“We Love You Too Snowy Owl” Prints for Sale

“We Love You Too Snowy Owl” prints for sale.

For the next two weeks, I am offering a limited edition of the photo “We Love You Too Snowy Owl.” The 8 x 12 photo will be printed on fine art hot press paper and signed. At the end of two weeks, after orders are in and checks received, I will place the order with the printer. The $95.00 price includes shipping and tax. If you would like to purchase a photo of Hedwig, please email me at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com Thank you!

Beautiful Fish: Dr. Henry Bryant Bigelow -By Al Bezanson

“How much is known about the Gulf of Maine?”

“Practically nothing.”

So, according to his memoirs, went the conversation that kicked Henry Bryant Bigelow (Harvard) ’01, Ph.D. ’06, S.D. ’46, out of a rut and onto the Gulf of Maine, which he would transform from a scientific unknown to one of the most thoroughly studied large bodies of water in the world–and in doing so, set modern oceanography on an “interdisciplinary,” “ecosystemic” course before either term existed. Bigelow developed a rigorous, integrative approach to oceanography that he eloquently propagated for decades. Along the way, he served what he reckoned to be the longest tenure in Harvard’s history, working as a researcher, instructor, and professor of zoology from 1906 to 1962–for which he solicited and received, he recalled with typical humor in the memoirs, the only bottle of whiskey ever presented to anyone by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. (By David Dobbs, for Harvard Magazine) https://harvardmagazine.com/1999/01/vita.html

Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder has long been known simply as Bigelow and Schroeder.  Dr. Henry Bryant Bigelow (1879-1967) was founding director of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  https://www.whoi.edu/main/profile/henry-bryant-bigelow

Photograph courtesy of WHOI archives:  Dr. Henry Bryant Bigelow at the helm of Grampus in the Gulf of Maine, 1912




Alicia Unleashed- Breaking glass with Hannah

Recorded 3 / 26 / 18 with hostess Alicia, B-side, and Dr. Hannah Kimberley

Episode 76!-We traveled to the Kimberly Compound for this episode! After almost a year of campaigning to sit with her, we are sitting down with PUBLISHED AUTHOR HANNAH KIMBERLEY!

Hot Plate:
**Corrections CORNER!!! We said the wrong date for the Ward 2 Meeting! IT IS April 3rd (not the 4th) at the Sawyer Free Library Friend Room.Link at the bottom of notes!

*We talk (briefly) about #MarchForOurLives
*Donorschoose.org-A crowdsourcing site for Teachers that need just a little bit more help with classroom materials. (They educate your kids..c’mon).

We talk with Hannah about the life of Annie Smith Peck, a suffragist, Mountain Climber all around badass! Hannah discusses the inspiration behind writing Annie’s Biography and what it took to get her story told. We talk about the amount of research that went in to finding out about Annie Smith Peck, between eBay Sales that never were and reading soooooo many letters! Stay tuned to the end, Hannah even hints about BOOK 2! If you haven’t picked up “A Woman’s Place is at the Top” DO IT NOW!

***More information about Annie Smith Peck and the book: https://anniesmithpeck.org/

***Ward 2 Meeting Information: http://gloucester-ma.gov/Calendar.aspx?EID=6491


***Closet Case Event Tickets: http://gimmelive.com/closetcase.cfm

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Larry O’Toole Amazing map and Historic murals at O’Maley School #GloucesterMA

Five monumental Larry O'Toole paintings circa 1948- reinstalled O'Maley School circa 1971 - Gloucester MA DPW crew Mike Hale, Joe Lucido, Phil Curcuru, Mike, and John inspecting 2018 wit

photo above- Five monumental Larry O’Toole (1909-1951) paintings circa 1948 were rescued and reinstalled O’Maley School circa 1982. Gloucester MA excellent DPW crew Mike Hale, Joe Lucido, Phil Curcuru, Mike, and John inspecting 2018 with ©c ryan.  Thank you DPW! City art is routinely checked. Photo by Phil Curcuru below- note the artist’s distinct “L” signature

Larry O'Toole signature photo by Phil Curcuru Gloucester MA DPW  #5 installed at O'Maley painting pre dates 1951.jpg

If you haven’t seen the series of five murals painted circa 1945 by fine artist and muralist, Larry O’Toole (1909-1951), that were rescued and installed (decades ago) at O’Maley Innovation Middle School, perhaps you’ve noticed a poster of his brilliant pictorial map around Cape Ann.

