After posting a photo of Schooner Sugar Babe, First Mate Amy of the Schooner Green Dragon asked if we could see how the Green Dragon fared, and yes, she appears to have weathered the storm. Three crazy surfers were at Good Harbor Beach (no margin for error here). The wave action along the backshore was dramatic although they didn’t seem quite as huge as after some recent nor’easters. Temperatures are predicted to drop below zero this weekend. I hope everyone has their power restored and are keeping cozy.


Live Cash & Carry Auction ~ Cape Ann Estates Items Public ~ Hosted by Cape Ann Auction 6pm 1.6.2018 – 4pm viewing.


Join us for our Live Cash & Carry Auctions of items from Cape Ann Estates including Antiques, Art, Collectibles, General Merchandise, Coins, Jewelry etc.

Auctions take place on:
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Sat. January 6th – 6:00 pm
Inspection 4:00pm – 6:00pm
at the Manchester Community Center

40 Beach St. – Harbor Point
(Manchester Station)
Manchester by the Sea, MA 01930

Our crowd pleasing cash & carry auctions are back! Mark this night on your calendar for one of the most unique and fun shopping experiences to be had!

The sale will include interesting items from Cape Ann Estates including: Art, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, books, antique photography and historic items, coins, postcards, records, fabrics, quilts, pottery, glassware, small furniture, and whatever else the cat drags in!

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Bring PLENTY of CASH! At these auctions we don’t accept Credit Cards or Checks! (ATMs close by) Shop-a-holics, homeowners, decorators, re-sellers, dealers, eBay sellers and bargain hunters of all kinds will have a ball at this event.

Updates, Pictures & details at: www.capeannauction.com – 978-395-7077 – MA Lic. #119
Not responsible for errors or omissions.

Future Auction Dates
Saturday Evenings:

February 3rd
March 3rd
April 7th
May 5th
June 2nd


Eastern Point Lighthouse

The water has receded and left in its wake tremendous damage to a number of homes and property. In many cases, from the exterior, it appears as though the record breaking high tide never occurred, but interiors are an entirely different story. Power is being restored around the Cape and if you were one of the lucky ones, as were we, you never lost it.

Twin Lights

Things are looking up, with the sun poking out around 10:30, and folks doing their best to dig out, urgently so, with temperatures predicted to drop into the single digits overnight.

Schooner Sugar Babe appears to be AOKAY

The roads are very driveable! Thanks to incredible efforts by Mayor Sefatia, Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante, State Senator Bruce Tarr, Gloucester’s awesome DPW, policemen, firemen, emergency medical crews, and the Coast Guard for all that they did yesterday to help our community keep safe and all that they continue to do today to recover from the Bomb Cyclone of 2018. 

Turkey running down the road and trying to find a place to cross in the drifting snow.

Lined up for breakfast at Niles Pond.

Tiniest Snowman at Bass Rocks.

Show cancelled for this evening for The LobstahCrackah Ballet 1.5.2018


ATTENTION: Due to extreme weather conditions, tonight’s performance of The LobstahCrackah Ballet: Revenge of The Gull King will be cancelled.
Performances still possible tomorrow and Sunday. Please check for updates. Thank you for your support and patronage!

Definitely not your mama’s Nutcrackah! Appropriate for all ages!

In this unique spin, the Gull King will overcome the LobstahCrackah Prince and kidnap Clarafied Buttah, taking her away to Lobstahland where he steals the magic scepter and throne of the queen, The Shrimp Cocktail Fairy. Meanwhile, Uncle Drawsum Buttah has transformed the LobstahCrackah back into a prince, who returns to Lobstahland disguised as a squid to save the day. Dancing turbines, mermaids, jelly fish, and whales… oh my! Come experience the magic for the last time.

6th & FINAL

Revival by Popular Demand!

December 29- January 14

We are conveniently located in

historic downtown Gloucester

at 169 Main Street or 68 Rogers St

Below Floating Lotus


Don’t miss it!

* Box office opens 30 mins before curtain.

Tickets available here > https://www.folkloretheatre.company/


STORM video and the morning after #GloucesterMA Good Harbor Beach and Long Beach

Thinking of those dealing with no power, evacuation and such destructive, icy flooding. 

January 5, 2018  vs Storm January 4, 2018

Long Beach Gloucester MA side morning after blizzard IMG_20180105_07 © c ryan


Today  here come the surfers


Rocks have clear icy layers and crunch pack, some pockets of drift



I’m following up on yesterday’s post, which was stopped midstream as we lost power. Scroll below for quick snaps and videos from my walk to Good Harbor Beach, Long Beach, and side streets.


About 2PM January 4, 2017 (high tide was several hours earlier)

Good Harbor Beach on sand looking out to Salt Island (from Good Harbor Beach Inn side of beach) Yes, the waves were rolling over the wall up to the homes but infrequently at this time. I don’t know what it was like at high tide.


(more Good Harbor Beach and Long beach below the break)

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Nothing Like 8 Year Olds Playing at the Garden

One of the highlights of many of Cape Ann Youth Hockey skaters’ early hockey careers is the opportunity to skate at the Boston TD Garden.  Thanks to the Bruins and their own coaches, Cape Ann Youth Hockey Mites are sometimes afforded the phenomenal opportunity to play a short game in between periods of a real Boston Bruins game.  The kids and their families are offered game tickets, usually meet up for dinner in the city, and then meet the Bruins staff for a debriefing of the plan of events.  Part of the way into the first period the team heads to an elevator and is escorted into a locker room to get ready for their 3 Minutes of Fame.

The skaters get the VIP treatment from staff and even get to meet Blades…the Bruins’ mascot.  As soon at the 1st period ends the young skaters take to the ice for a face off. All of the action is recorded by the Bruins and a couple of weeks later a video (the one below) is sent to the team’s coach.

Super special for the players to get to watch themselves skate on the Bruins ice….and for their parents too.  Finn was sporting a GoPro during the short game, but the footage from the top of his head isn’t as professional as the movie the Bruins sent.




Meet Courtney from NSRY!

Cape Ann Wellness

Meet our beautiful, talented and master yoga instructor Courtney Battistelli!She is fun loving, smart and inspiring. You will leave her classes feeling strong and relaxed. Balanced and inspired.

Hi reader! Here’s a little about me, Courtney Battistelli:  I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Wyoming in 2015. My teachers had diverse yogic lineages including Kundalini, Kripalu, Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bhakti and more. I am interested in creative expression and the power of the imagination. I love how yoga helps the practitioner align with presence and truth. Sustainable joy can be found through this alignment with our authentic selves. I am also passionate about the alchemy that occurs through experiencing and  recovering from addiction and dis-ease. I love practicing the art of teaching yoga. I am constantly humbled and inspired by the students and peers I meet! One of my favorite parts of teaching yoga this month, is theme weaving 🙂

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