Hedwig is the gift that keeps on giving! What a joy to see her awakening in the rising full moon last night. She preened and fluffed, then flew through the moonlight to a nearby phone pole.

The wind was whipping up and ruffling Hedwig’s feathers, making her look extra fine in the glow of the Snow Moon rising.

Dear Friends,

While I am sorting through the challenges of one of the hard drives for my Monarch film crashing, I have been organizing the Snowy footage. Captured in photos and on film, we have her bathing, passing a pellet, pooping, eating, flying, and much more, and is going to make a terrific short film. It’s a mystery to me exactly where she goes when she disappears for several days and I am hoping to document every aspect of her stay in Gloucester. She has been spotted at several locales in East Gloucester, Salt Island, and Twin Lights but, if by chance, she is a regular visitor to your yard, please write and let me know. The best way to keep the information from becoming public knowledge is to email me at I am also looking for a few minutes of footage of a Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) as they are closely related to Snowies (Bubo scandiacus), so please write and let me know if you have a resident Great Horned Owl. Thank you so much for any leads given 🙂Full Snow Moon Rising

Official :Gloucester Issues Coastal Flooding Statement

Gloucester Emergency Flooding Alert [Code Yellow Alert Issued 3/1/2018 6 PM]
Tides will be astronomically high from Thursday night (3/1/2018) through all of Saturday (3/3/2018) with a coastal storm and storm surge increasing coastal flooding and property damage. Power outages, road closures, and other emergency incidents are expected in the next 24 to 48 hours and we strongly recommend all citizens to prepare accordingly.
Additionally, we caution all citizens who are in low lying areas that are prone to flooding to be aware and prepare accordingly. Any home or business that was previously affected by recent storms and flooding should especially take caution.
Coastal properties facing East, NorthEast may be severely affected by the predicted storm surge and significant wave action.
Precautionary measures should be taken immediately to best prepare, including voluntary evacuation prior to the storm. All residents should avoid these areas, as well as avoiding driving through any flooded areas.
Strong winds may cause power outages and we are asking citizens to shelter in place. If your home is being flooded or if you are in danger, call 911 for immediate assistance. Emergency teams are prepared to assist anyone in need so call 911 right away.
Roads may be slick in areas, so we remind all to take caution if driving. Roadways most prone to splash-over at astronomically high tides will be at greatest risk of inundation.
Updates will be forthcoming and will be shared on the City of Gloucester website and social media pages so please visit Thank you for your assistance and please use 911 for any flooding or emergency needs.
# # #


National Grid has been preparing for power outages in different areas across the North Shore, including Gloucester. If any outages do occur in your area, it is imperative that they be reported via the National Grid Customer Service or Outage Reporting phone lines as listed below. Every outage phone call that we receive is logged into our outage tracking system and better enables us to pinpoint the location of the issue. The sooner National Grid can identify the location of the issue, the quicker a response can be sent.
The Customer Service Line is: 1-800-322-3223
The Outage Reporting Line is: 1-800-465-1212
Flood safety tips:
Storm preparedness and safety information:
Power outage preparedness and safety information:
Safety and preparedness tips for extreme cold:
Winter safety tips for pets:
Latest weather and emergency reports can be seen using the following links and resource lines:
Live weather maps and climate information:
Power outage map reporting:
Latest situation charts, messages and social media friendly messaging:

# # #




Beautiful Fish: Blue Hake -By Al Bezanson

Blue Hake

Our previous post spoke of two members of the hake tribe – WHITE HAKE aka BOSTON HAKE sometimes called BLACK HAKE and sometimes MUD HAKE when they are not simply called HAKE or their other name, LING.  The other mentioned, SQUIRREL HAKE is more commonly known as RED HAKE, except when it is called LING.  Got it?

Today we have another – BLUE HAKE.  It’s rare in the Gulf of Maine but common beyond the slope and has been taken at 1,000 fathoms.  BLUE HAKE look much like WHITE  and RED HAKE and also like BLACK HAKE which are really WHITE HAKE, as explained in the previous paragraph.

Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder, 1953.  Courtesy of MBL/WHOI – BLUE HAKE

Evan Goodrow @ The Rhumb Line’s Dave Sag’s Blues Party 8:30pm 3.1.2018


Evan Goodrow returns continuing his winter tour of the North Shore.


Be great to play with him again! With him, Ephraim lowell on drums. Bring sacrifices For the altar!



