Airfryer stuffed avocados

Avocado stuffed with tuna, shredded cheddar, pico design gallo and bbq rub cooked in the airfryer 8 minutes at 360 degrees. Total prep time 3 minutes cook time 8 minutes. Yummmmmm

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So many joy-filled faces filling their plates with Saint Joseph Day feast fare, prepared by Nina, Franco, and a tremendous circle of family and friends. The special meatless feast dishes are prepared during the weeks prior to Saint Joseph Day and everyone lends a hand, from the very youngest to the very oldest.

To name just some of the wonderfully delicious and much anticipated traditional foods– bowls of handmade tender pasta, fish and shrimp baked with bread crumbs (the breadcrumbs symbolize sawdust), batter-dipped and fried artichokes and cauliflower, Saint Joseph bread, panellle, platters of smoked and freshly caught cod, octopus salad, minestrone with fava beans, fresh fruit, sfinci, cassata cake, and zeppole. 

In honor of the spirit of Saint Joseph and the values of compassion and kindness that He represents, the Groppo Family opens their home to all who wish to celebrate at the table of San Giuseppe.

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Missing #RockportMA Woman Theresa Coen


Police, fire, and rescue vehicles are stationed around the Pebble Beach-Cape Hedge-Penzance Road area, with rescuers combing the beach.

Reader Rick shares the following from the Gloucester Daily Times online edition this morning; “Theresa A. Coen, 52, of Penzance Road in Rockport and also of Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood, was last heard from on Saturday evening” Is there a connection here?”

Thank you Rick for letting us know, her name is Theresa Coen.

Kindness is still Rockin on!

A couple years ago I wrote about the Kindness Rocks project and I love that this is still alive and going strong in our community!  I found this little fella at the Post Office.   I did not take it because it had made me smile, so it’s job was done and I thought maybe someone else could use it.   This also made me think about what an awesome EASTER activity this would be for the young ones after the easter egg hunt was done.   It seems we have a whole lot of rocks to get rid of from the storms so why not grab a few and sit the young ones down for a little project then go for a ride and “plant” their kindness somewhere in the city!   There is a facebook page “Glosta Rocks” you can check out and share your Kindness Rocks photos.    Keep Rockin on!!img_8296img_8297

More Sunflowers to Brighten Your Day

Dave Fernandes’ recent post of Colby Farm sunflowers gave me the idea to share these additional shots on this first full day of spring.  These are from a couple of years ago.

Despite the number of visitors shown here as a reality check: (and every single one of them has a camera and a child they are attempting to pose)

Sunflowers and Gloucester Sept 2016 001

You can get some shots that will brighten up any dreary day if you work around the crowds a bit:

Sunflowers and Gloucester Sept 2016 012Sunflowers and Gloucester Sept 2016 015

Sunflowers and Gloucester Sept 2016 004

Spring has officially arrived!


April Vacation Art Classes at Art Haven

Cape Ann Community

April-Vacation5 great classes—a different theme every day.

Monday : Paper Airplanes
Tuesday : Fairy Houses
Wednesday : Art for Nature Lovers
Thursday : Simple Animation
Friday : Paint Like Georgia O’Keeffe

Classes run 9-12 p.m.
$30 per day

Sibling discounts and Scholarships available.

Space is Limited. Register today at

Summer Programs are Here Too! Look on our website for more info.

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This Friday—Soulful Collage at Art Haven

Cape Ann Community

A Creative Workshop for Adults

We’ll be spending this Friday evening making collage. Join us! Beautiful papers, Simple instructions, BYOB. Enjoy and evening with friends making art that speaks from the heart.
$20. More info at


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