GloucesterCast 262 (or 261 Part II) with  Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Kim Smith, Super K and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/22/18

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GloucesterCast 262 with  Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Kim Smith, Super K and Joey Ciaramitaro

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Topics Include:

Free Tickets To Cape Ann Community Cinema – Share this post on Facebook for a chance to win two free tickets to Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

Victoria Taylor’s Bacon Glaze Seasonings- Link

The Pats Win!

Would Oprah Beat Trump (we actually had a conversation without calling each other a$$holes)

Jimmy and Pat Have A Strategy To Deal With Bad Weather Local Things To Do But It’s Been So Nice…

Shout out to the Gloucester City Archives, especially volunteers Mary Williams, Sandy Williams (no relation she tells me) and Sue Wright

Link To Gloucester Ma Municipal Archives

Snowy Owl Posts On GMG

High Tide Glass Company On Center Street

Cape Ann Reads Saturday Jan 27th At City Hall

Dogtown Books/ Mystery Train/ Main Street Art and Antiques

Art Haven Buoy Auction

Liv Went To The Pink Pussy Hat March In NYC





Hedwig preparing for take-off.

Reports by several photographers have come in that early Sunday morning Hedwig and Bubo had a tremendous fight. They were going at it talon to talon and the feathers were flying. This is normal behavior amongst Snowy Owls. They are not a mated pair; Hedwig arrived at Bass Rocks weeks earlier than Bubo, and Snowy Owls don’t migrate together. The two were most likely fighting over territory. As a matter of interest, we generally see more males in our region because the female Snowies are stronger and better fliers and they often stake out territory further north, closer to their Arctic home base.

Bubo after the fight.

The two Snowies retreated, spending the remainder of the day on the Atlantic side of Bass Rocks. Bubo was perched out in the open opposite the Inns, while Hedwig stayed tucked under the shelter of a rock outcropping.

At dusk they both flew to their favorite perches to begin a night of hunting. Hedwig was unfortunately being dive-bombed by a single crow and Bubo may have been chased from the area by a bunch of crows. Monday morning, as of this writing, only Hedwig was seen.

SNOWY OWL WATCHING TIPS: The following are some helpful tips for watching Snowy Owls, reposted from yesterday.

  1. Watch from a comfortable distance–comfortable for the bird that is. Nothing makes the Owls more stressed than people getting too close.
  2. Please keep children from throwing rocks towards the Snowy or anywhere within the vicinity of the Owl.
  3. Please don’t allow dogs to play near the Snowies.
  4. There have been reports of Snowies flying into cars. They often fly low when flushed and it is easy to understand why this may happen, especially as the Snowies are drawing so much traffic. Please be on the look out when you are in known Snowy Owl territory.
  5. Slamming doors, radios blasting, barking dogs, and loud mufflers all stress the Snowies.

Reader Amy Mcmahon shared the following blog post about observing signs of stress in owls Signs of Stress in Owls.

Many thanks to Amy for sharing!

Hedwig grooming her feet and talons.

Hedwig in flight


Mike Forgette and Jonathan Moody

Thanks so much to Mike Forgette for taking the time to show me around the shop he co-owns with Jonathan Moody, High Tide Glass Co. The store was bustling and is cockablock full of cannabis related products including one-of-a-kind handblown art glass pipes, T-shirts, tinctures, salves, and art by local artists.

Sunday marked the one year anniversary of forming the company and as of September, Mike and Jonathan have been at their current location on Center Street. This month they began a a series of music events at the shop, the “4:20 Sessions” with Crooked Coast. Like High Tide Class Co. on Facebook and you can find out who their next guest artist is, scheduled for February 11th.

Mike Forgette and Ross Carlson

Mike, Connor Elston, and Ross

Located at 3 Center Street, up off Main Street around the corner from Passports, High Tide glass is in good company. Danielle Glantz’s Pastaio Via Corta is next door, K-9 Cuts across the street, and just a few doors up and around the corner is Sandpiper Bakery (try their twice-baked almond croissants, the absolute best around!)

Keane Kirvan Mural


A number of friends have been texting and emailing that they are seeing a swan all along the Annisquam. I suspected that it was Mr. Swan as I have seem him on the Annisquam, near the bridge and Cape Ann Marina after he lost his second mate. It would be swan-logical that he would head over to the Annisquam in search of open, fresh water because both Henry’s and Niles ponds are still frozen.