40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Nichole’s Picks 3/3 + 3/4

Pick #1:  Sugaring Off Tours at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

The warm days of late winter awaken the flow of sap in the maples, causing buds to swell and resulting in sweet-smelling, billowing clouds of steam rising from the sugarhouse. No matter your age, we offer many ways to take advantage of the age-old tradition of maple sugaring here at Ipswich River!

Saturdays & Sundays, March 3–18

Sap buckets on tree © Marie-Anne Verougstraete

On our naturalist-guided tours, learn how to identify a sugar maple, observe tapping and sap collection methods, watch the sap being boiled down in the sugarhouse, and get a sweet taste of the final product.

Afterwards, warm up by the woodstove in the Barn, where hot dogs cooked in maple sap (aka sap dogs) and delicious soups and desserts made by our volunteers are available for purchase. Visit our gift shop to browse a selection of maple products, and be sure to bring home a bottle of our own freshly made maple syrup.

$10/$8 Members • $11/$9 Nonmembers

Tours last about an hour and run in all weather. Advanced registration is required.



Pick #2: Awesome Cultural Festival at Harborlight

Free Event on Saturday, March 3rd 9:00-12:30

We welcome you to Harborlight to experience our second annual Cultural Festival.  Journey through our halls on a trip through Spain, Peru, Hungary, England, Mexico, China, Nigeria, Japan, Ireland, Morocco, Portugal, and America. Also make a stop along the way to learn Sign Language. Begin in our library where guests will enjoy music and stories from around the world.  Grab your passport and begin your adventure! Have your passport stamped while enjoying art, crafts, recipes,and activities from a variety of cultures.

The morning will end with live entertainment.  A group of youth performers from the Chinese Folk Art Workshop will perform a traditional dragon dance, a Diablo yo-yo performance, and leave time for hands-on demonstrations.   Some of Harborlight’s own faculty and parents will perform the Flamenco, and Harborlight students will sing international songs.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 9.07.57 AM


Pick #3: Treasure Island at the Larcom Theater



  • Saturday, March 3rd | 11:00 AM

  • Saturday, March 3rd | 2:00 PM

  • Sunday, March 4th | 11:00 AM

  • Sunday, March 4th | 2:00 PM

Tickets:   $15 | $17 | $21

The company that brought you The Little Mermaid last year is back by popular demand with Treasure Island.

Experience the thrilling tale of adventure on the high seas in this fun-filled yarn of piracy and buried treasure. Jim Hawkins, the cabin boy on the sailing ship “Hispaniola,” is drawn into this action-packed story full of unsavory characters, including the infamous Long John Silver, who leads a scramble for buried treasure on an exotic isle. The greedy mutineers fight each other for treasure as friendships come unraveled, and new alliances are formed. Good ultimately triumphs, but not without lots of twists and turns! Enjoy this amazing family musical that springs to life with all the great action and talent that The Panto Company USA is known for!

The performance duration is approximately 60 minutes with one intermission. The story is written for children 4 to 13 years old, but it is a true family show that everyone will enjoy!

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 9.18.16 AM

As always for a comprehensive list of family activities please visit our friends at North Shore Kid


I was watching a Big Bang Theory rerun recently as Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler were recording his new Fun with Flags video series.  A note on the chart behind his head said “Featuring your Father’s Grandfathers’ Flags“.  What a great blog topic!  Don’t click out of here just yet.

My Gloucester great grandfathers were William H. Ryan and William Edward Pierce and somehow I never noticed they were both named William until this blog research.  William Ryan was born in 1862 in Gloucester.  At that time, the United States flag had 34 stars.  This flag only lasted a couple of years before new stars were added and therefore the only President to serve under this flag was Abraham Lincoln.

By the time he died in 1934, the flag had 48 stars.  That flag lasted 47 years until Alaska joined the Union followed a few months later by Hawaii.

William Edward Pierce was born in 1864 in Argyle Nova Scotia Canada.  Nova Scotia had not yet joined the Confederation of Canada, but did so only 3 years later along with the rest of the provinces. This flag was only 6 years old at the time William was born.

William Pierce died in 1942 in Gloucester under a US flag of 48 stars.

Our ancestors lived through very interesting times and the flags of their time on this planet tell this story.  Both Williams were born into political turmoil as their homeland struggled to unify and to create the great democracies now in place.

BAZINGA–got you didn’t I?  It’s interesting, isn’t it? – to think about the history they saw probably without even realizing the impact.