Erik and Glenn Will Be Rowing In Canada!

Damon Cummings Submits-

Gloucester International Dory Committee President Erik Dombrowski and his dory mate Glenn Harrington won the runoff race tonight in quite a southerly breeze against relative newcomers Bryan Sanborn and John Francis. The times on the one mile course were 10:36and 10:45. They were very close at the turn but Bryan and John seemed to be swept more to leeward by the wind and rowed more of a circular arc on the way out.

How many of y’all recognize and try to practice having good posture?

I’m guilty of having terrible posture often but have been trying to remind myself to stand up straight. I guess it’s a sign of getting old. When we are young and invincible you don’t think about this stuff but as we get older everything we can do to help our joints and muscles counts.

Schooner Adventure Mast Hoops Made in Gloucester by Geoff Deckebach, Greg Bover, and Bill Holmes

Schooner Adventure Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015The perfectly formed mast hoops on the Schooner Adventure were custom made at Gloucester’s own C.B. Fisk organ building company. The Newbury company Pert Lowell makes mast hoops however the largest they have to offer is only a foot in diameter. See the video of Greg, Geoff, and Bill making the hoops, from shaping the strips of steamed ash around the form to finished fastening. Geoff Deckebach is the lead shipwright and restoration project coordinator for the Adventure. Greg Bover shares that Geoff made the ingenious circular jig. The ash for the hoops was donated by Jim Knott, who also donated the ship’s engine.

The next member sail is this coming Wednesday, August 12th at 3pm. Take advantage of this fabulous offer! For more information about becoming a member and sailing benefits visit the Adventure website here.

See previous GMG post here.

Video by Joanne Main.

$1 Oysters on Cape Ann…..

$1 Oysters are what’s up on Cape Ann right now.

The following places advertise on a weekly basis and are subject to change by the week. If there are places that I have not listed please leave a comment and I will update.

The Studio 

All day Monday- Thursday

Foreign Affairs

Sunday- Brunch

Tuesday- Dinner hours

Wednesday- Lunch and Dinner hours

Thursday and Friday Lunch hours only

Short & Main

Everyday except Wednesdays

During the hours of 5pm to 6pm and 9pm to 10pm

Seaport Grille

Wednesday- All day


Mile Marker

Every Sunday all day

If you missed it yesterday, You Can Still Hear Jon Butcher on Aurelia Nelson’s Curtain Up


You can see The Jon Butcher Axis this Saturday, right down the road at Beverly’s intimate Cabot Theatre.  Good seats are still available.  Get them here.

Scott Memhard Ward I Candidate letter

Boilerplate GMG Political Statement:

Good Morning Gloucester Does Not Endorse Candidates and this press release should not be indicative of a an endorsement or non endorsement of any candidates.  We do not back politicians but do post candidacy announcements.

Scott Memhard submits this press release announcing his candidacy-

Scott Memhard for Ward I                                                     August 10, 2015

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Ward I Residents & Voters:

My name is Scott Memhard, and I am a candidate seeking your support and vote to represent Ward I on Gloucester City Council. My wife Martha Oaks was born here, and I have lived in Gloucester since 1983. We have three grown kids, Ian, Larry and Marie, who attended East Gloucester Elementary School, played local sports, graduated college, and bless us by still living and working nearby. I am a graduate of Amherst College and Endicott College Business Leadership Institute

I bring a broad, balanced perspective to represent our Ward. I enjoy working with people, listening to different views, and have a good head on my shoulders. I value the unique beauty of our neighborhood, the quality of education in our schools, our City’s artistic & cultural richness, and the importance of our municipal infrastructure and services. I believe in constructive, civil process in public life. I have limited patience for unnecessary bureaucracy, waste and nonsense.

As President & General Manager of Cape Pond Ice Company for more than 30 years, I have weathered many challenges confronting Gloucester’s groundfish industry, harbor planning & land use, and the local political scene. My civic experience, current and past, includes:

  • Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Library, Director & Board President

  • Cape Ann Commercial Fishermen’s Loan Fund; Gloucester Fisheries Commission

  • Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Director & President of the Board, Government Affairs; 1995 Gloucester Small Business Person of the Year

  • Maritime Gloucester; Phyllis A. Marine Association, Boards of Directors

  • Cape Ann Savings Bank, Corporator since 1993

  • Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church, Director, Board Chair, Treasurer & Building Restoration Co-Chair

  • Leap for Education – Gloucester High School college counseling; O’Maley Junior Achievement, Gloucester, Rockport & Manchester-Essex High School DECA

    I hope for the opportunity to serve you and Ward I, and look forward to hearing your ideas and concerns about the future of our City. The next years will see thoughtful progress for the Fuller site, Cameron’s downtown housing project, strengthening Grace Center services, & new mixed industrial, marine technology, recreational & tourism development on our harbor. We must support our schools & investment in the quality of our children’s education, community public safety, as well as deal resourcefully with chronic challenges of beach traffic, trash, snow removal & street repairs. We have an incredibly beautiful seaside City; let’s work together with “Gloucester Pride” to take care of it!