O’Toole published editions of the map in 1947 and 1948. Reproductions of “A Salty Map of Cape Ann: Gloucester-Magnolia-Rockport-Pigeon Cove-Lanesville-Bay View-Annisquam” the 1948 blue version are available at Cape Ann Museum shop.  The delightful map includes inventive and intricate details and local nods: a shout out to Ben Pine’s* wharf, “All maps like this have a sea serpent;” schooners like the Henry Ford and Gertrude Thebaud (again Pine); historic sites and characteristic scenes not to miss “Artists and Seagulls”; and upcoming landmarks to look forward to like the Annisquam Bridge slated for completion in 1950. The numbered border framing elements could have been inspired by Virginia Lee Burton.close up zoomable map (sold) can be found here 


Gloucester, Massachusetts Capt. Ben Pine, the man who raced the schooner Gertrude Thebaud against the Canadian schooner Blue Nose for the fisherman trophy, one of the three men who made
Ben Pine office, 1941, Howard Liberman FSA/OWI photograph

Ben Pine* portrait by FSA/OWI photographer, Howard Liberman, titled “Gloucester, Massachusetts. Capt. Ben Pine, the man who raced the schooner “Gertrude Thebaud” against the Canadian schooner “Blue Nose” for the fisherman’s trophy, is one of the three men who made Gloucester. The others were Tom Carrol and Ray Adams.” (author’s note: Ray Adams was a gal so the compliment is for two men and one woman…).

Art can be seen on the walls throughout the Gloucester Mariner’s Association in Howard Liberman’s faint photos from 1941. I’m looking for more interior shots. Some of the art could be O’Toole’s, who completed commissions for Pine.

Carved fish models at the Gloucester’s Mariners Association (Fishermen’s Institute)

Howard Liberman FSA photo Gloucester Mariners Association.jpg


Acoustic Night at Feather & Wedge – Thursday, March 29


One of Boston’s most talented singer/songwriters, Andrew James, returns to Feather & Wedge on Thursday, March 29. His impressive set list is comprised of original music and covers by artists including Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Tracy Chapman, John Mayer and Jack Johnson. Enjoy this talented artist while enjoying the finest food in Rockport.

7 to 9 PM.

Reservations suggested.

To reserve a table, call 978.999.5917.


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Magical mornings

This photo popped up in my “on this day” from a couple years ago and I remember the morning as vividly as the skies were that day!   It was a cloud chasing kind of morning with just me and a coyote peacefully co-existing on Wingaersheek watching the magic unfold.    So as we trudge through the work week, lets soak up some leftover magic from these kind of mornings!


The End of an Era

While it may seem silly to many, I’m feeling a little bit of a loss with the sudden news that the Grant Circle Friendly’s has closed.  What may have helped would have been some notice….because, without a doubt, we would have gone just one last time.

What’s even sillier is that we rarely actually took our boys there….maybe ten times total in the eleven years we’ve been parents. Patty Melts have been replaced with sushi…..and fribbles with froyo….for better or for worse.  I did, however, spend a lot of time there when I was younger.  And those memories are pretty sweet.

Both sets of my grandparents lived within walking distance from Friendly’s and we went there often.  With my mom’s mother, we went there for lunch.  I remember well the different layout of the restaurant, the linoleum of the counter top, and the spinning stools.  With my dad’s parents we picked up gallons of ice cream each and every time we slept over….after picking up pizza at Valentino’s.

Time at Friendly’s is as vivid a memory for me as the many St. Peter’s Fiestas and Horribles Parades of my youth, shopping at Empire, breakfast at Union Hill Coffee House, the drive-in movie theater, the little birds and toads at the Garden Patch, Italian cookies at the Piscitello residence, and the cheese board and piano man at Captain’s Courageous.  Sigh.

I would have liked the opportunity to go one more time and talk to my boys about the memories of days gone by.  I’m having trouble thinking of places that resonate so loudly with my childhood….that are still standing today.

What are some of your favorite Cape Ann memories?



Cape Ann Community

ATTENTION Gloucester High School Students (and Parents):

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Internship highlights:

  • Open to students in 9th through 12th grades
  • Interviews are being conducted NOW!
  • A 2.5 hour workplace skills workshop each week at GHS during the weeks of July 9th- August 17th, and an internship placement at least 10 hours per week (exact weeks/hours will depend on the employer but will mostly be over…

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