from the smallest in numbers to the 3rd largest division in the region.

They really are a very impressive group…due to their incredible leadership.

Lead Petty Officer, Ryan Litch, received an award from the VFW.  In fact, this award was the first of its kind awarded to any member of the Ouellet Division. The award was presented to him by Commander Brian O’Connor, Senior Vice CMDR John Ellis, and Junior Vice CMDR Bill Ellis.  LPO Litch was also presented with the Cadet of the Year award by Gen Guimond from the Massachusetts Council of the Navy League.  My son, as one of the youngest of the Navy League Cadets, looks up to Lead Petty Officer Litch more than he may ever know.

My family, and many others, are incredibly thankful to the US Navy Sea Cadets in general, most particularly the David G. Ouellet Division and its leaders, instructors, and volunteers for all that they do, embody, and share with the cadets in their care.

If you are interested in having your 10-17 year old son/daughter join the USNSCC read more here

The Gloucester Division also has its own website:

Contact the Commanding Officer here

Please take some time to view their Facebook page as well here



Familiar places through a new lens

My crystal ball has given me another outlet for my photography in that what you “see” through CB is a world turned upside down.  And sometimes, that’s quite beautiful in its own way.

Good Harbor Beach: you probably recognize this landscape even upside down


Kent Circle: the old red, white and blue looks great either way (not a distress call!)

Gloucester June 036

One crystal ball, twin lighthouses


Goose Cove Reservoir


As beautiful as Gloucester is, it’s added value to put a new lens on to view it through different eyes.