Thanks to Craig Kimberley, who texted a swan sighting in real time, I was able to get a closeup of the swan, and YES, it is Mr. Swan that many of our readers are seeing. Mr. Swan’s bill is uniquely marked and he has beautiful blue eyes, which is unusual for most Mute Swans seen in these parts. In the closeup photo above it is difficult to tell his eyes are blue. It’s much easier to notice when his eyes reflect sunlight, but trust me, if it were a black-eyed swan, you would not be able to distinguish the iris at all.

Thanks so much to Craig, Brianne, and facebook friends for sharing your Mr. Swan sightings, so very much appreciated 🙂

Craig Kimberley iPhone photo from this morning.

 The Annisquam River stretches from Annisquam Harbor on the north to Gloucester Harbor on south.

Cape Ann Reads celebrates picture books Jan 27 City Hall #GloucesterMA

Cape Ann Reads invitation for aritsts and writers

Jane Deering Gallery upcoming shows- yours could be one of them in May

George at Jane Deering Gallery January 2018.jpg

On view at Jane Deering Gallery Saturdays and Sundays this January – GEORGE WINGATE show


February – Peter Herbert and Pia Nadel
March – Kevin Lucey curates
April – Anna Kasabian
May – could be you



Pet of the Week- Mr. Tiffany & Champ

1.22.2018 Pet of the Week--Mr. Tiffany and Champ

My buddy Champ and I are here together looking for our second chance at love.  We are a bonded pair and adore spending time playing, grooming, napping and investigating side-by-side.  Are you ready for two?  Our owner had to make a difficult choice after the hurricanes that hit the Virgin Islands and they were unable to keep us but wanted to make sure that we stayed together.  We were lucky enough to get a flight out to safety and new possibilities here at the shelter. I am a special needs kitty because I have the early stages of gingivitis and will need extra dental care in the future. But don’t let that scare you! I promise the extra care I need will only make me more grateful resulting in more nights snuggling on the couch together! Are you ready to open up your heart and home to two adorable transplants?  Come in to visit today!  To find out more about Mr. Tiffany and Champ and all of the available animals at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please visit our

Main Street 1947: those were the days my friend

The 1947 Gloucester High Yearbook contained the following ad page.1947 yearbook ads

I thought it would be interesting to see what is in the places of these businesses today  as well as pictures of these businesses from that time period. I went to the Gloucester Municipal Archives in City Hall for help.  Three volunteers worked hard to help me–thanks to Sandy Williams, Mary Williams and Sue Wright–but we did not succeed in finding pictures of Main Street from the 1940s.  We did find what you see below.  Most of these are very poor quality as they are cell phone pictures taken of photos that are probably 50 years old or so.  We did determine that the numbering systems hasn’t changed much over the years, so that was a big help.

This is 120-122 Main, former home of Dr. George Barron, optometrist. The Franklin is 118 Main Street today.


Google maps pretty clearly shows where this is today.

128 Main St. Glouc Google Map (2)

You can see North Shore Furniture on the corner here listed at 161-163 Main St. I think today this is DIVA.

Blanchards Jeweler shown here, listed in the 1971 City Directory at 125 Main.

The Hesperus Diner’s currently doing business as Supreme Roast Beef.

136 Main Street, previously Sandler’s Jewelers, is now the Curtain Shop.  I understand the original building burned down and was rebuilt.

According to the volunteers, M.B. Wright Stationer at 108 Main used to be “the old waiting station” for late bus pickup for Gloucester students. It’s listed as “Proctor Brothers Building”.

Charles H. Swift at 133 Main is a bit of a mystery as Larsens is listed at 131 Main and the Looking Good Salon is listed at 135. It seems apparent that establishment was nearby.

AF Silva Custom Tailor at 89 1/2 Main must previously have been near today’s Brass Monkey, formerly the site of Palazolas.

I hope this brings back some nice memories for you.

’10 Reasons to Eat More Fish’ Contest

Cape Ann Wellness

GloucesterTEASE™ CONTEST for the Best ‘Healthy Fish Recipe’ 
Beginning ‘Fish Friday’ January 19th on GloucesterTEASE FB, we’ll be posting each day –  “10 Reasons to Eat More Fish.’
Day #1 REASON to EAT MORE FISH – ‘Nature’s Antidepressant’
Essential omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish (salmon, mackerel and fresh tuna) are important for healthy brain function and “may play a role in maintaining or improving mental health and stability,” according to a study from University of South Australia
CONTEST RULES – Share your favorite healthy seafood recipe here or on FB in comments each day. One recipe entry per day per person. Fish used in recipes must be Atlantic Fresh Fish.
Winner will be announced at the end of the month for the –  ><))))):> ‘Best, Healthiest’ Fish Recipe
#LocalFishFreshFish  #FreshFishAreLocalFish  #FridayNightFishNight#GloucesterMA

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