Clear Evidence of the Destructive Force of Global Warming on the Massachusetts Coastline and How This Negatively Impacts Local Wildlife -By Kim Smith

Female Piping Plover Sitting on an Egg

The recent winter storms of 2018 have provided empirical evidence of how global climate change and the consequential rising sea level is impacting the Massachusetts coastline. Whether broken barriers between the ocean and small bodies of fresh water, the tremendous erosion along beaches, or the loss of plant life at the edge of the sea, these disturbances are profoundly impacting wildlife habitats.

The following photos were taken after the March nor’easter of 2018 along with photos of the same areas, before the storm, and identify several specific species of wildlife that are affected by the tremendous loss of habitat.

Barrier Beach Erosion

Nesting species of shorebirds such as Piping Plovers require flat or gently sloping areas above the wrack line for chick rearing. Notice how the March nor’easter created bluffs with steep sides, making safe areas for tiny chicks nonexistent.

You can see in the photos of Good Harbor Beach (top photo and photos 3 and 4 in the gallery) that the metal fence posts are completely exposed. In 2016, the posts were half buried and in 2017, the posts were nearly completely buried. After the recent storms, the posts are fully exposed and the dune has eroded half a dozen feet behind the posts.

In the photo of the male Piping Plover sitting on his nest from 2016 the metal posts are half buried.

Although scrubby growth shrubs and sea grass help prevent erosion, the plants have been ripped out by the roots and swept away due to the rise in sea level.

Plants draw tiny insects, which is food for tiny chicks, and also provide cover from predators, as well as shelter from weather conditions. If the Piping Plovers return, will they find suitable nesting areas, and will plant life recover in time for this year’s brood?Other species of shorebirds that nest on Massachusetts’s beaches include the Common Tern, Least Tern, Roseate Tern, American Oyster Catcher, Killdeer, and Black Skimmer.

Common Tern parent feeding fledgling



Where Have All the Wildflowers Gone?

Female Monarch Depositing Egg on Common Milkweed Leaf

Wildflowers are the main source of food for myriad species of beneficial insects such as native bees and butterflies.

Monarch Butterflies arriving on our shores not only depend upon milkweed for the survival of the species, but the fall migrants rely heavily on wildflowers that bloom in late summer and early fall. Eastern Point is a major point of entry, and stopover, for the southward migrating butterflies. We have already lost much of the wildflower habitat that formerly graced the Lighthouse landscape.

Masses of sea debris from the storm surge washed over the wildflower patches and are covering much of the pollinator habitat at the Lighthouse.

Broken Barriers

American Wigeon Migrating at Henry’s Pond

Barriers that divide small bodies of fresh water from the open sea have been especially hard hit. The fresh bodies of water adjacent to the sea provide habitat, food, and drinking water for hundreds of species of wildlife and tens of thousands of migrating song and shorebirds that travel through our region.

The newly rebuilt causeway between Niles Pond and Brace Cove was breached many times during the nor’easter. The causeway is littered in rocks and debris from the sea.

The causeway being rebuilt in 2014.

The road that runs along Pebble Beach, separating the sea from Henry’s Pond has been washed out.

The footsteps in the sand are where the road ran prior to the storm.

Mallards, North American Beavers, Muskrats, North American River Otters, and Painted Turtles are only a few examples of species that breed in Massachusetts fresh water ponds and wetlands. All the wildlife photos and videos were shot on Cape Ann.

Migrating Black-bellied Plover

Cape Ann is hardly alone in coping with the impact of our warming planet and of rising sea level. These photos are meant to show examples of what is happening locally. Regions like Plymouth County, which include Scituate and Hingham, have been equally as hard hit. Plum Island is famously heading for disaster and similar Massachusetts barrier beaches, like Cranes Beach, have all been dramatically altered by the cumulative effects of sea level rising, and recently accelerated by the devastating winter storms of 2018.

To be continued.

