Large track-hoes (excavators) are needed to repair the damage done by the March nor’easter storm known as Riley.

The narrowest slip of land between a body of fresh water and the sea.

Native pussy willow trees survive storm after storm after storm after storm. More pussy willows, as well as other deep-rooted natives, need to be planted to help with the unending erosion.

Niles Pond water overflowing the bank and littered with debris swept in by the sea.


Nancy, Enza, Enza, Faye, Jackie, Sefatia, Nina, Kathy, Geri, Fay, and Josie.

International Women’s Day was celebrated Friday evening at the Gloucester House Restaurant. The theme this year was royalty and the hosting committee created a beautiful, festive atmosphere with exquisite floral centerpieces, fun purple-themed decorations, and costumes–tiaras were required 🙂 Mayor Sefatia stole the show, dressed head to toe in royal garb with a flowing purple velvet cape. Lenny Linquata and his outstanding staff at the Gloucester House, as always, made a fabulous dinner spread for the guests including fresh roasted and marinated veggies, heaps of fried calamari, and bacon wrapped Brussel sprouts to name just some of the appetizzers, chicken Florentine or fresh-off-the-boat haddock, and a mountain of exquisite desserts. A heartfelt huge thank you to Nina Groppo, Nancy Millefoglie, Enza DiMercurio, Enza Ferrara Taormiina, Faye Pavia, Jackie Zappa, Kathy Numerosi, Geri Millitello, Fay Puopolo, and Josie Taormina for hosting this much anticipated annual event.

Beautiful Fish: Shorthorn Sculpin, Longhorn Sculpin, and Staghorn Sculpin -By Al Bezans

Meet the Horned Sculpins:


Shorthorn Sculpin; Daddy Sculpin; Black Sculpin; Greenland Sculpin

The Shorthorn Sculpin, with its large flat head, vast mouth, weak tapering body, bat-like pectorals, and insatiable appetite, typifies the sculpin race in northern seas.


Longhorn Sculpin; Gray Sculpin; Hacklehead; Toadfish

Everyone who has fished along the shores of our Gulf is more or less familiar with this sculpin, for it is a nuisance to cunner and flounder fishermen. It often is bothersome to the angler to unhook when it spreads its needle-sharp spines and erects its spiny dorsal fin. It grunts when pulled out of the water and bites on any bait.


Staghorn Sculpin

The most southerly record for this Arctic sculpin, and the only one for the Gulf of Maine, is of a specimen caught at Eastport, Maine, in 1872, and now in the United States National Museum. It is only as a very rare stray from colder waters to the north that it ever reaches our Gulf.


From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schoeder (1953)  courtesy of MBL/WHOI

Swimming in Seattle!

Gloucester’s own….Meghan Colby of Cape Ann Sharks Special Olympics (YMCA North Shore)  has been selected as one of four athletes for Swim Team Massachusetts at the Special Olympics USA National Games


downloadThe Special Olympics USA National Games ( will take place July 1-6, 2018 in Seattle Washington. Venues will include the University of Washington, Celebration Park, Pacific University Seattle University, King County Aquatic Center and many more. We are proud to be sending a delegation of 50 athletes and unified partner in honor of the 50 th anniversary of Special Olympic movement as coaches and staff to represent
The National Games will feature nearly 3,500 athletes competing in 14 Olympic-style sports, with the support of 1,000 coaches, 8,000 volunteers and an estimated 50,000 family, friends and spectators. Non-competitive special events will include the Final Leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run™ that will symbolize the start of the competition and Healthy Athletes, a place where the athletes can get vital health screenings. Youth and education events will also be held in conjunction with the Games as young leaders rally around making change for the better of the Special Olympics movement and promoting acceptance of those with intellectual disabilities.
The 2018 Games will bring an estimated 80,000 people to the greater Seattle area. It is projected, based upon past Special Olympics Games, that hotel room nights, dining, shopping, car rentals, tourism and more could reach $50 million during the week of the Games.
As you can imagine, the cost to cover clothing, housing, dining, medical, public safety, and transportation for this amount of individuals is astronomical. Please support Gloucester’s Meghan Colby as she represents Cape Ann proudly at USA Games- Seattle in July. Click here to donate!

Dustin & Disney Sweepstakes

Salem Five is running a pretty fun promotion.  There are only a few days left to enter the Dustin & Disney Sweepstakes.  “Seven days of sunshine to uncomplicate your winter!”  Yes, please.

I, for one, would love to chill with Dustin and spend some time at both Sox Spring Training and Disney….all expenses paid, thanks to Salem Five.

One lucky family will be swept off to Spring Training in Fort Myers to see Dustin and the team take on the defending World Champion Houston Astros at Jet Blue Park and, get this – you’ll hang out with Dustin Pedroia before the game!  From there you’ll take a beach day on the Gulf of Mexico in Fort Myers before heading to Walt Disney World for two full days, with park passes to hop around all four of the planets most amazing theme parks.  All in all, like we said – seven days of sunshine to uncomplicate your winter.

To enter, all you have to do is head into a Salem Five Bank branch and ask about Dustin and Disney.

How to Enter: Visit any Salem Five branch to enter

Entry Period: February 12 – March 12, 2018

Sweepstakes Drawing: March 13, 2018


Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 7.45.56 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-09 at 7.45.41 PM

Last night’s dinner and drinks @unico2087 #myunicoexperience

We’re going to miss this place. Every single thing has been first class. The architecture is art. The landscape is art. The food presentation is art. If your travel agent suggests that you go to Sandals which was last cool in the 90s, find yourself another travel agent because they’re not doing their job. Overheard at the pool- “We were at Sandals in St Lucia and the rooms haven’t been updated in a long time. This place is brand new and is so much nicer.” Thanks my love for bringing me.