Filming and photographing Cape Ann wildlife I have experienced extraordinary beauty and fascinating behaviors at nearly every encounter but filming a Snowy Owl take a bath has to be one of my favorite captures. I think there are a number of reasons why we are so captivated by these beautiful creatures. Most owls are nocturnal, which doesn’t allow much viewing of their day to day life. On the other hand, the diurnal Snowy Owl gives us a wonderful window into their world. Culturally, owls symbolize wisdom and intelligence and the characters they are assigned in literature strengthen our associations. Mostly though we are drawn to these creatures because they do not appear to be afraid of us, unlike most wild animals. Snowies will become irritated and depart an area when startled, or are being pestered, but I don’t sense fear in these Arctic visitors. I wonder if most have ever even seen a human being prior to migrating south.

Hedwig was a contented mess, her feet and talons blood stained reddish pink from a fresh kill. It was the morning after a storm, and the crevices atop Bass Rocks held pools of icy fresh water.

She gingerly at first hopped over to the largest pool, paused, and then jumped in. Repeatedly Hedwig dipped her face into the water to drink. After quenching her thirst, she plunged her entire face into the pool of water. She cleaned her face feathers by rubbing them against her breast feathers. Immersing, rubbing, immersing, rubbing, her face was clean in no time.

Then Hedwig went all in, dipping and soaking all her feathers, but not all at once did she completely submerge herself. I think that would have left her vulnerable to predators if she were unable to fly. She dipped and soaked, then fluffed her feathers, then repeated all several times more. The total length of time was about 40 minutes; she was still fluffing when I had to leave. Watching a Snowy Owl take a winter bath was beautiful and fascinating, unexpected and funny and am overjoyed to have captured with photos and film.

Happiness is a long winter bath.

A flock of Herring Gulls had the same idea. 

Alicia Unleashed- The Positive Side Effects


Recorded 1/25/18 with Chrisitna Kalinowsky, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practioner.

Minute 25:01 interview starts

NYE recap, Kyle’s not so surprise 30th Birthday Party (Shoutout to Scottie Mac), B’s Roller Palace Party…It’s not CLOSED! Shout out to Kristie Cakes. DON’T EAT TIDE PODS!!!! We recap B chasing down criminals. PSA Lock your doors and don’t chase criminals. Stay to the end to hear our 2018 manifests!


*Disclaimer: Christina is not a doctor.
We discuss what is the difference between a Nutritional Therapist and a Nutritionalist.
Christina explains “her why”, things she has had to learn in the last year throught this course. We talk Gout, Leaky Gut, Hearburn. Christina has a blog! Her favorite recipe, B’s favorite recipe (she calls it Chrisitna’s Miracle Juice)! How 1 food may work for 1 person and not for another. We talk Cheese, also “Not so healthy” food disguised as healthier.
Chrisitna also discusses the memior she is working on. And learning about Cancer.

Where you can find Christina (On Social).
Instagram: thepositivesideeffects
(Keep an eye out for the facebook page).

Special shout out to photographer
Instagram: rayaonassignment


Wish I got a pic at your booth . Gorgeous illustrations ! What a fun and happy event .

It was great that Sara Favazza could come to the event. She really enjoyed herself .

Good seeing you !

The best , Alice

Monthly Restorative Workshop THIS FRIDAY at NSRY!

Cape Ann Wellness

Join us at NSRY for BLISS at our Monthly Restorative Workshop.  February is the perfect month to rejuvenate and reconnect to your intentions and allow them to blossom from the heart. Join Katie Schroeder for an evening ceremony of deep relaxation. We will explore simple, easy poses supported by props to ease the body into deep therapeutic relaxation. Blocks, blankets, bolsters and belts along with essential oils and candlelight bring you back to breath and balance. Gentle assists,Reiki and guided visualizations will harmonize your mind, body and heart as you expand and clear your deepest intentions for your life.
February 2, 2018 6:30PM-8PM
$25 Secure your spot-space is limited!

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Good Harbor Beach footbridge and duck duck storm

winter shower 🙂

High tide by the Good Harbor Beach footbridge, one day ahead of the anticipated rare lunar trifecta, aka “Super Blue Blood Moon”. 


ducks sought drier grounds 

Duck duck storm



Today during the snow storm at 8am at peak high tide, this is what the exploding surf along Atlantic Road looked like. Cold and windy, with big fat wet snowflakes, it was beautiful nonetheless.

Patriots Out

Finn had a pretty early hockey game in Woburn on Saturday morning and I took advantage of the time in the passenger seat to delete tons of emails.  While scrolling through my inbox, I found an email notification from the Patriots announcing their plans for a Super Bowl send-off party at Gillette stadium.  With some extra time in the car as Finn and Freddy went into the rink to get ready, I decided to book a hotel and surprise the boys with a quick overnight trip to Patriot Place to be a part of the action.

I’m so glad I did.  After a really long week the quick family trip was just what we needed.  After Thatcher’s Sunday afternoon hockey game we drove to Foxboro.  We checked into our room at the Renaissance Boston Patriot Place and the boys were thrilled to see the bright blue sign of Gillette Stadium shining right outside our window.  After getting settled, we walked through Patriot Place and down to the NRG Plaza in front of the Pro Shop at the entrance to Gillette.  The boys were able to walk up onto the stage that was set for Monday’s festivities and then spent an hour skating on the Winter Skate Ice at Patriot Place.  After working up an appetite we had dinner at CBS Scene. Unbelievably, all of Patriot Place was like a ghost town.  I had made dinner reservations, but we were one of only a few full tables there.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and the boys decorated signs to show their Patriot Love.  We were in bed by 11:00 and up at 6:00.  After turning on the news we realized that the crowds were already gathering so we quickly got ready and went back down to the plaza. We scored great standing room directly behind the media pit and enjoyed the show!

The boys were interviewed by both radio and TV news personalities and were psyched to be a part of the excitement.  They had the opportunity to hear from several Patriots greats and I hope that, as huge sports’ fans, they’ll look back on yesterday fondly for a while.


Superbowl Grilling Idea- Moink Balls On The @PKGrills #PK360

Northeast BBQ

I pretty much followed the recipe from serious eats Except I added some oregano and garlic powder to the mix.  Also I think the recipe can be improved if you partially cook the bacon before hand and buddy Craig Kimberley suggested using a pork/beef mix instead of straight ground chuck.

These were awesome and I’d do them all over again the same way with either of teh ingredients if that’s all I had on hand.

Mix one lb and a half of  80/20 ground beef, two lightly beaten eggs and 3/4 cups seasoned panko bread crumbs and added oregano and garlic powder.

Roll into 1 inch balls and wrap with a half a strip of bacon securing the bacon with a tooth pick.  next dust with your favorite BBQ Rub.  I used Famous Daves BBQ Rub.


Next set up the PK 360 for high heat indirect cooking.  A full chimney…

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