Impassable Road to Plum Island

Snowy Owl Cranes Beach

the comedy writers did slay #MeToo monster topics on Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore January 8 1972
yeah, still relevant 46 years later

Sometimes it’s tough to have several generations in our home agreeing on entertainment, but The Mary Tyler Moore Show is hilarious and works. Our viewing of some of these episodes happened right at the time of the Weinstein take down, making an even bigger impression on my kids. Here are short excerpts (5min) from 3 episodes not to miss:

Vid.description- Mary interviews women to be her assistant and Lou Grant weighs in




Mary says Aha!



Last excerpt, another from a season three episode cut to Mary, Rhoda, and Phyllis discussing the possible promotion for Mary –taking Lou’s job, Phyllis imploring “go get that job”, and then Mary asking Lou a bunch of questions about why she wouldn’t get the job “Does it have anything to do with my abilities? Nah. “It’s not because I’m a woman is it?” Of course it is…

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Women’s Community Club of Magnolia Easter Bake Sale

The Women’s Community Club of Magnolia will hold its annual Easter Bake Sale on Saturday, March 31st from 8:30 – 11:00a.m. at the Magnolia Library Center, corner of Lexington and Norman Ave. Magnolia. Along with the bake sale, there will be raffle baskets available to take chances on.  All the money raised for this event goes to our scholarship fund.  Please come and support this community event.


Tonight! Cheryl Arena joins the Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 3.8.2018


Ms. Cheryl Arena returns to the Rhumb Line with her disgraceful vagabonds to drop the sword of Damocles on your head. With Mr. Pete “Moss” Henderson on catarrh (and vocals) and red hot drummbler Mr. Forrest “Tucker” Padgett. Fresh out of surgery where we all got our eustachian tubes tied, the night promises to be an open sore on the closed minds of the infidels of the Blooze.Don’t miss it! 830 to 1130.

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Cape Ann Chamber Ribbon Cutting @ Wellspring Awesome Closet!

Last night the Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce was very proud to cut the ribbon for the Wellspring Awesome Closet.

In January 2018 the Awesome Foundation awarded Wellspring the 52nd $1000 no strings attached micro grant to create the Awesome Closet. A underutilized space at Wellspring became that “shoppe”. It provides a boutique shopping experience for their clients. The grant was used to buy racks and fixtures for the room. H. Herbert Goodick, Inc installed the rack and painted. Glover Floor Covering, Inc donated and installed the carpet. The Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce and their Business Women’s Mixer at the Crows Nest last month helped to stock the closet with tons of awesome donations. J. Jill Compassion Fund will continue to support the effort long term.

The racks are organized by size, program participates can make an appointment and shop for FREE. Volunteers are available to act as personal shoppers and help them choose outfits. Donations of business atire for both women and men are always welcome.

Happy International Women’s Day – Women empowering women!!!

Sunshine and Spring Training

I’ve been a little m.i.a. from the blog these past few weeks but I’ve been enjoying some downtime in Arizona visiting my oldest daughter who moved out there last August.   We had some fun exploring the Sedona area and Grand Canyon, but my husband was in his glory sitting in the stands of his first Spring Training game with the Cactus League in Phoenix.   Great day watching the Cubs vs Diamondbacks in the warm Arizona sunshine!



City Offices, Gloucester Schools Closed Thursday

All City Offices (including City Hall), Gloucester Schools are Closed for Thursday, March 8, 2018.

Due to prolonged impacts of the ongoing winter storm, Governor Charlie Baker is announcing that all offices for non-emergency state executive branch employees will be closed today.

Overnight, heavy snowfall and high winds have resulted in hazardous driving conditions. With several communities experiencing power outages and downed trees, the administration is urging residents to stay off roadways and to use public transportation when possible.




National Grid has been preparing for power outages in different areas across the North Shore, including Gloucester. If any outages do occur in your area, it is imperative that they be reported via the National Grid Customer Service or Outage Reporting phone lines as listed below. Every outage phone call that we receive is logged into our outage tracking system and better enables us to pinpoint the location of the issue. The sooner National Grid can identify the location of the issue, the quicker a response can be sent.

  • The Customer Service Line is: 1-800-322-3223
  • The Outage Reporting Line is: 1-800-465-1212



Latest weather and emergency reports can be seen using the following links and resource lines:

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