Feather and Wedge Prix Fixe For New Year’s Eve Was Outstanding

Every time we go we have a fantastic time.  The staff is super friendly, the room is gorgeous and the food is next level all the time.  What a blessing for Rockport folk to have in their backyard and worth the trip for anyone North of Boston.  Now that my vacation time is finally here I’m looking forward to the Sunday brunch featuring the build your own Bloody Mary bar.  If you haven’t been, it’s time for you to check out what all the buzz is about.

5 Main Street
Rockport, Massachusetts 01966

(978) 999-5917



One couldn’t help but be inspired by the good words and deeds of our city’s finest leaders at today’s inauguration ceremony. Cape Ann Museum director Rhonda Faloon gave a warm welcome followed by Gordon Baird’s pitch perfect rendition of “God Bless America.” Young community members were represented by the GHS Docksiders, the Presentation of Colors by GHS Junior ROTC, and the Mayor’s grandchildren and niece AJ, Bianca, and Lia led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Alexandra Grace sang a beautiful rendition of the “National Anthem.”

Rabbi Steven Lewis and Reverend Rona Tyndall gave an interfaith invocation. Alexandra Grace and Josh Cominelli sang James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend,” because, as Alexandra pointed out, Mayor Sefatia is a friend to all.

Poet Laureate John Ronan read his Gloucester-themed poem “We, Helmsman.”

PAARI/ Stop Handgun Violence Founder John Rosenthal gave a tremendous speech, congratulating the Mayor and the community on the success of the Angel program.

Senator Bruce Tarr gave a moving introduction highlighting the very personable ways in which Mayor Sefatia brings the community together.
Musical interludes performed by Charlee Bianchini, Jack Tomaiolo, Fly Amero and Allen Estes were performed in between swearing in ceremonies.


School Committee members Kathleen Clancy, Tony Gross, Jonathan Pope, Michelle Sweet, and Melissa Teixeira took the oath of office. Jonathan Pope was elected head of the School Committee.

We have a fantastic newly elected City Council comprised of Melissa Cox, Valerie Gilman, Ken Hecht, Steve LeBlanc, Jenn Holmgren, Paul Lundberg, Scott Memhard, Sean Nolan, and Jamie O’Hara.  Paul Lundberg was elected president of the City Council, with Steven LeBlanc elected vice-president. We are going to see great leadership and initiatives from this fine group!

Your new City Council President and Vice President Paul Lundberg and Steven LeBlanc.

Mayor Sefatia gave an inspiring address, touching on a wide range of subjects, ranging from the tremendous ability of our community to work together to new initiatives and plans to help prepare our coastal community for global climate change. Congratulations and best wishes for a successful 2018 to all our city officials!

“Lean into the blustery sea” Inauguration Ceremony underway #GloucesterMA

Big, beautiful turn out and program featuring wonderful speakers and tributes to Mayor Romeo Theken, her essential address, the swearing in of officials, exceptional arts throughout, and fantastic emcee Ronda Faloon, Director of Cape Ann Museum. Councilor Lundberg is the Chair of City Council and Councilor LeBlanc is the Vice Chair.

-quote in title an excerpt from John Ronan great poem WE, HELMSMEN


1/1/2018 4:14 PM Super Moon Rise

Today at 4:14 PM the Super Moon will rise on Cape Ann into screamingly clear skies except for the sea smoke blowing away from the coast. Anywhere you can get a look at the ocean horizon to the ENE and you can watch it rise.

But if you really want to see awesome Super Moon I suggest two locations. The upper level of Granite Pier in Rockport or Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester because then you either have the Rockport Breakwater or Thacher Island as back drops.

But if you are into it you want to know to the second and your phone clock can give you precise time so:

Granite Pier Rockport moon rise: 4:14:14 PM

Good Harbor Gloucester moon rise: 4:14:26 PM

You will notice those are to the second. Things that might change it by a few seconds: Warm air steaming off the ocean might bend the light around the horizon speeding the appearance of that first glimmer of the moon. The sea smoke might mask moon rise by several seconds maybe even a minute. If you are on Good Harbor Beach the moon is going to rise right behind the North Tower of Thacher. If the island blocks moonrise this might delay it by several seconds.

4:14 PM and 14 seconds. End of upper level of granite pier the moon will rise just to the left end of the breakwater.
4:14 PM and 26 seconds the moon will rise behind the North Tower of Thacher Island. (The left one) is standing on Good Harbor Beach.

You can also go to the website here at mooncalc.org and find your favorite spot. Just pick up the marker and move it around. If you are planning on a shot from Good Harbor Beach I suggest going to the website and zoom in and out to see how Salt Island and the shore can get in the way depending on where you are. Back shore is also good because the moon will be to the right and clear of Thacher Island.

You can go to these spots and marvel at my amazing powers of prediction or you can take a photo and post it on the Good Morning Gloucester Facebook Page.

Gloucester MA Christmas Tree Collection January 8 thru the 12

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Christmas Tree Collection January 8 thru the 12

Special curbside collection of Christmas trees will be the week of January 8 through the 12 on your regular trash collection day.  Trees are picked up in a separate truck and must be free of decorations, lights, and tree stands.  Have trees out by 7AM.  Trees in plastic bags will NOT be picked up.


Checking on conditions at Oakes Cove Beach, I met Jeff Surette. He assures the community that the Rocky Neck Polar Plunge is ON as scheduled at 1pm today.

It was minus two degrees when I left to photograph this morning but the temperature is expected to rise to twelve degrees. Be safe Hearty Souls!

Please don’t forget to bring your donations for the Cape Ann Food Pantry.

Oakes Cove Beach January 1, 2018

Happy New Year Thoughts…

First A Short From Some Of The Homies From The HomieCast Crew-


Yesterday while scrolling through social media I saw a ton of people using hashtags like #fuck2017 #2017sucked.  I suspect that most of those hashtags were directly related to politics.

This is what I’d like to say- if you have your health, if you are surrounded by people that love you, friends and family, then that is what matters.  We rang out 2017 surrounded by people that love us, that wish good things for us.  For 2018 do yourself a favor and don’t let your year in retrospect be decided in your mind by who is holding office whether it be local, state or federal.  Let it be decided by the wealth in human friendships and love in your life.  In the end that’s what matters.  Be rich in friendships, be rich in love- it brings you a hundred billion times more pleasure than anything else.

We’re so lucky to have such great friends and family.  #focusonthepositive



1/1/18 Sunrise at 07:12:49 AM

Forty-nine seconds after 7:12 AM today, sunrise occurred for the first time on Cape Ann in twenty-eighteen.

Stella: “No really, I’ll pinch a loaf in the backyard and you let me back in. Go take a photo of sunrise and I’ll go in the kitchen and pee on the floor, thanks.”
Outside for ten minutes. My gloves were off for twenty seconds and they are still stiff 30 minutes later. The sea smoke is hard to capture since it looks like far away clouds but most of the photo is steaming right off the hot 39 F Gulf of Maine.

Enough Said

Stone Cold 001

Overnight the calendar turned to a new year.  It’s a time for reflection.  Some of us had a great 2017 and are sorry to see it go.  Some of us need to start anew and bid good riddance to last year.  Whatever your situation, we hope you have enough.

Enough winter to relish the summer.

Enough sniffling to enjoy good health.

Enough penny pinching to appreciate prosperity.

Enough heartache to feel true joy.

And…… enough New York to savor Gloucester…..

Happy 2018 to all!