If you’d like to talk, meet, donate to the Committee to Elect Scott Memhard for Ward I, put a sign in your yard, or a bumpersticker on your car, please call or email.
I ask for your vote in the Primary on September 29, and in the Election on November 3.


Scott Memhard for Ward I
9 Graystone Road, Gloucester MA 01930
tel. (978) 283-1955 e-mail:


Thank you for your consideration, and please VOTE!

Not a Mark Twain Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Often attributed to Mark Twain, this quote appears to be much more recent than the work of the Sage of Hannibal, at least according to The Quote Investigator, my favorite site for verifying the source of many of the quotes you read here. The earliest print appearance they found was in the early 90’s in H. Jackson Brown’s P.S. I Love You, a book of quotes purportedly from Brown’s mother, although not all are directly attributed to her either. Brown is perhaps best known for Life’s Little Instruction Book, another compendium of advice and observation.

Just back from three weeks on the ocean, and staring into an ever shortening personal future, it seemed apropos to me, perhaps some of you will find it applicable as well.

Greg Bover

A Fantastic Day Trip: Peaks Island, Maine

A couple of weeks ago we took a fantastic day trip to Peaks Island, Maine.

Such a great day!

We left home at about 7:15, made a pit stop in Danvers to meet up with my sister and nephew, and then drove on to Portland, Maine.  A quick, easy drive.  We arrived there in plenty of time to find a parking spot in one of the easily accessible and inexpensive lots, and take a quick walk to the 10:15 ferry.

The ferry ride to the island took about 20 minutes and was lovely.  At less than $8 for adults and under $4 for kids….it also didn’t hurt the wallet much.

The second we arrived I was smitten.  Totally charming, low key, welcoming, and picturesque.

We began our day by grabbing a bagel and coffee at Peaks Cafe before heading right next door to pick up our golf cart rental at Mike’s Carts. We called ahead to reserve our cart and paid just $50 for a three-hour rental. My sister and I sat upfront and took turns driving around the island while the three boys sat rear facing on the back seat.  They were stoked and thought it was totally cool to get to sit like that and it was a fantastic way to see the island.  We stopped at three little beachy areas to swim, collect shells and sea glass, and build rock sculptures…which is evidently something that you do when visiting Peaks Island.

After having toured the island by golf cart until satisfied, we returned it and walked right across the street to pick up our kayak rentals.  It was kind of a snotty day on the water and the boys are only 6, 7, and 8 years old…so we kayaked pretty close to the shore for only 30 minutes.  Because of the water conditions, the gentleman in charge of kayak rentals was willing to let us rent for less than the hourly rate so we paid $40 for three kayaks for 1/2 an hour.  A great deal.  We rented from the Peaks Island House.

Having worked up an appetite and a thirst, we walked across the street in a different direction (getting the idea of how close and easy everything is!?) and had a phenomenal little lunch and a delicious blueberry cocktail (because we were in Maine after all) outside at the Inn on Peaks Island.  While eating lunch I checked out the prices to book a hotel reservation for the evening and it was totally reasonable.  I should note that the 20 minute ferry ride for a mere $8 makes it worth while to stay on the island if you are visiting Portland because, for the most part, reserving a room in Portland was significantly more expensive.  Just a thought.

After lunch, we walked a bit, went into two super cute little shops, and the boys got ice cream.  We hopped on an afternoon ferry, grabbed an ice coffee for the ride home, found our car, stopped again in Danvers, and were still home by 6:30 in the evening.

A day trip that is fun, full of outdoor activity, and inexpensive!

Read more about the island HERE

Check out the ferry schedule HERE

Community Stuff 8/10/15

The guys who renovated the Lane’s Cove Fish Shack have organized themselves as an official non-profit in order to raise funds to maintain the Fish Shack.  Their first fundraiser is August 15th.  Les Barlett will give a talk about the Shack.  There will be a free lunch for everyone.  The mayor will begin the Live Auction, in which there will be some beautiful paintings by local artists Jeff Weaver, Ken Knowles, and Liza Calkins, along with a lot of other great local stuff, like field box Red Sox tickets. There will be live music throughout the day.  The whole thing begins at noon. 

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