Snow Emergency/Parking Ban EXTENDED until 12 Noon Fri. 1/5/2018 / Schools Closed Friday 1/5/2017

Extreme flooding has been reported across the city with certain roads closed for public safety. We strongly recommend that all citizens shelter at home and avoid all travel outside at this time. Road conditions remain unsafe and emergency teams need all streets clear to allow effective service. Gloucester continues to enforce an emergency parking ban across all city streets until 12 Noon Friday, January 5th. This parking ban means all vehicles are banned from parking on city streets. Residents may park in all municipal and school parking lots, but please be aware that some locations have experienced heavy flooding. Please use caution and call 911 for any emergencies.

Emergency shelters and flooding assistance provisions are being prepared for parties in critical need. If your home is being flooded or if you are in danger, CALL 911 FOR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE or callGloucester Police Department (Official) at (978) 283-1212. Do not wait for conditions to improve as this storm is expected to continue throughout the night. Please note the following social services in the City will be open this weekend during the storm and frigid cold.
• Thursday: Action Inc. will be open all day and night (978) 282-1000)
• Friday: Grace Center of Gloucester (and Action/Hotels at night)
• Saturday: Action Inc will be open all day and night
• Sunday: Grace Center @ The Open Door* (and Action/Hotels at night)
In the event that you lose power or heat over the weekend, the City encourages residents to shelter in place, stay with a family/neighbor who has heat and contact the Gloucester Police Department immediately for any concerns about staying safe or warm. The police can assist you in finding a place to go with power and will be working with American Red Cross of Massachusetts to assist residents in need.

National Grid has been reporting power outages in different areas across the North Shore, including Gloucester. If any outages do occur in your area, it is imperative that they be reported via the National Grid Customer Service or Outage Reporting phone lines as listed below. Every outage phone call that we receive is logged into our outage tracking system and better enables us to pinpoint the location of the issue. The sooner National Grid can identify the location of the issue, the quicker a response can be sent.
• The Customer Service Line is: 1-800-322-3223
• The Outage Reporting Line is: 1-800-465-1212

• All residents and businesses are reminded that they are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property.
• Please make every effort to shovel out hydrants at or near your homes, and please check on your elderly and disabled.
• Your cooperation during this snow emergency/parking ban is necessary for efficient and safe snow removal efforts, but please use the following links from state agencies for more insights:
o Safety and preparedness tips for extreme cold:…/service-deta…/extreme-cold-safety-tips
o Winter storm preparedness and safety information:…/service-deta…/winter-storm-safety-tips
o Power outage preparedness and safety information:…/service-deta…/power-outage-safety-tips
o Flood safety tips:…/service-details/flood-safety-tips
o Winter safety tips for pets:
Updates will be forthcoming as the storm progresses. Please check the City of Gloucester website and social media for further updates at Thank you for your assistance and stay safe during this snow emergency.

Bomb cyclone winter storm: Good Harbor Beach, Long Beach, Witham Street #GloucesterMA North of Boston

UPDATED- link to post2 January 5th with video

2:15PM slush pond roads and closed by Witham and Thacher and Good Harbor Beach parking lot. Power outages this way.




Ocean is up on the deck outside the Good Harbor Beach Inn snack bar, though not to the street





There go the staircases



**Video coming when power-wifi back**

Storm Coverage From Rockport at High Tide

We took a quick drive today between 11:30-12:15 but soon realized that we shouldn’t be on the road.  Strong winds whipped freezing cold salt water on us, my gear, and into my car before we decided to head for home.  It was hard to fight the urge to stay out longer for “the perfect shot” but sometimes you need to know when to call it a day. Waves were crashing up and onto the circle at the end of Bearskin Neck and washing probably 4 inches of water across the street and back into the harbor on the other side.  I just heard on the news that it only takes about 8-12 inches of water to carry a car away.  I’m glad I wouldn’t let my husband turn around at the very end, but made him go into reverse and stay clear instead.  #fighttheurgetogettheshot.  We turned for home before it got too bad but saw far too many people still out on the streets.  I hope they also turned for home!


Got a high five from Jim Cantore

He saw the name on the side of the tow truck, “Tally’s Hookers” and he did a SMDH.

Oh, if you are parked on T-Wharf in Rockport you might want to move your car. Or give Tally a call and negotiate. Looks like they took a pass on these last few that were lifting up. How do you get a chain on a floater?
This … may get wetter later.

GHS boys soccer banquet at the Elks at Bass Rocks and booster raffle winners

Beautiful event January 3 sponsored by the GHS boys soccer boosters, with delicious food from the Causeway and great soccer swag! Graduating seniors acknowledged their amazing play off and final soccer year as bittersweet. Congratulations to the players and coaches and thanks to the parent volunteers, especially Chris Mac. Coaches for three teams are: Armando Marnoto, Drew Sidell, Marcus Trejo, and Jason Rutkauskus.

From Nick Curcuru Nov 6 article in the Gloucester Daily Times:  “Gloucester finishes up the season at 12-5-2, its highest win total and deepest postseason run since 2007, when the team advanced to the Division 1 North Quarterfinals with an identical 12 wins. Despite the tough ending, Marnoto had nothing but positive things to say about his squad. “This is a special group, one of my favorites and they were a pleasure to coach,” he said. “I’m really happy with the season these boys put out. These seniors took their lumps when they were freshmen and kept improving to end up as one of the final eight teams in the bracket.- Gloucester Daily Times]

IMG_20180103_181633 (1)

2017 raffle ticket winners CHRIS MAC GHS BOYS SOCCER BOOSTER PHOTO phone scratched

Captain Joe Kibango’s Gillnetter article

Elks at Bass Rocks, Gloucester, MA

The Causeway Restaurant, Gloucester, MA

David Cox photographs of the GHS varsity team


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I especially like this part-

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Albert Camus Quote of the Week

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus (1913-1960)




Born to poverty in Algeria, then a French colony, Camus lost his father the following year in the First World War. His precocious brilliance was recognized with scholarships to the University of Algiers where he studied philosophy. During the 1930’s he was active in the French Communist Party and the Algerian People’s Party and began WWII as a pacifist, later joining the fight against the Axis. He gained prominence for his books The Stranger and The Myth of Sisyphus and is often linked to the existentialism of Sartre, although Camus himself referred to his philosophy as Absurdist, which posits that we ourselves must create meaning in our lives. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957, but was killed in an automobile accident two years later.

Greg Bover

Why the long gas lines??

Not sure I’ve ever seen long lines at all the gas stations prior to a storm like this before.  Are we preparing for an exodus?  Is it because they changed the name from a good ole fashioned blizzard to bomb cyclone? My only thought is that since its been so cold people have been putting off filling up and now we’ve had a fairly warm day they’ve decided to fill??  I’ve heard from friends from here to New York that have had long gas lines as well.