This Is What Certain Boston Sports Radio Show Hosts Don’t Get In Regards To The Tom Brady Hanging Up Situation

On what planet do these out of touch radio show hosts think that the greatest quarterback of all time should call in to their shows after they mock him mercilessly all week long?  What is this bananaland?

Tom Brady Hung Up On sports radio host after expressing his displeasure with his daughter being called a “pissant”.

Listening to Mike Felger defend the comment by saying they get paid to push the envelope says it all.

Radio hosts like Felger and Mazz and Alex Reimer can speak disrespectfully about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Tom Brady doesn’t have to give them the time of day.

Do you think Tom Brady needs the money that badly that he should have to call in and talk to these douchebags that conjure up conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory like Tom forced Jimmy Garopolo out and that Brady, Belichick and Kraft all hate each other? I’m guessing Tom has plenty of dough.

So if these guys want to antagonize and drive wedges and fabricate conspiracy theories and repeat them over and over until they convince themselves that they bullshit they are selling is fact then screw them.

I hope Brady never speaks to them again. I hope he speaks to their competitors.

Felger- Defending Alex Reimer-

I hope Brady and the Patriots win the Superbowl and he retires the next day.

I hope Belichick gets back to an AFC Championship game without Brady within four years and makes the playoffs next year without him.

It’s the Douchebag Boston Sports Radio Hosts Perogative To Fabricate And Drum Up Controversy. But Then To Act Incredulous When Boston Athletes, Coaches Or Owners Tell Them They’re Not Interested In Speaking With Them Shows Just How Out Of Touch And Pompous Certain Boston Sports Media Have Become.

Muffy White Organizing and Styling In Action At The Casa!

If you’re stuck. If you’re paralyzed by indecision. If you have clutter-anywhere. Just do yourself a favor and call Muffy or hit her up on Facebook. She’s fantastic.

13th Annual Boston Globe Travel Show to Takes Place February 9-11 at Seaport World Trade Center in Boston

Annual expo to showcase destinations, culinary, health and wellness, and cultural opportunities, a craft beer pavilion and special offers for attendees

WHAT:                        The Boston Globe will host the 13th Annual Boston Globe Travel Show, February 9 – 11, at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. The expo will feature exhibitors showcasing travel destinations from around the world, great show-only travel deals, cultural and culinary presentations, a wellness pavilion, craft beer pavilion, trip giveaways and much more. Tickets are $10 online at and $15 onsite at the show.

The 2018 Boston Globe Travel Show provides the opportunity to learn about new and exciting travel destinations and book trips at incredible savings on the show floor. In addition, the show will feature:

  • Culture Stage featuring more than a dozen presentations that highlight the experiences and rituals of destinations in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Kripalu Wellness Pavilion including free massages, a healthy beverage bar featuring teas and flavored water, healthy cooking demonstrations and stretching techniques.
  • Culinary stage with delicious samples from Puerto Rico, Latam Airlines, Kripalu, Bay Ferries and more.
  • Interactive kids area presented by Camp Cody with friendship bracelet making, crafts, S’mores station, nerf target practice zone and more.
  • Craft Beer Pavilion, showcasing nearly 100 craft brews from over 40 different breweries in New England and beyond. Craft Beer Pavilion tickets are $35 online at and $45 onsite.

The 2018 Boston Globe Travel Show is sponsored by Kripalu, Aruba Tourism, Azores Airlines, Massport, LATAM Airlines, Cruise Travel Outlet, The CAT, Visit Central Florida, Norwegian Cruise Line, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Sagres Vacations, Massachusetts Tourism, New Smyrna Beach, El Al Airlines, La Martinique Tourism Authority, Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce and The I.V. Doc™. For more information about sponsoring the 2018 Boston Globe Travel Show, visit

WHEN: Friday, February 9, 2018 – 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Saturday, February 10, 2018 – 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Sunday, February 11, 2018 – 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

WHERE:           Seaport World Trade Center

200 Seaport Blvd

Boston, MA 02210

HOW:              Tickets for the show are $10 in advance at and will also be available onsite for $15.  Children 18 and under are admitted free of charge.

Breaking news: #BerkshireMuseum investigation- Unopposed Motion as Attorney General Maura Healey requests a one week extension

The Arc and the Quadrant by Alexander Calder, collection of Berkshire Museum-- first public commission for Calder, a pair of sculptures for niche alongside museum theater
Alexander Calder’s first public sculpture commission was for the Berkshire museum (two sculptures for site specific niches alongside the theater)

Today, January 29, 2018 was the next milestone in the ongoing battle over the Berkshire Museum’s quest to deaccession. Attorney General Maura Healey (AGO) filed a request to push the AGO status report deadline to February 5, 2018.  And the “Defendant- Apellant, Berkshire Museum, does not oppose.” 

“Unopposed Motion for Extension of Deadlines
The Substituted Plaintiff-Appellant Attorney General Maura Healey (“AGO”) hereby requests a one week extension of the deadlines set by this Court on  January 12, 2018, such that the preliminary injunction and stay of the trial court proceedings entered on
11/10/17, as well as the AGO’s deadline for filing a status report regarding the status of the investigation, are continued to February 5, 2018. Counsel for Defendant-Appellant Trustees of the Berkshire Museum has informed the undersigned that Defendant-Appellant does not oppose the relief sought herein.” – Respectfully submitted, Dated: January 29, 2018

MA Appelate Court dockets RE#28: The preliminary injunction and stay of the trial court proceedings entered on 11/10/17 are continued to January 29, 2018. The Attorney General’s Office shall file a status report on, or before, January 29, 2018, regarding the status of the investigation or within 5 days of the completion of the investigation, whichever is earliest. (Trainor, J.) *Notice/attest/Agostini, J. – Dated: January 12, 2018 

Long Beach MA: winter construction on front row cottages

Progress on some winter builds.

Crane at 142 Long Beach, front row cottage under construction, Jan 2018


Long Beach _20180128_145550

BEFORE 142 Long Beach April 2017


4 Long Beach under reno, January 2018


BEFORE 4 Long Beach April 2017

Behind Longbeach Place


At the back of Longbeach Place; and in the distance at the corner of Long Beach Road and Rockport Road



Tom Brady Hung Up ON Boston Sports Radio Douchebags FINALLY! Thanks @jerrythornton1 For The Story and A Poll.

The Homie Cast

I’ve been absolutely stumped why Tom Brady even gives any of these complete douchebags the time of day by calling in to their shows. He definitely doesn’t need the money.  Being obsessed with sports I try to listen to local sports radio when I’m driving and inevitably get so frustrated by the way they talk about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick every single time i turn it off within 5 minutes.   I’m dying for decent sports discussion and I literally have no option on the AM or FM dial in my car.   They’re completely classless.  Drum up the most absurd sky is falling ridiculous scenarios and repeat them over and over until they talk each other into believing their crazy hypothesis. There hasn’t been an athlete that has carried himself with more class at the top of their game than Tom Brady.  We’ve been blessed to have him and Belichick…

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